ChinaVenture’s 2012 Annual Investment Conference to Be Held This Month in Shanghai

  ChinaVenture’s 2012 Annual Investment Conference to Be Held This Month in

ChinaVenture Investment Conference 2012

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BEIJING -- April 19, 2012

Thorough changes are taking place in China’s PE industry following an
explosive growth in 2011, as evidenced in the slowing pace of capital
deployments by PE funds amid weakening secondary markets and fewer IPOs in the
first two months of 2012. How can we continue to steer a steady course through
choppy waters, and usher in a new wave of booms going forward? This is a
question to be answered by each PE institution operating in China. The
upcoming 2012 Annual Investment Conference,scheduled to be held on April 27,
2012 at Grand Hyatt Shanghai, may present some valuable help for your
well-informed decisions. Apart from releasing the sixth set of VC/PE
investment rankings from the conference organizer ChinaVenture, a leading
financial information provider in China, at the grand event, survival logics,
dynamics and trends for the Chinese VC/PE sector in a changing ecosystem will
be discussed, and unique insights and enlightening opinions from renowned
investors and gurus will be shared with participants.

E-commerce Continues to Present a Booming Prospect

Triggered by financial tightening measures, E-commerce investment waves have
been ebbing down since the second half of 2011. Along with capital-strapped
E-commerce market sliding into a chilly winter, investors once wild about the
segment have already come back coolheaded, slowing down their investment paces
or scaling back on their capital exposure in the sector. However, according to
the 12th Five-year Development Plan for E-commerce, the overall turnover
during the same period will double to more than RMB 18 trillion. This policy
decision will, without doubt, give huge incentives to investment growth in the
sector. As a result, despite cooling investment frenzy in the broad Internet
industry, the E-commerce segment will continue to present a booming prospect
in the near future.

According to the latest statistical data from ChinaVenture’s CVSource, 266
disclosed VC/PE deals in Internet in 2011 invested a total amount of USD 8.159
billion, posting a 44.6% and 218.5% rise respectively in deal number and deal
size. Of which, 116 deals in E-commerce segment (including B2B, online
shopping, online tourism booking, E-commerce services, and online searches)
invested a total amount of USD 5.353 billion, making up 43.6% and 65.6% of
their respective totals for the broad Internet sector.

With robust inherent vitalities and growing innovation capabilities,
E-commerce has ushered in a new era of intensive innovations and rapid
expansion. How should both entrepreneurs and investors adapt themselves to the
ever-changing ecosystem, and make a balanced tradeoff between heightened risks
and potential returns? Will a new wave of investment booms in E-commerce be
just around the corner? When will the broad Internet market revive once again?
How should we identify and take advantage of potential investment
opportunities arising from policy incentives? Our honored guests and renowned
investors will share their insights into these hot topics with you at the

Consumption Investments are Shifting to High-end Segments

A series of recent inbound acquisitions of local firms, such as Little Sheep,
Tjoy, Povos Group, Yinlu Foods, Hsu Fu Chi and Global Education, showed that
local consumption and related service sectors have drawn high attention and
interest from PE investors seeking for quick financial gains, and presaged
that PE investments has shifted away from traditional manufacturing to
high-end service sectors.

The enthusiasm of investors towards Consumption sector intensified in 2011 and
hit the all-time high in October, with the searches for consumption-related
keywords during the second half of the year accounting for 27.3% of the total
tally of keyword searches in CVSource. Another latest development is that
Luxury Goods (including jewels and diamonds) has already emerged as the most
interested segment by investors, with the searches for Luxury Goods-related
keywords as a percentage of the total tally of keyword searches for
Consumption sector in CVSource continuing to rise stably to 8.8% by now.

Growing consumption demands, highly fragmented markets, wide regional
disparities, fickle customer behaviors, and ever-changing market dynamics –
all these factors entail PE investors to make balanced tradeoffs, and build up
their highly targeted investment portfolios. How to strike a balance among
various conflicting factors? How to identify disparities among different
regions and market segments, and come out with differentiation investment
strategies? How to make your investment tactics highly responsive to market
dynamics and evolutional trends? You may find answers to these questions at
the upcoming investment conference.

Healthcare Emerges as a New Investment Hotspot

A confluence of various factors, such as rapid economic growth, aging
population, and intensifying urbanization, has thrust the healthcare sector
into the era of rapid growth. Unique attributes, such as being strong
anti-cyclical, less vulnerable to economic fluctuations and low investment
risks, guaranteed increasing appeals of medical service sector for PE
investors, and deregulation policies have also released massive growth
potentials in the underdeveloped sector. Along with the launch of new medical
system reform initiatives, this sector is expected to become a new hot spot
for PE investments.

According to the statistics from ChinaVenture’s CVSource, investments in
healthcare sector experienced a sustained, rapid growth during the period of
2006-2010. 104 disclosed VC/PE deals in healthcare in 2011 invested a total
amount of USD 1.91 billion, hitting record highs both in deal number and
investment amount. By the end of the February of 2012, this sector has already
emerged as the largest destination for VC/PE investments, grabbing as much as
USD 278 million and making up 35.8% of the total annual investment for all
sectors. However, promising prospect always goes hand in hand with
intensifying competition in it. How should PE institutions tackle with
changing market demands and compete in an increasingly crowded market? How
should they avoid and respond to policy uncertainties? And how should they
identify and adapt to changes to the medicine distribution patterns? In-depth
discussion and unique insights from industry experts at the conference may
help you better understand the market trends.

The 2012 Annual Investment Conference,hosted by ChinaVenture Group and
scheduled to be held on April 27, 2012 at Grand Hyatt Shanghai, will bring
together top-class investors and entrepreneurs to deliberate upon hottest
topics in PE/VE industry. At the gathering, business elites and renowned PE
professionals, including Mr. Xinjun Liang, CEO of Fosun, Mr. Andy Yan,
Managing Partner of SAIF Partners, Mr. Xiangshuang Shan, Chairman & President
of CSM, Mr. Zhanghong Hu, President of CCB International, and Mr. Hao Chen,
Managing Director of Legend Capital, will exchanges their opinions, share
their ideas and explore new trails for promoting PE/VC sector.

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About CVSource

Created by ChinaVenture Group, CVSource is an online database system providing
professional information and data solutions, including analysis of equity
investment trends, records and analysis of investments and M&A activities,
industry research, company analysis, analysis of funds and fund managers,
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About ChinaVenture

ChinaVenture Group is a leading research and consulting institute in China
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