Thursday Morning Tips: Avitar Inc., Sunergy Inc., Alto Group

Thursday Morning Tips: Avitar Inc., Sunergy Inc., Alto Group Holdings
Inc., Dutch Gold Resources Inc., Encounter Technologies Inc.,
dPollution International Inc. 
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MicroCapsDaily issues an alert for the following stocks: Washington
Mutual Inc.(WAMUQ), Geobio Energy Inc.(GBOED), Alto Group Holdings
Inc.(ALTO), KAT Exploration Inc.(KATX), Sunergy Inc.(SNEY), Encounter
Technologies Inc.(ENTI), Avitar Inc.(AVTI), Dutch Gold Resources
Inc.(DGRI) and Thursday morning's top stock on our watch list:
dPollution International Inc. (PINK SHEETS - RMGX) 
Morgan Stanley's lead commodity analyst Hussein Allidina is
forecasting an average $100 per barrel crude oil prices in 2011.
That's a sharp 20% increase over 2010! (On Tuesday 12/7/10 oil
touched a two-year high of $90 per barrel before retreating) The
clear implication of the higher oil prices is that there will be a
strong demand for technologies which make more efficient use of
fossil fuels possible. A company on our radar screen, dPollution
International Inc. is in prime position to become a leading supplier
in this rapidly developing market. For more details regarding this
unique opportunity please visit: 
On Wednesday 12/8/10 dPollution International Inc. (PINK SHEETS -
RMGX) announced that it has received a request for the supply of
3,000 units of its patented dPollution Device. The units are to be
delivered to Stem Italia S.R.L. of Rome, Italy and distributed to the
members of A.N.C. Associazione Nazionale di Categoria Trasporto
Persone e Mobilita, the association of tourist bus drivers in the
Province of Lazio, Italy. A.N.C. will be acquiring the units to
install on its members fleets of diesel buses to ensure their
compliance with the Province of Lazio's new Low Emission Zone (LEZ)
standards, which will be enforced starting in 2011.  
In the United States alone, there are 250 million registered
passenger vehicles and dPollution (RMGX) owns the exclusive
manufacturing and distribution rights to a patented fuel conditioning
technology which significantly increases mileage and lowers harmful
GHG emissions. dPollution's revolutionary device improves engine
performance by causing fuel to combust more thoroughly and
efficiently. This technology works on every internal combustion
engine on the planet. Considering that IC engines are used in cars,
buses, trucks, diesel trains, construction equipment, farm equipment
and a variety of military vehicles the market for this device is
virtually limitless. For more information, please visit: 
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