ABB Begins Marketing New TrueView(TM) Vision Guided

 Robotics Systems 
with Fully Integrated Braintech Software Solutions 
NORTH VANCOUVER, May 10 /CNW/ - Braintech, Inc. (OTCBB:BRHI), a pioneer
in 3D-Vision Guided Robotics ("VGR"), announced that ABB (NYSE:ABB) has
launched a North American marketing campaign for new ABB TrueView(TM) Vision
Guided Robotic (VGR) systems that fully integrate Braintech's proprietary
SC3D(TM) single-camera 3-dimensional vision guidance technology, and
Braintech's eVisionFactory(TM) (eVF(TM)) software platform. 
"ABB has effectively extended to Braintech's products its brand and
credibility as the global leader in robotic innovation, sales and service,"
said Owen Jones, Braintech Chief Executive Officer. "With the ABB TrueView
marketing program, the sales force supporting Braintech's products grows from
our Company's single salesperson to a total of 65 ABB sales professionals,
plus ABB's channel partners. Far more prospective buyers will be exposed to
Braintech's products, which will be presented as ABB-marketed, ABB-certified
and ABB-supported. This is an extraordinary moment for our Company, arrived at
after lengthy product development and years of joint field experience with ABB
technical and sales personnel." 
Thomas M. Stroin, Vice President of ABB's North American Robot Automation
Business Unit, said, "We are proud to offer our customers this newest      
state-of-the-art flexible manufacturing solution. ABB and Braintech have
developed a lean, multi-purpose, highly intelligent system that perfectly
meshes with our customer's profit objectives. TrueView combines the power of a
professionally architected eVF software platform, best of class guidance
technologies and ABB's advanced robotic equipment in an integrated package
that delivers reliability, flexibility and scalability." 
TrueView fully engineered, proven systems will help customers achieve new
levels of manufacturing efficiency and profitability. Boasting a 'Plug &
Play', highly optimized communication and error handling interface between
vision and robot systems, TrueView systems efficiently "see and react" in a
changing factory environment, locating, inspecting, handling, transferring and
assembling, all in a fully automated, flexible and accurate manner. TrueView
delivers a wide range of benefits: 

      -  Increases flexibility by handling variations (part position, type,
         style, quality) intelligently and in real time, allowing processing
         of multiple part types and styles in the same line,
      -  Improves quality by preventing damage and contamination caused by
         manual handling; detecting defects through inline automated visual
         inspection of every part; and significantly reducing process
         variability; and
      -  Reduces capital, operational and ergonomic costs by eliminating
         precision fixtures, dunnages and other custom positioning devices;
         increasing equipment utilization (a single robot is used to process
         multiple part styles without added investment); and reallocating
         labor to more productive tasks thereby eliminating ergonomic issues;

TrueView is the superior VGR solution because it is built on Braintech's
eVF software platform, which was specially designed for VGR. Additionally: 

      -  eVF provides unprecedented flexibility and configurability,
      -  eVF's common intuitive user interface and operation makes technical
         training transferable from one solution to the next,
      -  eVF ensures commonality across installations and across guidance
         technology types (2D, 2.5D, 3D, single and multi camera),
      -  eVF features true Single Camera 3D capability,
      -  eVF's Autocal3D(TM) feature automatically performs camera-robot
         calibration in under 5 minutes (traditional manual vision
         calibration can take 5 hours and requires expert technicians),
      -  eVF's AutoTrain(TM) feature eliminates the need for part CAD models
         or manual measurement,
      -  TrueView is COTS (complete-off-the-shelf) compliant, reducing
         initial cost and complexity while increasing reliability and
         maintainability; and
      -  eVF's integrated real-time remote support significantly increases
         system uptime.

"ABB's presentation of VGR as an integrated product is the critical step
that moves Braintech's products from the realm of early market innovators to
the much larger mainstream market," said James M. Dara, Braintech Vice
President of Sales/General Manager of North American Operations. "The
automotive industry is emphasizing production flexibility as never before. To
trim costs and speed delivery, each production line is being re-engineered to
handle a variety of models and components with a minimum of changeover
downtime. The industry is committed to extensive robotic automation, but the
old way - using 'blind' robots that perform an identical function over and
over - has proven too costly and too inflexible. Braintech has responded to
this critical need by building two key enabling technologies: its highly
reliable common software platform eVisionFactory that acts as the backbone of
all systems and its proprietary 3D-Vision Guided Robotic technology, Single
Camera 3D(TM). These products, now incorporated into ABB's TrueView system,
enable systems that behave eerily human-like, observing and reacting to
changes in part styles and positions on the factory floor. Repeat orders from
Fortune 1000 customers like Ford and GM confirm our product's efficiency, ease
of use and reliability." 

    About ABB

ABB's Robotic, Automotive and Manufacturing group is a leading supplier
of robots, robotic systems and automation systems to the automotive,
manufacturing and consumer industries. With more than 120,000 robots installed
worldwide and more than 5,000 employees, ABB is a global leader in flexible
factory automation. 
ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility
and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental
impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in 100 countries and employs about
115,000 people worldwide. With an installed base of more than 120,000 robots,
the Automation Technologies division employs about 56,000 and posted 2002
revenues of US $9.9 Billion. 

    About Braintech, Inc. (

Braintech's VGR technologies are revolutionizing manufacturing by giving
industrial robots the "eyes" to handle and assemble parts with a high degree
of consistent quality and productivity. Braintech's scientific capabilities,
engineering expertise and commitment to support are embedded in the Company's
VGR software product called "eVF(TM)" and is used to develop, operate and
support VGR solutions. To date, Braintech's VGR solutions have been installed
at Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Delphi, TI Automotive Group and Toyota. 
SC3D, eVF and eVisionFactory are registered trademarks of Braintech
Canada, Inc. 
ABB and TrueView are trademarks of ABB, Inc. 
Statements in this document (as well as information included in oral
statements or other written statements made or to be made by Braintech, Inc.)
that are not purely historical are forward-looking statements, including any
statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the
future. Forward-looking statements in this news release include statements
regarding the Company's belief that it has pioneered 3D-Vision Guided Robotics
for manufacturers, that the sales force will grow to 65 sales professionals,
that more prospective buyers will be exposed to Braintech's products, that the
ABB/Braintech system meshes with customer's profit objectives, that TrueView
systems will help customers achieve new levels of manufacturing efficiency and
profitability, that TrueView delivers a wide range of benefits including
increasing flexibility, improving quality and reducing capital, operational,
and maintenance costs, that TrueView is a superior VGR solution, that eVF
provides unprecedented flexibility and configurability, that eVF integrated
real-time remote support significantly increases system uptime, and that our
technologies are revolutionizing manufacturing. It is important to note that
actual outcomes and the Company's actual results could differ materially from
those in such forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual
results to differ materially include risks and uncertainties such as technical
difficulties in developing the products; competition from other suppliers of
similar products; pricing that may not be acceptable to potential markets;
problems with the transport of the products produced; failure for a market to
develop for the products; the inability of the Company to finance its
obligations under agreements; the failure of the Automotive sector to grow at
the rate thought likely; and many other known and unknown factors that affect
the technology and automotive industry in general. Readers should also refer
to the risk disclosures outlined in the Company's annual report on Form 10-KSB
for the 2003 fiscal year and the Company's quarterly reports on Form 10-QSB
filed from time to time with the SEC. 
-0-                           05/10/2004 
/For further information: please contact Braintech, Inc., Jim Dara, VP 
Sales, GM North American Operations, (248) 219-9400/jimdara(at), 
or Elite Financial Communications Group, Stephanie Noiseux, EVP of Client 
Relations, (407) 585-1080/brhi(at) 
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ST:  British Columbia
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-0- May/10/2004 12:35 GMT
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