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16th Annual Wall Street Analyst Forum
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 28, 2005
The 16th Annual Wall Street Analyst Forum takes place
Feb. 28th through March 2nd at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. 
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Company:                      Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation
Date of Presentation:         February 28, 2005
Time of Presentation:         9:40 a.m. Eastern Standard Time
Investor Relations Contact:   John T. Hillman, 
                              Director of Investor Relations
Phone:                        310-255-4438
E-mail:                       jhillman@anworth.com
Web Site:                     www.anworth.com
Link to Webcast:              http://www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90670

Anworth Mortgage (NYSE:ANH) is a Real Estate Investment Trust that 
invests primarily in mortgage-backed securities issued by U.S.
agencies and secured by adjustable-rate and fixed-rate single-family
residential mortgages. Through its Belvedere Trust Mortgage
Corporation subsidiary, Anworth also invests in high quality jumbo
single-family adjustable-rate mortgage loans acquired and financed
through securitizations.

The return on stockholders' equity is principally the difference
between the yield on the interest-earning assets and the cost of the
financing activities which are primarily short-term collateralized
borrowings and longer-term collateralized securitizations.

Anworth commenced its operations on March 17, 1998 upon the completion
of its initial public offering of common stock at $9.00 per share. In 
2004, Anworth also issued an 8-5/8% Series A Cumulative Preferred 
Stock at $25.00 per share which also trades on the NYSE.

At year-end 2004, the Company's assets were approximately

From the IPO date to year-end 2004, Anworth has provided its common 
stock shareholders with dividend income of $7.75 per share. Anworth is
a member of the Russell 2000 Index.

Company:                      BIO-key International
Date of Presentation:         March 1, 2005
Time of Presentation:         2 PM
Investor Relations Contact:   Bud Yanak
Phone:                        732-359-1113
E-mail:                       bud.yanak@bio-key.com
Web Site:                     www.bio-key.com

BIO-key develops and delivers advanced identification solutions and 
information services to law enforcement departments, fire/emergency 
medical service agencies and other government and private sector 
customers. BIO-key's mobile wireless technology provides first 
responders with critical, reliable, real-time data and images from 
local, state and national databases. BIO-key's superior, scalable, 
cost-effective and easy-to-deploy biometric finger identification 
technology accurately identifies and authenticates users to improve 
security, convenience and privacy while reducing identity theft.

Today, more than 2,500 police, fire and emergency services departments
in North America depend on BIO-key solutions, making us the leading 
supplier of mobile and wireless solutions for public safety worldwide.


The answer to increased security while improving user convenience!
Eliminating passwords, which can be lost or compromised!
Eliminating help desk and administration costs associated with
Improving user convenience -- with the simple touch of a finger, users
quickly, easily enter a facility or log onto a computer/domain.

Company:                      Candela Corporation
Date of Presentation:         March 2, 2005
Time of Presentation:         11:00 a.m. (ET)
Investor Relations Contact:   Paul Broyer
Phone:                        508-358-7637, ext. 435
E-mail:                       paul.broyer@candelalaser.com
Web Site:                     www.candelalaser.com
Link To Webcast:              www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90211

Candela Corporation, an ISO-9001 certified company, is a pioneer in 
the development and commercialization of advanced aesthetic laser
systems and intense pulsed light devices that allow physicians and
personal care practitioners to treat a wide variety of cosmetic and
medical conditions. Candela's extensive product line -- the most
comprehensive and technologically sophisticated aesthetic devices in
the industry -- is used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, family
practitioners, OB/GYNs, and general and vascular surgeons for hair
removal, wrinkle reduction, as well as the treatment of vascular and
pigmented lesions, tattoos, acne, and acne scars. Founded near Boston
in 1970, the company markets and services its products in over 64
countries from offices and distributors in the United States, Europe,
Japan, China, and other Asian locations. Candela established the
aesthetic laser market 16 years ago, and currently has an installed
base of 8,000 lasers worldwide. Candela is an Equal Opportunity and
Affirmative Action Employer (Male/Female/Handicapped/Veteran).

Company:                      Colonial Properties Trust
Date of Presentation:         February 28, 2005
Time of Presentation:         10:20 am
Investor Relations Contact:   Barbara Pooley
Phone:                        704-376-1774
E-mail:                       bpooley@colonialprop.com
Web Site:                     www.colonialprop.com
Link To Webcast:              http://www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90671

Colonial Properties Trust is a diversified real estate investment 
trust (REIT) that, through its subsidiaries, owns a portfolio of
multifamily, office and retail properties where you live, work and
shop in the Sunbelt region of the United States. As a 
self-administered, self-managed REIT, Colonial Properties performs
development, acquisition, management, leasing and brokerage services
for its portfolio and properties owned by third parties.

Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Colonial
Properties Trust completed its initial public offering in September
1993. The Company, which is included in the S&P SmallCap 600 Index, is
listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "CLP" and has a
current market capitalization in excess of $3.5 billion. At year end
2004, the Company's portfolio included 29,100 apartment units, 6.8
million square feet of office space and 15.6 million square feet of
retail shopping space located from Virginia to Arizona.

Company:                      Emisphere Technologies, Inc.
Date of Presentation:         March 1, 2005
Time of Presentation:         9:40 am ET
Investor Relations Contact:   Gillian Racine
Phone:                        914-593-8332
E-mail:                       gracine@emisphere.com
Web Site:                     www.emisphere.com
Link To Webcast:              http://www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90679

Emisphere Technologies, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company pioneering
the oral delivery of otherwise injectable drugs. Emisphere's business 
strategy is to develop oral forms of injectable drugs, either alone or
with corporate partners, by applying its proprietary eligen(R) 
technology to those drugs or licensing its eligen(R) technology to 
partners who typically apply it directly to their marketed drugs. 
Emisphere's eligen(R) technology has enabled the oral delivery of 
proteins, peptides, macromolecules and charged organics. Emisphere and
its partners have advanced oral formulations or prototypes of salmon 
calcitonin, Heparin, insulin, parathyroid hormone, human growth 
hormone and cromolyn sodium into clinical trials. Emisphere has 
strategic alliances with world-leading pharmaceutical companies. For 
further information, please visit http://www.emisphere.com.

Company:                      GenOil Inc.
Date of Presentation:         March 2nd
Time of Presentation:         11:40am
Investor Relations Contact:   Candice Beaumont
Phone:                        212-688-9606
E-mail:                       CSBeaumont@genoil.net
Web Site:                     www.genoil.net

GenOil's technologies represent either breakthrough or innovative
technological approaches to existing oil and gas production or
refinery problems. GenOil's solutions can be readily integrated into
conventional systems to increase productivity, reduce both capital and
operating costs, thereby providing a rapid payback. GenOil currently
owns 12 technologies and intellectual property that are protected
under 19 patents or patents pending. GenOil's primary technology is
the hydroconversion upgrader (GHU). The GHU upgrading process can
produce approximately 2 million barrels a day of new oil from rejected
carbon, and can convert 13 million barrels of heavy oil bottoms or
residues from refining to lighter oil for use in making gasoline.
Those fifteen million barrels of oil can replace the entire production
of light oil from the Persian Gulf and solve the shortage in gasoline.
GenOil's patented hydrogenation process converts heavy oil fractions
into lighter fractions, resulting in 25% greater output of oil from
refineries and significant cost savings. With US refineries running at
capacity, together with finite world oil supplies this technology
could be one of the most valuable innovations of the century.

Company:                      Hana Biosciences, Inc.
Date of Presentation:         February 28, 2005
Investor Relations Contact:   Russell Skibsted
Phone:                        650-588-6464
E-Mail:                       russell.skibsted@hanabiosciences.com
Website:                      www.hanabiosciences.com

Hana Biosciences, Inc. (OTCBB:HNAB), is a biopharmaceutical company 
headquartered in South San Francisco. The company acquires, develops, 
and commercializes innovative products for the treatment of important 
unmet medical needs in cancer. Hana has three pipeline products: 
Ondansetron Lingual Spray (OLS) for chemotherapy-induced nausea and 
vomiting is on target to start producing revenues in 2007. PT-523 for 
non-small cell lung cancer, cervical cancer and acute lymphocytic 
leukemia, was licensed from Harvard and is in clinical trials there. 
IPdR, a novel radiosensitizer, for pancreatic, colorectal, liver, and 
brain cancers was licensed from Yale University and The Research 
Foundation of the State University of New York at Buffalo. Hana 
Biosciences is committed to creating value by building a world-class 
team, accelerating the development of lead product candidates, 
expanding its pipeline by being the alliance partner of choice, and 
nurturing a unique company culture. Additional information on Hana 
Biosciences can be found at www.hanabiosciences.com.

Company:                      I-trax, Inc.
Date of Presentation:         March 1, 2005
Time of Presentation:         12:30pm
Investor Relations Contact:   Chris Witty (Lippert/Heilshorn)
Phone:                        212-201-6609
E-mail:                       cwitty@lhai.com
Web Site:                     www.i-trax.com
Link To Webcast:              http://www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90210

I-trax is a leading integrated health and productivity management
company formed by the merger of I-trax Health Management Solutions and
CHD Meridian Healthcare. We provide on-site health and pharmacy
services as well as disease management and wellness programs that
improve overall health while reducing the cost of care. We are the
only comprehensive solution specifically designed for every individual
regardless of location.

We help individuals stay healthy, productive and at work. Our focus is
on the prevention and management of disease and illness, lowering the 
direct and indirect costs of health related benefits, while at the 
same time improving individual health, satisfaction and productivity.

Our health management teams consist of over 1,200 healthcare 
professionals, including physicians, nurses and allied health
professional. We serve nearly 100 clients at over 185 locations
nationwide. Our clients include self-insured employers, health plans
and government organizations.

Company:                      mPhase Technologies, Inc.
Date of Presentation:         Monday, February 28, 2005
Time of Presentation:         2:40 p.m. (Eastern)
Investor Relations Contact:   Mary K. Whelan
Phone:                        973-256-3737 Ext. 110
E-mail:                       invest@mphasetech.com
Web Site:                     www.mphasetech.com
Webcast:                      http://www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90668

mPhase Technologies (OTCBB:XDSL) develops and commercializes 
next-generation solutions for telecommunications and nanotechnology
applications. mPhase is delivering leading edge components and test
equipment for digital subscriber networks (DSL). mPhase operates as a
small, high growth, low overhead business by leveraging technologies
licensed from major technological powerhouses. Examples include work
with Lucent's Bell Labs in nanobatteries and IP video. The Company
also benefits from its close working relationship with Lucent's
worldwide sales channels and services business. The Company is
pursuing a strategy of generating revenues and gross profits from its
currently commercialized products while developing other
high-potential technologies that it plans to commercialize in the

Company:                      NovaDel Pharma
Date of Presentation:         March 1, 2005
Time of Presentation:         8:20 a.m.
Investor Relations Contact:   Erik Lux
Phone:                        212-825-3210
e-mail:                       elux@investorrelationsgroup.com
Web Site:                     www.novadel.com
Link To Webcast:              http://www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90210

NovaDel Pharma Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company that is
developing a novel drug-delivery system for both prescription and
over-the-counter therapeutics. The Company's proprietary technology
uses a lingual spray to rapidly deliver drugs into the systemic
circulation. The technology can be applied to a variety of drugs in
the Rx, OTC and veterinary therapeutic areas. The delivery of a
therapeutic agent through the oral mucosa may lead to a faster onset
of action and avoids degradation in the GI tract. Lingual sprays
generally permit administration of a lower dose of the active
ingredient compared with tablet formulations of the same drug due to
efficient mucosal absorption and avoidance of the GI tract and hepatic
first-pass effects. Drugs administered in a spray form to the oral
mucosa have the potential for a) faster onset of action, b) improved
safety profile, and c) enhanced patient compliance.

Company:                      Nutra Pharma Corporation
Date of Presentation:         Monday, February 28th
Time of Presentation:         11:40am
Investor Relations Contact:   Rik J Deitsch
Phone:                        954-509-0911
E-mail:                       info@nutrapharma.com
Web Site:                     www.nutrapharma.com
Link To Webcast:              http://www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90209

Nutra Pharma Corporation (OTCBB:NPHC) is a biotechnology holding
company and incubator. The Company's minority-owned subsidiary,
ReceptoPharm, Inc., is developing technologies for the development of
drugs for HIV, AMN and Multiple Sclerosis ("MS"). The Company's other
holding, Infectech, Inc., is engaged in the research and development 
of diagnostic test kits designed to be used for the rapid 
identification of infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis (TB). Nutra
Pharma has begun the acquisition of Portage Biomed, a biotechnology 
research company developing novel drug delivery systems to be used 
with various drug therapies in the treatment of diseases. Their 
primary research is in creating innovative systems for the safer and 
more efficient distribution of existing chemotherapeutic agents in the
treatment of cancer. Nutra Pharma expects to complete its acquisition 
of Portage Biomed by the second quarter of 2005. Nutra Pharma 
continues to identify and acquire intellectual property and companies 
in the biotechnology arena.

Company:                      PNM Resources
Date of Presentation:         Wednesday, March 2, 2005
Time of Presentation:         11:40 a.m. EST
Investor Relations Contact:   Lisa Riser, executive director
Phone:                        505-350-2787
E-mail:                       lrister@pnm.com
Web Site:                     www.PNM.com
Link To Webcast:              www.PNM.com/invest

PNM Resources is an energy holding company based in Albuquerque, N.M. 
Its principal subsidiary is Public Service Company of New Mexico 
(PNM), the largest investor-owned utility in the state, serving more
than 413,000 electric customers and 471,000 natural gas customers. The
utility also markets power in the western United States.

In July 2004, PNM Resources announced its proposed acquisition of TNP 
Enterprises, an energy holding company based in Fort Worth, Texas. If 
approved, the acquisition will expand PNM Resources' footprint in New 
Mexico and introduce the company to the competitive electric market in
Texas. After the acquisition, PNM Resources' combined subsidiaries 
would provide energy to nearly 471,000 natural gas customers and 
nearly 725,000 electric customers in New Mexico and Texas.

PNM Resources and its subsidiaries have a long history of community 
giving. Its community support and involvement focus on education, 
employee engagement, economic development and the environment.

Company:                      Royal Gold
Date of Presentation:         March 1, 2005
Time of Presentation:         9:40 a.m. E.T.
Investor Relations Contact:   Karen Gross
Phone:                        303-575-6504
E-mail:                       kgross@royalgold.com
Web Site:                     www.royalgold.com

Royal Gold, Inc. is the leading publicly-traded precious metals
royalty company. Royal Gold owns and manages royalties on precious
metals mines without incurring any ongoing capital or operating costs
associated with an operating mining company. Through its royalty
portfolio, Royal Gold provides investors with a unique opportunity to
capture value in the precious metals sector. Additionally, Royal Gold
provides its investors with valuable leverage to improving gold prices
with sliding-scale royalties. The Company has also lowered its
portfolio risk on the downside with fixed price royalties and floors
on its sliding-scale royalties.

Through its dividend policy and business strategy, Royal Gold strives 
to provide shareholders with a premium precious metals investment 
vehicle. The Company's royalty portfolio is designed to provide an 
excellent royalty-based risk profile, quality operating partners and 
assets, low corporate expenses, leverage to precious metal prices, and
reserves and production growth potential to provide an attractive 
return on investment.

Company:                      SpatiaLight, Inc.
Date of Presentation:         February 28, 2005
Time of Presentation:         12:30
Investor Relations Contact:   Ted Banzhaf
Phone:                        415-883-1693 x132
E-mail:                       ir@spatialight.com
Web Site:                     www.spatialight.com
Link To Webcast:              http://www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90674

SpatiaLight, Inc. (Nasdaq:HDTV), is a leading developer and 
manufacturer of state-of-the-art high resolution liquid crystal on
silicon (LCoS) microdisplay devices for use in High Definition
televisions and rear projection monitors. The Company's proprietary
SpatiaLight imagEngine(TM) microdisplays are intended to become the
industry standard for the next generation of rear projection display
devices, both in terms of price and performance. In July 2004,
SpatiaLight entered into an agreement with LG Electronics for the sale
of sets of 1920 x 1080p LCoS micrpdisplays for incorporation into high
definition televisions. SpatiaLight currently has customers in South
Korea, China and Taiwan, and is working with prospective customers in
Japan and other parts of the Pacific Rim region. SpatiaLight recently
announced that it is holding a ribbon cutting ceremony in March 2005
for the opening of its new mass production manufacturing facility
located in South Korea.

Company:                      Stratasys Inc.
Date of Presentation:         Tues., March 1, 2005
Time of Presentation:         9:40 a.m. ET
Investor Relations Contact:   Shane Glenn
Phone:                        952-294-3416
E-mail:                       sglenn@stratasys.com
Web Site:                     www.Stratasys.com
Link To Webcast:              http://www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90689

Stratasys Inc., Minneapolis, manufactures office-based rapid 
prototyping systems and 3D printers. According to Wohlers Report 2004,
the company supplied 37 percent of all systems installed worldwide in
2003, making it the unit market leader. Stratasys patented the rapid
prototyping process known as fused deposition modeling (FDM). The
process creates functional models directly from 3D CAD files using ABS
plastic, polycarbonate, and PPSF. The company holds 110 granted or
pending rapid prototyping patents. Stratasys products are used in the
aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, education, electronic, and
consumer product industries. The company's systems are also used for
rapid manufacturing and rapid tooling applications. For more
information on the company, go to www.Stratasys.com.

Company:                      Synthetic Blood International
Date of Presentation:         February 28
Time of Presentation:         9:00 a.m. EST
Investor Relations Contact:   Jody Cain or Brandi Floberg
Phone:                        310-691-7100
E-mail:                       jcain@lhai.com or bfloberg@lhai.com
Web Site:                     www.sybd.com
Link To Webcast:              http://www.vcall.com/CEPage.asp?ID=90656

Synthetic Blood develops innovative pharmaceuticals and medical 
devices with oxygen therapeutic and continuous substrate monitoring
technologies. The Company's products are based on perfluorocarbon
(PFC) and biosensor technologies. Synthetic Blood's lead product
candidate, Oyxcyte(TM), is being developed as a safe and effective
alternative to transfused blood for use in surgical and other medical
situations. Oxycyte is an oxygen-carrying intravenous emulsion that
can carry 3-4X more oxygen than hemoglobin, making it an effective
means of transporting oxygen to tissues and carbon dioxide to the
lungs. Applications include stroke, myocardial infarction and certain
malignant diseases. Oxycyte can be produced in quantity and
administered cost effectively, while avoiding risks associated with
animal blood-based products.

In January 2005, Synthetic Blood opened patient enrollment in a 
Phase II Oxycyte study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Oxycyte
in preventing tissue hypoxia in orthopedic surgical patients. The
Company plans to complete this trial and initiate two additional Phase
II Oxycyte trials this year. Other products in the Company's pipeline
include Fluorovent(TM), a liquid ventilator providing oxygen exchange
fluid for facilitating the treatment of lung conditions, and a
biosensor implant product that uses an enzyme process for measuring
the glucose level in the blood stream.

Company:                      Tripos, Inc.
Date of Presentation:         Monday, Feb. 28, 2005
Time of Presentation:         10:20 a.m. EST
Investor Relations Contact:   Lisa Osborne
Phone:                        425-638-7134
E-mail:                       lisao@wagged.com
Web Site:                     www.tripos.com
Link To Webcast:              http://www.vcall.com/cepage.asp?id=90649

Tripos (Nasdaq:TRPS) combines leading-edge technology and innovative 
science to deliver consistently superior chemistry-research products 
and services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other life 
science industries. Tripos collaborates with clients to accelerate and
improve the creation of life-enhancing products. Within Tripos' 
Discovery Informatics (DI) business, the company provides software 
products and consulting services to develop, manage, analyze and share
critical drug discovery information. Within Tripos' Discovery Research
(DR) business, Tripos' medicinal chemists and research scientists 
partner directly with clients in their research initiatives, 
leveraging state-of-the-art information technologies and research 
facilities. Headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., Tripos spans the world 
with global research operations and an international client base. 
Further information on Tripos can be found at http://www.tripos.com.

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