Unisys Unveils New Suite of Mobility Solutions to Bring Order to Mobility Mayhem

  Unisys Unveils New Suite of Mobility Solutions to Bring Order to Mobility

New offerings help enterprises and government agencies manage, secure and
support growing needs of mobile users

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BLUE BELL, Pa., June 11, 2012

BLUE BELL, Pa., June 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS)
today announced the availability of its Mobility Solutions Suite of services.
These services are designed to help organizations manage, secure and support
mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets – as well as their applications
– and lead to improved employee productivity and customer service.

The explosion in use of consumer devices is causing businesses and government
agencies to rethink the way they serve a new generation of increasingly mobile
employees, customers and constituents. CIOs and enterprise IT departments are
quickly being forced to adopt cost-effective ways to manage and support mobile
end users while maintaining the security of sensitive, mission-critical
corporate data and resources.

"The mobility revolution is changing the way work gets done, and how people
connect with data and with each other, and it's changing what people expect
from product and service providers, their employers and their governments,"
said Terry Hartmann, vice president, global security solutions, Unisys.
"Organizations need to move quickly to respond to these new requirements or
risk being left behind. Our new services are designed to help reduce the
complexity of enterprise mobile access, security and support, and guide
clients on how to take advantage of new opportunities to transform the user

Building on Unisys' experience in providing end-user IT support as well as
security and application modernization services, Unisys Mobility Solutions
help organizations address those challenges. Unisys consultants work with
clients to assess their employees' and customers' mobile interactions; build
an overall mobility framework; modernize and develop mobile applications;
develop consistent policies for mobile device usage; manage access to
enterprise data and resources to provide real-time support for end users on
the go; and help organizations plan for new growth opportunities.

The Unisys Mobility Solutions set includes the following services:

Mobility Assessment Services

Unisys consultants work with clients to assess how their employees and
customers currently use mobile devices to interact with the enterprise and how
the organization could adapt its business processes to better serve mobile
workers and clients. Unisys assessment services include an overview of the
current state of the infrastructure including mobile device management (MDM)
processes; a gap analysis that outlines specific threats and opportunities for
improvement: and a roadmap for closing the gaps and securely integrating
mobile users into the enterprise.

Mobile Application Development Services

Drawing on long experience in secure, mission-critical applications, Unisys
works with organizations to modernize and port their legacy applications to
mobile devices, as well as create innovative new mobile applications. Key
security features and application performance monitoring are designed into
each mobile application, along with capabilities that allow applications to
run on multiple devices and platforms.

Mobile User Authentication Services

According to the Unisys Security Index - a global survey of consumer security
attitudes and concerns - people consistently view identity theft as the top
threat to their security. To address these concerns, Unisys Mobile User
Authentication Services help enterprises protect business-critical resources
by authenticating users' identities based on multiple factors such as
passwords, location or biometrics which leverage inbuilt mobile device cameras
and microphones. Based on these and other factors, mobile users can be granted
or denied access to web portals, corporate applications or physical
checkpoints. The organization can require different authentication methods for
different people, depending on user roles, usage patterns and the type of
transaction they are undertaking.

MyWork Services for Mobile

Unisys MyWork Services for Mobile are subscription-based managed services
designed to help an IT service desk operation improve the productivity and
uptime of mobile end users through a dedicated and complete mobile device help
desk. MyWork Services for Mobile enables IT support teams to enforce policies
for managing mobile devices, minimize risk and enhance security for end users,
and track mobile assets and data. The Unisys service provides dedicated
support for mobile users without the need for clients' IT organizations to buy
or install on-premise MDM software, and eliminates the challenge for IT
organizations to stay current with training on the growing matrix of mobile
operating system options and devices.

Comprising Unisys MyWork Services for Mobile are:

  oMobile Device Management. These services help organizations deploy and
    manage employee-owned and company-provided smartphones and tablets on
    enterprise networks. Through these services, Unisys helps clients create
    and implement corporate governance policies for mobile devices; create
    procedures for securing corporate data such as remote device tracking,
    device locking and data wiping; establish an enterprise application store
    to manage corporate mobile apps; deliver break/fix field support services;
    and provide a service desk that gives mobile end users a single point of
    contact to quickly resolve service issues including remote device support.
    The Unisys MDM offerings cover mobile platforms such as Apple iPhones and
    iPads, Google Android-based devices, BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile
  oEnd-User Experience Monitoring. Using predictive analytics tools, this
    service monitors application, device and network performance to
    proactively look for issues that affect end-user productivity. IT support
    teams can then rapidly identify the root cause of an impending service
    event – such as slow application response due to a smartphone's sudden
    switch from a 4G to a 3G network – and fix the issue or alert the end user
    before they even notice.
  oSupport for Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT). Mobile device loss
    and theft can cost even a single organization more than $6 million a year.
    To help clients safeguard business assets, Unisys is partnering with Intel
    to support laptops and Ultrabook™ devices that include Intel AT. An Intel
    AT-enabled laptop or device can be "bricked" (disabled) automatically or
    remotely with the help of Unisys service desk professionals when necessary
    and restored to its original state if the authorized user finds it again.
    This support complements Unisys' extensive security solution offerings.

"Protecting computing assets and confidential data is a huge challenge for
CIOs and CISOs," said Anand Pashupathy, general manager of Intel's Anti-Theft
Technology business unit. "Intel® Anti-Theft Technology's device and data
protection technology gives those executives peace of mind by addressing the
challenge head-on. Intel is excited that Unisys, with its strength in
enterprise IT services, is making support for Intel® Anti-Theft Technology
capabilities part of Unisys Mobility Solutions."

For more information about Unisys Mobility Solutions, please visit the
Mobility Resource Center at www.unisys.com/mobilitysolutions.

About Unisys

Unisys is a worldwide information technology company. We provide a portfolio
of IT services, software, and technology that solve critical problems for
clients. We specialize in helping clients secure their operations, increase
the efficiency and utilization of their data centers, enhance support to their
end users and constituents, and modernize their enterprise applications. To
provide these services and solutions, we bring together offerings and
capabilities in outsourcing services, systems integration and consulting
services, infrastructure services, maintenance services, and high-end server
technology. With approximately 22,500 employees, Unisys serves commercial
organizations and government agencies throughout the world. For more
information, visit www.unisys.com.

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