Trade CFDs on News Corp Shares Following Reports of Asset Split

       Trade CFDs on News Corp Shares Following Reports of Asset Split

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  LONDON, June 27, 2012

LONDON, June 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

With City Index, you can trade CFDs on rising News Corp shares following
reports that the company is to be split in two.

As an alternative to traditional shares trading, CFD trading allows you to
potentially profit from markets that are rising or falling by going long and
buying, or short and selling.

With this in mind, investors can also use CFDs - or Contracts for Difference -
to hedge their portfolios.

Below, we look at the reports, what it means for investors and how you can
trade CFDs on News Corp shares with City Index.

News Corp Shares Rise 2.4%

On Tuesday, 26 June 2012, a report by the Wall Street Journal -39% owned by
News Corporation - said that the company would split its entertainment
businesses from its publishing businesses.

The move, if confirmed, would put entertainment businesses such as 20 ^th
Century Fox and the Fox broadcasting network into one company and publishing
businesses such as the Wall Street Journal, The Sun, The Times and The New
York Post into another.

According to BBC Business Editor, Robert Preston, the publishing side would
make up only 25% of the company's current revenues and 10% of its profits.

Whilst the reports remain unconfirmed (as of 11:53 BST), the suggested
division could have and has had a significant effect on News Corp shares.

But why the split? Consider the recent phone hacking scandal surrounding their
newspapers; investors were unable to see clearly where the company was
profiting, and subsequently, where they were not.

If fulfilled, the split could offer investors clarity and subsequent

In turn, by segregating the two businesses, the negative pull that publishing
has recently had on the entertainment side of the company could be potentially

How do I trade CFDs on News Corp shares?

By trading CFDs on News Corp shares, you are agreeing to exchange the
difference between the opening price and closing price of a contract.

As a derivatives product, you can trade on over 10,000 financial markets -
including News Corp - for only a small initial deposit. When trading CFDs on
News Corp shares, you only need to pay 5% of its full value to place the

Using today's news as an example - the News Corp (AUD) CFD market rose
dramatically following reports of a split by the Wall Street Journal.

Had you decided to go long and buy a CFD trade in the News Corp (AUD) market -
you would have profited in line with each point the market had risen.

Alternatively, in the event the market had fallen and gone against your buy
position - you would have incurred a loss for each point it fell.

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