Cisco Announces Open Network Environment to Unleash

Cisco Announces Open Network Environment to Unleash
Application-Driven Network Programmability 
Evolutionary Approach Delivers Deep Network Programmability;
Encompasses Emerging Software-Defined Networking Models 
SAN DIEGO, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 06/13/12 --   Cisco Live! -- Cisco
(NASDAQ: CSCO) today introduced a versatile and broad approach to
network programmability -- Cisco(R) Open Network Environment (Cisco
ONE) -- aimed at helping customers drive the next wave of business
innovation through trends such as cloud, mobility, social networking,
and video. Cisco ONE enables flexible, application-driven
customization of network infrastructures to help realize business
objectives such as: increased service velocity, resource
optimization, and faster monetization of new services. 
The Cisco Open Network Environment is delivered through a rich set of
platform APIs, agents and controllers, and overlay network
technologies. Cisco ONE complements current approaches to
software-defined networking while encompassing the entire solution
stack from transport to management and orchestration. With Cisco's
Open Network Environment customers can harness the intelligent
network through programmability and abstraction across multiple
layers, offering a choice of protocols, industry standards, and
usage-based deployment models.  
As part of the Open Network Environment, Cisco announced One Platform
Kit (onePK) which provides application programming interfaces (APIs)
for developers across Cisco operating systems: Cisco IOS(R), IOS-XR,
and NX-OS. Cisco also announced proof-of-concept controller software
and proof-of-concept OpenFlow agent for Software Defined Networking
(SDN) research. Cisco is also enabling scalable virtual overlay
networks for multi-tenant cloud deployments with the Cisco Nexus(R)
1000V virtual switch. New innovations include: OpenStack support,
programmability, multi-hypervisor capability, and VXLAN gateway
Cisco is collaborating on emerging network technologies with industry
leaders, academic organizations, and standards bodies to meet their
heterogeneous requirements for network programmability. Cisco's Open
Network Environment supports a wide variety of deployment models

--  Universities and Research Organizations: Network partitioning or
    "campus network slicing" using proof-of-concept controller software
    and OpenFlow agents for SDN research
--  Hyperscale Data centers: Network flow management with programmatic
    access via APIs
--  Cloud Providers: Automated provisioning and programmable overlay
    network for scalable multi-tenancy
--  Service Providers: Programmatic access, policy and analytics to
    optimize and monetize service delivery
--  Enterprises: Private cloud automation for virtual workloads, including

 Cisco Open Network Environment is adopting a
multi-pronged product strategy to deliver network programmability. 
One Platform Kit (onePK): Software development kit for customers and

--  onePK delivers a rich set of APIs for deep programmatic access across
    Cisco operating systems and hardware platforms.
--  Cisco will provide phased support for onePK on IOS, IOS-XR, and NX-OS
    operating systems and hardware platforms including ASR, ISR G2, CRS,
    Catalyst(R) and Nexus(R) switches. Cisco onePK support will be
    provided initially for the ASR1000 and ISRG2.
--  onePK allows tight integration with software applications for greater
    visibility, orchestration and control of network infrastructure for
    rapid service creation and delivery, and automates multiple network
    tasks and processes.
--  With onePK, developers can select the language they are familiar with,
    use existing tools, and easily integrate into existing development
--  On June 12 Cisco announced its Cloud Connected Solution Partners and
    customers can also develop their own Cloud Connectors using onePK APIs
    to enhance and differentiate Cloud Services. Cloud Connector is a
    software component residing on ISR G2 and ASR1000 routing platforms to
    improve availability, performance, and security for cloud services.

Cisco Controller Software and OpenFlow Agents for Software Defined
Networking (SDN) 

--  Cisco will provide proof-of-concept controller software for SDN and is
    collaborating with academic and research institutions in these
    efforts. For example, universities will be able to partition or
    "slice" their campus network to enable academic research on SDN with
    consistent policy management.
--  Cisco will provide proof-of-concept OpenFlow v1.0 agents on the Cisco
    Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Series Switches.
--  Cisco is also leading several workgroups at the Open Network

Virtual Overlay Networks extend support for OpenStack, multiple
hypervisors, and VXLAN gateway functionality for consistency across
physical and virtual networks 

--  Cisco will expand virtual overlay network solutions for scalable,
    multi-tenant cloud infrastructures and Infrastructure-as-a-Service
    (IAAS) through enhanced capabilities of its Nexus 1000V portfolio with
    support for open-source hypervisors. This adds to existing support for
    VMware and Microsoft hypervisors.
--  Cisco will also provide the Virtual Extensible Local Area Network
    (VXLAN) gateway to bridge traditional VLAN-based physical network
    environments with VXLAN-based virtual overlay networks.
--  Cisco will extend vPath technology implemented on Nexus 1000V to
    support virtual services on VXLAN-based overlay networks, including
    VSG and ASA1000V. Cisco vPath will steer or "chain" traffic across VSG
    and ASA1000V through pre-defined policies to simplify operational
    workflows on a per-tenant basis.
--  Cisco will offer standards-based OpenStack Quantum Plug-in and REST
    APIs for the Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch to rapidly orchestrate
    multi-tenant cloud infrastructures.

Beta trials and phased general availability are scheduled to begin the
last quarter of 2012. 
 Cisco: Padmasree Warrior, CTO, SVP Engineering, GM
Enterprise Business "The Cisco Open Network Environment is key to our
vision of an intelligent network that is more open, programmable, and
application-aware -- a vision in which the network is transformed
into a more effective business enabler," said Padmasree Warrior,
Cisco chief technical officer, senior vice president of Engineering,
and general manager of Enterprise Business. "With Cisco's Open
Network Environment, customers get a comprehensive and robust set of
capabilities to address emerging enterprise and service provider
requirements to harness network intelligence and provide value for
new business platforms in an evolutionary manner."  
Cisco: David Yen, SVP and GM of the Data Center Technology Group
"Today's announcement is a milestone event that signals Cisco's
leadership, contribution and dedication to open networking," said
David Yen, senior vice president and general manager of the Data
Center Technology Group at Cisco. "Using the Cisco ONE Platform Kit,
developers will have access to over 20 years of intelligent
networking software produced by Cisco's top R&D talent. Together,
we'll usher in a new era of programmability through transparent and
granular interaction between applications and network
CTERA: Liran Eshel, chief executive officer "By leveraging Cisco ISR
G2 as a platform, CTERA and Cisco allow customers to bridge the gap
between local and cloud storage by combining LAN speed user
experience with the resilience of the cloud," said Liran Eshel, chief
executive officer at CTERA. "Utilizing the ISR's network
capabilities, the consolidated solution can effectively manage cloud
storage traffic in an optimized way. The integration, which was
rapidly implemented as a connector using Cisco's Open Network
Environment and the onePK API, allowed us to deliver the world's
first cloud-storage-enabled router with intelligent QoS and superior
user experience." 
NTT-Data: Mr. Kobayashi, Senior Manager "The Cisco Nexus 1000V
ability to span both physical and virtual workloads with a rich
portfolio of physical and virtual network services on a scalable
VXLAN network is what NTT-Data requires for cloud deployments," said
Mr. Kobayashi, Senior Manager, NTT-Data. "The added flexibility of
multiple hypervisors is particularly helpful for us to develop
multiple tiers of cloud offerings with multiple service level
agreements and cost structures for our customers." Kushal Patel, VP of Networking "Baseball has dedicated and
passionate fans who have high expectations for the quality and value
of their interactive experiences, which demands a reliable network,"
said Kushal Patel, vice president of networking at "We like
the strategic direction Cisco is taking with its Open Network
Environment, which provides a platform to more closely integrate
customer-built software applications with the network." 
Indiana University: Brad Wheeler, vice president of information
technology and CIO "Indiana University is delighted to have Cisco as
the newest member of InCNTRE's SDN Interoperability Lab," said Brad
Wheeler, Indiana University vice president of information technology
and CIO. "This collaboration, along with Cisco's vision for dynamic
and multi-dimensional networks -- the Open Network Environment --
will help drive innovation to advance next generation networks." 
University of Wisconsin Madison: Bruce Maas, Vice Provost for
Information Technology and CIO "Our IT network engineers and computer
science department researchers have been collaborating with Cisco to
develop and advance SDN solutions that will help move SDN from the
R&D lab to mainstream business and academic production environments,"
said Bruce Maas, vice provost for information technology and CIO at
University of Wisconsin Madison. We believe that programmable
networks -- providing program interfaces to devices and software that
take advantage of network intelligence -- will enable new research
innovations that will advance science and boost economic
HCL Technologies LTD: Prabhuraman Sayanam, Vice President "As a
leading global IT and software development company, HCL Technologies
is always interested in taking advantage of network innovations,"
said Prabhuraman Sayanam, vice president at HCL Technologies LTD. "As
one of the first developer partners for Cisco's onePK, we have
already begun working with the application programming interface.
We're looking forward to using Cisco's Open Network Environment and
onePK to create innovative new software applications to serve our
joint customers' needs."  

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