Russian Utility Boosts Electricity Distribution Capacity To Vologda Region by 150 Percent with 3M ACCR Line Upgrade

  Russian Utility Boosts Electricity Distribution Capacity To Vologda Region
  by 150 Percent with 3M ACCR Line Upgrade

 Vologdaenergo Installs Breakthrough Conductor to Accommodate Increased Power
              Generation Without the Need to Build Larger Towers

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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- June 05, 2012

Electric utilities in Russia are continuing to expand their adoption of 3M’s
new transmission line technology, which enables substantial increases in
overhead line capacity without requiring larger towers or wider rights of way.

In the latest development, Vologda TPP and Vologdaenergo this month reported
the installation of 3M ACCR (Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced) on a
line that links new combined-cycle gas turbine generating units to
Vologdaenergo’s power line network. The double-circuit 110kV line boosted
distribution capacity by a factor of 2.5, enabling delivery of the power
generated at these units to local substations, reducing the need to import
electricity from neighboring regions, and improving reliability in the area.

Last month, a utility in Siberia, Irkutsk Electronetwork Co., completed
installation of ACCR, nearly doubling capacity on a line serving the central
district of Irkutsk without tower construction or expanded rights of way. And
in late 2011, the transmission unit of MOESK (Moscow United Electric Grid
Company) installed 3M ACCR to upgrade a line serving a densely populated
southern district of Moscow to avoid the need for larger towers. It was the
second application of 3M ACCR in Moscow by MOESK. As of now, there are ten
installations in Russia.

According to Anatoly Pinizhaninov, chief engineer of Vologdaenergo and its
deputy director for technical issues, a five-year investment program that
began in 2011 will include additional infrastructure upgrades, of which ACCR
“will be an important component.”

Situated in northwestern Russia, Vologda is an “oblast” (administrative
district) that includes the ancient city of Vologda, where Tsar Ivan the
Terrible chose to hold court for a time in the 16th century. Today, the city,
with an estimated population of 302,000, is an important transportation hub
for international and domestic commerce, as well as a major cultural center.
The district is also known for its metallurgy industries.

3M Russia has been awarded a special citation from the United Energy Systems
of Russia, representing the nation’s utilities, for 3M’s development and
implementation of “reliable, high-performance, and fast-payback technologies
and technical solutions for the power industry.”

“After the United States, Russia now has the largest number of 3M ACCR
installations,” says Tim Koenig, director of the 3M High Capacity Conductor
Program. “Brazil is close behind, and the unique conductor also is at work in
China and India. This is a reliable, proven technology that has been embraced
enthusiastically in the world’s growing economies, especially for applications
where tower construction poses environmental concerns or logistical problems,
such as in congested urban neighborhoods. Its low-sag characteristic also
helps address clearance issues. 3M ACCR is a versatile, cost-efficient

Koenig also notes that 3M ACCR is helping utilities meet new demands being
placed on electricity grids, including the need to incorporate power from
renewable energy sources.

3M’s innovation is the ACCR conductor’s core, which is composed of aluminum
oxide (alumina) fibers embedded in high-purity aluminum using a highly
specialized and proprietary process. The result is a lightweight, low-sag,
high-capacity conductor that can carry up to twice the current of conventional
steel-core conductors of the same diameter on existing towers, thereby helping
utilities upgrade transmission lines while avoiding a wide range of problems
in a variety of applications. It has the durability and longevity of
traditional steel core conductors, even after decades of continuous operation
at temperatures as high as 210 degrees Celsius (410° F) and in emergency
conditions at 240 degrees Celsius (464° F). The conductor’s performance has
been demonstrated during testing at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge
National Laboratory in Tennessee and in more than a decade of successful U.S.
and international installations. ACCR was developed with the support of the
U.S. Department of Energy and with early contributions by the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency.

3M holds several patents on its ACCR technology, which has been recognized by
R&D Magazine with an R&D 100 Award as one of the most technologically
significant products introduced into the marketplace, and by the Minnesota
High Tech Association with a Tekne Award for innovative development.

The 3M Electrical Markets Division, based in Austin, Texas, designs,
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terminations; high-temperature, low-sag transmission conductors; heat
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tools and lugs; wire marking products; cable ties; portable labeling devices
and electrical diagnostic and detection products.

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