HAYS PLC: Annual Information Update

Hays plc                                     
Annual Information Update for the 12 months up to and including 15 October 
In accordance with Prospectus Rule 5.2 the following summarises the information 
or made available to the public, over the twelve months ended 15 October 2012. 
1. RNS Announcements 
The UK regulatory announcements listed below have been made via RNS and PR 
Newswire both of 
which are a Regulatory Information Service and can be obtained from the London 
Stock Exchange 
website, www.londonstockexchange.com or the Company's website at 
Date              Announcement                                            
10/10/2012        Director/PDMR Shareholding                             
09/10/2012        Interim Management Statement                           
02/10/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
01/10/2012        Publication of 2012 Annual Report and Notice of AGM    
28/09/2012        Total Voting Rights                                    
18/09/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
12/09/2012        Director/PDMR Shareholding                             
10/09/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
07/09/2012        Director/PDMR Shareholding                             
05/09/2012        Holding(s) in Company                                  
03/09/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
31/08/2012        Total Voting Rights                                    
31/08/2012        Director/PDMR Shareholding                             
30/08/2012        Final Results                                          
20/08/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
02/08/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
01/08/2012        Blocklisting - Interim Review                          
01/08/2012        Blocklisting - Interim Review                          
31/07/2012        Total Voting Rights                                    
11/07/2012        Trading Statement                                      
09/07/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
29/06/2012        Total Voting Rights                                    
29/06/2012        PDMR Shareholding                                      
19/06/2012        PDMR Shareholding                                      
11/06/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
08/06/2012        Director/PDMR Shareholding                             
06/06/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
31/05/2012        Total Voting Rights                                    
28/05/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
14/05/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
14/05/2012        Director/PDMR Shareholding                             
09/05/2012        Director/PDMR Shareholding                             
02/05/2012        Treasury Stock                                         
14/04/2012        Interim Management Statement                           
21/03/2012        PDMR Shareholding                                      
22/02/2012        Half-yearly Report                                     
01/02/2012        Blocklisting - Interim Review                          
01/02/2012        Blocklisting - Interim Review                          
25/01/2012        Director Declaration                                   
10/01/2012        Trading Statement                                      
10/11/2011        Director/PDMR Shareholding                             
09/11/2011        Result of AGM                                          
02/11/2011        Directorate Change                                     
31/10/2011        Total Voting Rights                                    
18/10/2011        Director/PDMR Shareholding                             
18/10/2011        Treasury Stock                                         
14/10/2011        Annual Information Update                               
2. Documents filed at Companies House 
The documents listed below were filed with the Registrar of Companies at 
Companies House 
and can be obtained from Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff C14 3UZ.  They are 
available (as dated below) through Companies House Direct at 
Date           Form         Filing                                         
05/10/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
26/09/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
13/09/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
07/09/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
13/08/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
12/07/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
12/06/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
08/06/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
30/05/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
22/05/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
09/05/2012     SH04         Treasury capital                              
18/04/2012     TM01         Director Appointment Terminated - Lesley Knox 
09/01/2012     AP01         Director appointment - Caroline Phillipa Wicks
08/12/2011     AD02         SAIL Address Changed                          
15/11/2011     AA           Group of Companies' Accounts made up to 30/06/2011   
15/11/2011     RES 10       Authorised allotment of shares and debentures 
15/11/2011     RES 09       Authority - Purchase of shares other than capital    
31/10/2011     AR01         Annual Return - Full List                     
20/10/2011     SH04         Treasury capital                               
3. The documents listed below have been published and sent to shareholders or 
filed with 
the UKLA on the date shown, and can be accessed on the National Storage 
Mechanism at 
Date              Document sent                                               
28/09/2012        Hays plc 2012 Annual Report & Financial Statements         
28/09/2012        Hays plc Notice of 2012 AGM                                
28/09/2012        Hays plc Proxy Form for 2012 AGM                           
09/11/2011        AGM resolutions                                             
Copies of the above documents can be obtained from the Company Secretary at: 
Hays plc
250 Euston Road
NW1 2AF 
In accordance with Prospectus Rule 5.2.7 we confirm that, to the best of our 
knowledge, the 
information relating to the Company, as referred to above, is up to date at the 
date of this 
announcement, but it is acknowledged that such disclosures, may at any time, be 
out of date 
due to changing circumstances. 
Neil Tsappis
Deputy Company Secretary
020 7383 2266 
-0- Oct/15/2012 15:06 GMT
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