ProfNet Sources Available on Community Health, Men's Grooming, PTSD, More

  ProfNet Sources Available on Community Health, Men's Grooming, PTSD, More

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June 15

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  oUnnecessary Suffering Is Optional
  oCampus Safety, Violence and Rebuilding Community Culture
  oFive Steps to Positively Affect Community Health Through Education
  oGetting Kids 'Tuned up' to Return to School
  oMarketing Your Garage Sale
  oMen's Self-Image and Grooming
  oPTSD Requires Professional Help


  oCopy Editor - NYC
  oDeputy Sports Editor - NYC
  oWeb Editor - Huntington, Ind.
  oStaff Writer/Blogger - Orlando, Fla.
  oCopy Editor - Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


  oReporting for Bloggers
  oGrammar Hammer: 'Mad Men' Gets Hanged or Hung?
  o40+ Content Creation Ideas for Your Blog



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Unnecessary Suffering Is Optional
Michael Ellner
Mind-Body Medicine Educator
"Chronic stress, pain and anxiety are fueling an unnecessary epidemic of
chronic suffering. However, there are evidence-based self-help tools that can
help people break out of the vicious cycle of stress, anxiety, pain and the
unnecessary suffering that feeds off them. There is a growing awareness that
medical professionals need to be able to discuss and possibly teach these
mindfulness-based techniques to their patients. Also, practicing mindfulness
can help doctors and health care professionals manage their own stress and
anxieties, which will help them to communicate with their patients more
Ellner, who resides in New York City, speaks extensively about how mind-body
approaches can help people relax; recharge; and relieve stress, pain and
anxiety. He is available as a resource on mind-body healing and medical
hypnosis. Ellner will be offering mind-body stress and anxiety reduction
training to New Yorkers, in light of the urgent need to educate doctors and
health care professionals, and help people living with chronic stress, anxiety
and pain avoid unnecessary suffering. He will be conducting the training on
behalf of the New York Hypnosis Center (a professional membership educational
organization) located in Bayside Queens, N.Y., from June 23-24. You can hear
Ellner discuss effective medical communication in this video:
Websites: and
Expert Contact:

Campus Safety, Violence and Rebuilding Community Culture
David Moore, Ph.D., CDP
Associate Professor
Argosy University in Seattle
"Campus safety and violence are so difficult to deal with, since they are
often the act of an isolated disturbed person. It is essential to have people
who have solid experience to provide leadership and counselor supervision to
rebuild the community culture and sense of safety."
Moore, who has led mental health response teams in the Santana High School in
San Diego, Calif. and Granite Hills High School in El Cajon, Calif., and
assisted with shootings at Pacific Lutheran University and the high school for
Red Lake Ojibway Tribe, is available to discuss the importance of mental
health training and prevention to help schools and other institutions prepare
for and cope with shooting tragedies.
News Contact: Anne K. Dean, or +1-714-620-0910

Five Steps to Positively Affect Community Health Through Education
Dr. Mine S. Seniye
Chair of the Allied Health Department
Brown Mackie College in Albuquerque, N.M.
"Health education is a rewarding career for many. You don't have to be a
doctor or a nurse to become involved. It takes professionals in accounting,
research, law and administration -- as well as individuals who enjoy working
with people -- all collaborating to improve the well-being of others. Why care
about community health? Several reasons, according to the Association of
Schools of Public Health's website What is Public Health?
(, are: the importance of improving access to health
care, controlling infectious disease and reducing substance abuse."
Seniye, a dedicated public health professional who has traveled the world
preparing students and health care professionals to care for underserved
populations, outlines five steps to implement a successful health program.
News Contact: J. Stephen Dobbins, or +1-513-830-2005

Getting Kids 'Tuned up' to Return to School
Dominick P. Ferello, ABD, Ed.S.
Argosy University in Tampa, Fla.
"Summer can be a busy time for families. Parents, with the best of intentions,
try to provide experiences to keep their children academically engaged and
their brains 'tuned up' for the return to school in the fall. Unfortunately,
with a busy summer schedule, parents can often find themselves at a loss for
how to get their children back in 'school mode' with only a short time left
before the beginning of the new school year."
Ferello discusses the importance of a getting kids "tuned up" and ready to
return to school. He also offers ways that parents can get their children back
in school mode to ensure a successful start to the new school year.
News Contact: Anne K. Dean, or +1-714-620-0910

Marketing Your Garage Sale
Cheryl Pilchik
Advertising Faculty
The Art Institute of Philadelphia
"Give your garage sale a facelift to keep it fresh and appealing. Borrowing
effective strategies and tactics used in the merchandising and advertising
industries to engage the customer and communicate with them on their terms
will help to ensure your success. It's important to start with the basics of
marketing -- the four P's: price, product, promotion and place. With garage
sales, it works best to think of the product as the garage sale itself, and
the items to be sold as lines of that product."
Pilchik can discuss: 1) Product and Price: Product mix is important in
retailing as is price. Study sales in your neighborhood to see what works
best. 2) Place (Scheduling/Location): Timing and location are extremely
important. Knowing your target market is paramount in timing your sale.
Consider scheduling with other activities in your neighborhood; art shows or
community events will help draw additional traffic. 3) Promotion
(Advertising/Marketing): One successful strategy is choosing a theme related
to the items to be sold and carrying out the theme in all aspects of the sale.
Whatever your theme, consider: 1) neighborhood signs and flyers, placed on
local business, PTA and school/church bulletin boards, and where permitted, on
street corners or in yards; 2) local newspaper listings and online listings
like; 3) a social networking fan page with an event for the
garage sale inviting friends and family; 4) your own Facebook and Twitter
pages to inform your "friends" and "followers" about your event; 5) Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest on the day of the sale to distribute special
offers, share photos of items for sale or offer incentives for referring fans
or customers.
News Contact: Marcia Gomez, or +1-305-428-5676

Men's Self-Image and Grooming
Ted Gournelos, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Critical Media and Cultural Studies
Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla.
"I've been following the increasingly sophisticated way both women and men are
approached by advertisers, often with stabs at advertising conventions (Old
Spice, U by Kotex, etc.). There is some research to show that men's approaches
to their bodies are shifting, but we should remember that the style of the
'ideal' man changes over time. A century ago, a 'dandy' form was attractive;
men in the 18th century spent at least as much time as many women dressing and
attending to their bodies. Now, we have this strange hybrid between the
hyper-masculine man and the metrosexual, where you have to starve yourself and
take steroids at the same time, and shave your entire body and get a spray
tan. I think, in other words, that men have become placed in a double bind,
and that has made them very insecure (necessarily so). That makes us very
susceptible to advertising, whether it is ads themselves or whether it's the
television or films that give advertising its language and appeal."
Gournelos earned his Ph.D. in communications and his MFA in sculpture from the
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He taught at the University of
California, Berkeley; and Maryville University in St. Louis before coming to
Rollins College in 2010. His first book, "Popular Culture and the Future of
Politics," was released in 2009, and his second and third books, "A Decade of
Dark Humor: How Comedy, Irony, and Satire Shaped Post-9/11 Politics" and
"Transgression 2.0: Cultural Opposition in a Digital Age," were released in
2011. Gournelos can discuss the topic of men's self-image in light of Morgan
Spurlock's documentary "Mansome." He can also discuss: new media, the
Internet, oppositional politics, satire, irony, comedy, gender, race and
sexuality studies, television and film, digital storytelling, community
activism, and community media.
News Contact: Ashley Blasewitz, or

PTSD Requires Professional Help
Joshua Taylor, PsyD
Adjunct Faculty
Argosy University in Orange County, Calif.
"Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects more than 50 percent of all
veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The risk of exposure to trauma
has always been a part of the human condition. PTSD is unique among
psychiatric diagnoses because of the great importance placed upon the
traumatic event. While treatable, everyone responds differently to different
types of events. The most important thing is to get professional help if you
suspect PTSD."
Taylor is able to discuss the prevalence of PTSD in service members, specifics
about the disorder and what must be done to address a soldier's mental health
needs when returning from the combat arena.
News Contact: Anne K. Dean, or +1-714-620-0910



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