Stock Market News Alert Special Situation Alerts for Tuesday, Ap

   Stock Market News Alert Special Situation Alerts for Tuesday,
             April 19th, 2005: SPAB -- SPACEHAB, Inc.

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., April 19, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Stock Market News's watch list includes SPACEHAB, Incorporated (Nasdaq:SPAB),
Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE:TXN), General Electric Co.
(NYSE:GE) and Aberdene Mines LTD. (OTCBB:ABRM). 
Stock Market News is pleased to introduce our NEW Featured
Stock, SPACEHAB, Inc. (Nasdaq:SPAB) to the investment community! 
SPACEHAB, Incorporated (Nasdaq:SPAB), a leading provider of commercial
space services, announced today that it is a "GO" for launch on the May
2005 STS-114 space shuttle mission with the rollout of the Company's
External Stowage Platform 2 (or ESP2). This cargo carrier marks a first
in the use of large-scale commercial hardware by NASA as it is deployed
from the shuttle's cargo bay to its permanent residence on the
International Space Station (ISS). 
SPACEHAB's ESP2, a modified version of the Company's Integrated Cargo
Carrier system, will be permanently attached to the ISS airlock and
house critical replacement parts for use by the astronaut crews. It is
anticipated that the use of this privately-developed asset on the ISS
paves the way for more commercial opportunities during ISS assembly and
operations and in support of new exploration initiatives. 
Investors should be watching (SPAB) closely! 
Other notable stocks that look great lately from a fundamental and
technical perspective include: 
Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE:TXN) Market Outperform 
General Electric Co. (NYSE:GE): Market Outperform 
Aberdene Mines LTD. (OTCBB:ABRM) Market Outperform 
ADTRAN, Inc (Nasdaq:ADTN) Bullish 
Recommendation Meanings 
These recommendations are investment opinions of and reflect the stock's potential to move over
the next one to eight weeks of trading. This analysis is done from a
technical and fundamental perspective. 
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