Paladin Labs Announces the Canadian Launch of Abstral(R)

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June 14, 2011 
Paladin Labs Announces the Canadian Launch of Abstral(R) 
MONTREAL, CANADA--(Marketwire - June 14, 2011) - Paladin labs Inc. (TSX:PLB), a
leading Canadian specialty Pharmaceutical company, announced today the launch
of Abstral(R) (fentanyl citrate sublingual tablet). Abstral(R) is a novel,
rapidly-disintegrating, sublingual (under the tongue) formulation of fentanyl,
a well-established opioid used for the management of breakthrough pain for
cancer patients already receiving, and tolerant to opioid analgesics for
chronic pain. Abstral(R) will complement Paladin's growing pain franchise
which includes Tridural(R), Metadol(R) and Pennsaid(R).  
"Though officially launching today, Abstral(R) has been available to
patients and their physicians in Canada for almost 2 months under our
compassionate early use program", said Jonathan Ross Goodman, President
and CEO of Paladin Labs. "This early experience program with Abstral(R)
has seen meaningful and heart-warming quality of life improvements in many
patients taking our product. The importance of this quality of life improvement
to patients, their families and care givers should not be underestimated and
gives us confidence as we now transition into the full commercial launch phase
of this important new product."  
Paladin obtained the Canadian rights from ProStrakan Group plc
("ProStrakan"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co.,
Ltd., (TSE:4151) in December 2008 and was granted Canadian regulatory approval
in February 2011. 
About Abstral(R)  
Abstral(R) is a fast-acting and rapidly disintegrating tablet for sublingual
administration of fentanyl intended for the management of breakthrough pain in
cancer patients who are already receiving, and tolerant to opioid analgesics
for their underlying persistent cancer pain.  
Abstral(R) is already marketed by ProStrakan across the principal European
markets. In the top four European markets, Abstral(R) achieved a 24% market
share by tablet volume of short-acting fentanyl products (Source: IMS data June
About Breakthrough Cancer Pain  
Breakthrough cancer pain ("BTP") is defined as rapid onset and short
duration exacerbations of severe pain experienced by patients who have
relatively stable and adequately controlled baseline pain.(1) It is known as
BTP because it "breaks through" a regular pain medicine schedule. For
some patients, BTP occurs during certain everyday activities, such as walking
or dressing. For others, it occurs unexpectedly without any apparent cause.
Between 64% to 89% of patients with cancer experience BTP and they average 4 to
7 episodes per day. (2)  
In a recent survey of patients with cancer related BTP(3):  
89% stated that BTP negatively affected their quality of life  
73% stated that BTP wakes them from a deep sleep at least once a month  
76% stated that BTP affects their ability to perform everyday household chores  
75% stated that BTP is one of the most challenging effects of having cancer  
35% stated that BTP affects their relationships with their family members  
82% stated that BTP negatively affects their emotional health  
About Paladin Labs Inc.  
Paladin Labs Inc., headquartered in Montreal, Canada, is a specialty
pharmaceutical company focused on acquiring or in-licensing innovative
pharmaceutical products for the Canadian market. With this strategy, a focused
national sales team and proven marketing expertise, Paladin has evolved into
one of Canada's leading specialty pharmaceutical companies. Paladin's
shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol PLB. For more
information about Paladin, please visit the Company's web site at 
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(1) Portenoy RK, Hagen NA. Pain 1990; 41: 273-281 
(2) Portenoy RK et al. Pain 1999; 81(1-2):129-134 
(3) The American Pain Foundation. Breakthrough Cancer Pain Survey Fact Sheet 
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