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Sept. 27, 2012 
Synthetic lubricants project will create 45 direct jobs,
resulting in 389 new indirect jobs in Baton Rouge, Port Allen 
BATON ROUGE, La. -- Today, Gov. Bobby Jindal and Exxon Mobil
Corporation announced the company will expand its existing Baton
Rouge Chemical Plant and Port Allen Lubricants Plant to increase
capacity for synthetic lubricant base stocks manufacturing and
lubricants blending, packaging and storage. The expansion will
include a $215 million capital investment to expand operations,
revive and modernize equipment and construct a state-of-the-art
blending center for synthetic aviation oil in Port Allen, La. 
The expansion will create 45 direct jobs, with an average annual
salary of $66,200, plus benefits. LED estimates the
manufacturing project also will result in 389 new indirect jobs
in the Capital Region, while retaining 2,607 existing jobs
associated with the ExxonMobil Chemical Plant and Lubricants
Plant operations in the region. 
Gov. Jindal said, “We’re proud that ExxonMobil chose to expand
right here in our state because of our world-class energy
infrastructure, strong business climate, and incomparable
workforce. This announcement shows our strong commitment to
retaining and growing existing Louisiana businesses.” 
ExxonMobil operations provide jobs for 5,500 direct employees
and contractors at eight area facilities, making the company the
largest private employer in East Baton Rouge Parish and the
largest manufacturing employer in Louisiana. Additionally, each
ExxonMobil job supports nearly seven additional jobs in the
state - translating to more than 41,500 Louisianians and their
families who are impacted by the company’s business. 
The project represents the culmination of nearly $1 billion in
Louisiana capital investments by ExxonMobil over the past three
years. The $215 million allocated for the new synthetic
lubricants project will be invested in the Chemical Plant in
Baton Rouge and in a new manufacturing, packaging and
distribution process unit in Port Allen, where the ExxonMobil
Lubricants Plant makes more than 145 lubricant products. 
“The new aviation lubricants blending center reflects our
continuing commitment to a safe and reliable supply of aviation
and other lubricant products,” said Julius Bedford, manager of
ExxonMobil’s lubricant blending plant in Port Allen. 
“ExxonMobil continues to invest in its operations in Louisiana,”
said Paul Stratford, manager of the Baton Rouge Chemical Plant.
“Over the past three years, the corporation’s capital
expenditures in the state exceeded $930 million. These
investments help create jobs and contribute to the economic
growth of the state and the region.” 
To secure the project, the state began working with ExxonMobil
on potential expansion opportunities in 2009. The state will
provide a Modernization Tax Credit valued at $1.8 million and
payable over five years, along with the customized workforce
solutions of LED FastStart™ - the No. 1-rated state workforce
training program in the nation. In addition, ExxonMobil is
expected to utilize Louisiana’s Enterprise Zone and Industrial
Tax Exemption incentive programs. 
“I am excited about the expansion,” said Parish President Riley
Berthelot of West Baton Rouge Parish. “We’re glad to see our
plants in West Baton Rouge continue to grow, and it’s always
exciting news when we see that take place.” 
Construction for the project will begin in late 2012, and hiring
of the 45 new positions will take place in conjunction with
project completion in 2014. The new jobs will join an existing
annual payroll of $440 million supported by ExxonMobil in the
Capital Region. 
“BRAC has been proud to work with ExxonMobil on this new long-term investment in the Baton Rouge area,” BRAC President and CEO
Adam Knapp said. “ExxonMobil is a great corporate citizen and
continues to be an economic asset, over 100 years after first
coming to our region. We congratulate their employees and
management on their commitment to job growth and new investment
in the Capital Region.” 
About ExxonMobil Baton Rouge
ExxonMobil’s Baton Rouge operations make up one of the largest
and most integrated petrochemical hubs in the world. Local
operations include the Baton Rouge Refinery, Chemical Plant,
Plastics Plant, Resins Plant, Polyolefins Plant and Port Allen
Lubricants Plant. Together, these facilities produce more than
3.6 billion gallons of gasoline and billions of pounds of
petrochemical products annually. Quality jobs, taxes, volunteer
involvement and philanthropic contributions are important parts
of ExxonMobil’s commitment the community. For more information
about ExxonMobil Baton Rouge, visit the company’s website. 
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