Illumina Introduces TruSeq® Stranded mRNA and Total RNA Sequencing Sample Preparation Solutions

  Illumina Introduces TruSeq® Stranded mRNA and Total RNA Sequencing Sample
  Preparation Solutions

Delivers Superior Data Quality for Challenging Samples, Unprecedented View of
                              the Transcriptome

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SAN DIEGO -- September 18, 2012

Illumina (NASDAQ:ILMN) today introduced TruSeq Stranded mRNA and Total RNA
Sample Preparation Kits for RNA sequencing. The new reagent kits enable
researchers to quickly and easily conduct gene expression studies that provide
a complete view of the transcriptome, even from low-quality RNA samples, such
as formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples.

The Total RNA Sample Preparation Kit efficiently removes ribosomal RNA and
other high abundance transcripts using Epicentre’s proven Ribo-Zero™ ribosomal
RNA reduction chemistry, with an improved workflow optimized for
high-throughput studies. The resulting combination of high-quality ribosomal
removal and sample preparation chemistries into a single, streamlined solution
provides an exciting new opportunity for researchers to conduct
highly-accurate gene expression studies.

“TruSeq Stranded mRNA and Total RNA Sample Preparation Kits offer powerful,
high-throughput, and easy-to-use reagent solutions suited to a broad range of
study designs, including those that use challenging but important FFPE
samples,” said Christian Henry, Senior Vice President and General Manager of
Illumina’s Genomic Solutions Business. “These types of samples are a rich
source of information on changes in gene expression and regulation associated
with cancer and a wide range of other diseases.”

The TruSeq Stranded RNA Sample Preparation Kits are available in multiple
configurations to suit a wide range of study design needs, with offerings for
both mRNA-focused and whole-transcriptome analysis, as well as for both small
and large sample sizes. Configurations compatible with human, mouse and rat
samples are currently available, with additional offerings planned later this
year for plant samples and for the effective removal of globin transcripts
from blood samples.

“Illumina’s new RNA sequencing kits allow researchers to quickly and robustly
analyze nearly every aspect of the transcriptome and will certainly be a
powerful new tool in unraveling the complexities of gene regulation,” said
Brenton Graveley, professor at University of Connecticut Health Centre and
researcher in the modENCODE Project. “We were able to reliably detect
expression changes in coding as well as non-coding RNA species, for which
important regulatory roles impacting a rapidly broadening array of phenotypes
continue to be discovered.”

The TruSeq Stranded mRNA and Total RNA Sample Preparation Kits are the newest
additions to the TruSeq line of sample prep solutions, which are designed to
further advance data quality, ease-of-use, and the cost effectiveness of
sequencing. Additional benefits of TruSeq Stranded mRNA and Total RNA Sample
Preparation Kits include:

  *An improved workflow, requiring less hands-on time while delivering the
    same high standard of performance and affordability as Illumina’s current
    TruSeq products.
  *High strand specificity and uniform coverage in a comprehensive end-to-end
  *Availability in multiple configurations, including 48-sample
    low-throughput kits containing 12 of 24 total available indexes, and
    96-sample high-throughput kits. Additionally, the company recently
    introduced TruSeq DNA HT Sample Preparation Kits, which contain 96 unique
    index pairs pre-loaded into 96-well plates.

TruSeq Stranded mRNA and Total RNA Sample Preparation Kits are now shipping.
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