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Lucid Imagination Search Product Offered in Windows Azure Marketplace

    Lucid Imagination Search Product Offered in Windows Azure Marketplace

LucidWorks Cloud™ selected for availability on Windows Azure as
Search-as-a-Service provider for rapidly deploying scalable Cloud Search

PR Newswire

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 07, 2012

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 07, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ease of use and
flexibility are two key business drivers that are fueling the rapid adoption
of cloud computing.  The ability to disconnect an application from its
supporting architecture provides a new level of business agility that has
never before been possible.  To ease the move towards this new realm of
computing, integrated platforms have begun emerge that make cloud computing
easier to adopt and leverage.  

Lucid Imagination, a trusted name in Search, Discovery and Analytics, today
announced that its LucidWorks Cloud product has been selected by Microsoft
Corp. to be offered as a Search-as-a-Service product in Microsoft's Windows
Azure Marketplace.  LucidWorks Cloud is a full cloud service version of its
LucidWorks Enterprise platform.  LucidWorks Cloud delivers full open source
Apache Lucene/Solr community innovation with support and maintenance from the
world's leading experts in open source search. An extensible platform
architected for developers, LucidWorks Cloud is the only Solr distribution
that provides security, abstraction and pre-built connectors for essential
enterprise data sources – along with dramatic ease of use advantages in a
well-tested, integrated and documented package.

Example use cases for LucidWorks Cloud include Search-as-a-Service for
websites, embedding search into SaaS product offerings, and Prototyping and
developing cloud-based search-enabled applications in general.


"In line with Windows Azure's commitment to working with open source
communities and serving developers, we're excited that Lucid Imagination is
offering its LucidWorks Cloud search technology in the Windows Azure
Marketplace," said Bill Hamilton, director, product marketing, Windows Azure,
at Microsoft. "Developers gain the benefits of Windows Azure's openness and
flexibility while providing search capabilities in their cloud applications."


"The vision for Lucid Imagination is to provide our customers with choice by
offering LucidWorks search capabilities ubiquitously across all key platforms
and architectures.  The opportunity to offer LucidWorks Cloud within the
Windows Azure Marketplace allows our existing and new customers the freedom
and flexibility to take advantage of the power of Windows Azure today. And
since LucidWorks is built on top of the most popular and trusted open source
search, Apache Lucene/Solr, we are able to broaden this opportunity to a
significantly larger audience.  Lucid is very pleased to be the first
Search-as-a-Service product available within the Window Azure Marketplace."

—Paul Doscher, CEO, Lucid Imagination

Highlights of LucidWorks Cloud Search-as-a-Service

  o Sign-up for a plan and start building your search application in minute
  o Well-organized UI makes Apache Lucene/Solr innovation easier to consume
    and more adaptable to constant change
  o Create multiple search collections and manage them independently
  o Configure index and query settings, fields, stop words, synonyms for each
  o Built-in support for Hadoop, Microsoft SharePoint and traditional online
    content types
  o An open connector framework is available to customize access to other data
  o REST API automates and integrates search as a service with an application
  o Well-instrumented dashboard for infrastructure administration, monitoring
    and reporting
  o Monitored 24x7 by Lucid Development Operations insuring minimum downtime  

How to Get LucidWorks Cloud for Windows Azure
LucidWorks Cloud helps businesses of all sizes conquer even the most daunting
data and business quandaries by rapidly firing up cost-effective, flexible,
and scalable search applications that help users find the information they
need, when they need it. Customers can set up their Windows Azure instance and
obtain LucidWorks Cloud Search-as-a-Service from the Lucid
Imagination/LucidWorks Cloud webpage, the Windows Azure web site or directly
from the Windows Azure Marketplace. 


  o Watch the future of search unfold on the Lucid Imagination blog.
  o Follow Lucid Imagination on Twitter @LucidImagineer and Facebook.
  o Learn how leading companies are benefiting from LucidWorks in these Lucene
    Revolution videos and presentations.

About Lucid Imagination
Lucid Imagination is the only company that delivers enterprise-grade search
development platforms built on the power of Apache Lucene/Solr open source
search. Out of the 35 Core Committers to the Apache Lucene/Solr project, 9
individuals work for Lucid Imagination, making the company the largest
supporter of open source search in the industry. Customers include AT&T,
Sears, Ford, Verizon, Cisco, Zappos, Raytheon, The Guardian, The Smithsonian
Institution,, The Motley Fool, Qualcomm, Taser, eHarmony and
many other household names around the world. Lucid Imagination investors
include Shasta Ventures, Granite Ventures, Walden International, and In-Q-Tel.
Learn more about the company at

SOURCE Lucid Imagination
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