Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Sun Microsystems

                         Launch Java
                               Verified Program
    Mobile Java Applications Can Now Be Certified Once and Deployed Everywhere

  CANNES, France, 3GSM World Congress, Feb. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
Key Wireless Industry leaders Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Sun
Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) today announced the launch of the "Java Verified"
program to provide a unified process for the testing and certification of
Java(TM) applications for mobile handsets. Applications can now be tested and
certified only once for deployment over a wide range of delivery channels. The
program will help the wireless industry satisfy growing demand for mobile data
services by reducing development cost and speeding time-to-market. 
With the rapid, widespread adoption of Java technology-based handsets
around the world, operators, developers and handset manufacturers have all
recognized a need to develop and define a unified testing criteria to drive
market growth for Java(TM) data services. The Java Verified program evolved in
just seven months following the announcement in June 2003 when these industry
leaders made a commitment to cooperate on a unified testing initiative. 
"The rapid progress made by the group clearly demonstrates how committed
the industry is to meeting the challenges of today's fast-changing
marketplace," said Alan Brenner, vice president, consumer and mobile systems
group of Sun Microsystems.  As the creator and innovator of Java technology,
Sun has been chosen to manage and operate the newly launched program. 
Through the Java Verified program, wireless operators can now access a
large pool of wireless Java(TM) applications that will help them increase
customer value and brand equity by quickly launching attractive, high-quality
Java applications such as games, movie guides and video news clips. 
The Java Verified program will also allow wireless Java (TM) developers
and content providers to monetize their applications more quickly and
cost-effectively since meeting a single unified testing criteria will reduce
the need for retesting by multiple distribution channels, each with its own
proprietary testing criteria. In addition, they can leverage the Java(TM)
Powered logo to expand the marketing mix of their products and provide
customers with a unique quality assurance along with faster and more
cost-effective access to innovative new services. 
"As one of the leading Java(TM) content developers in Europe, we are very
pleased to be able to leverage this program to 'write once, test once, run
everywhere,'" said Jan Andresen, Managing Director of elkware. "We will save a
tremendous amount of time by avoiding testing our applications multiple times
and consumers will benefit from faster access to more innovative applications
for their handsets." 
To join the program, wireless developers simply register at, where applications submitted for testing will be
administered by selected test houses worldwide.  Applications are tested for
application launch, user interface, functionality, security, network and
localization capabilities. 
  Panel to Discuss 'Making More Money with Java(TM)' at 3GSM World Congress 
To learn more about Java Verified and related topics, you are invited to
join a media/analyst panel discussion on "Making More Money with Java,"
moderated by John Jackson of the Yankee Group.  Panel speakers include: 

    -- Jan Andresen, General Manager and Founder, elkware GmbH
    -- Mala Chandra, Vice President and Director, Client Architecture and
       Applications, Motorola PCS
    -- Greg Santoro, Vice President, Internet and Wireless Services, Nextel
       Communications, Inc.
    -- Lee Epting, Vice President, Forum Nokia Developer Program, Nokia
    -- Rick Dingle, Senior Vice President Product Development and Chief
       Technology Officer Mobile Phones, Siemens Mobile
    -- Ulf Wretling, Director, Content Alliances and Developer Program, Sony
    -- Alan Brenner, Vice President, Consumer & Mobile Systems Group, Sun
       Event Details
     Date:   Tuesday, February 24, 2004
     Time:   17:00 -- 18:00pm Panel discussion
             18:00 -- 19:00pm Cocktails
     Venue:  Salon La Cote
             Carlton Inter-continental Hotel
             58 La Croisette, F-06400
             Cannes, France
      Quote Addendum

"Increased innovation in mobile services is a plus for everyone in the
mobile industry," said Mala Chandra, vice president and director, client
architecture and applications, Motorola's mobile communications business. "We
believe industry cooperation on unified testing and certification for Java
services makes great sense." 
"For Java application developers, the Java Verified program should be the
last step before taking their application to the market. For the operators and
application resellers, the Java Verified program should be the first
requirement when evaluating a Java application," said Lee Epting, vice
president, Forum Nokia.  "Nokia will recommend the Java Verified program
throughout Forum Nokia, our 1.3 million member developer community, to assure
the best possible visibility to developers." 
"Collaboration among key industry leaders is critical to creating future
growth and innovation of new mobile data services," said Rick Dingle, Senior
Vice-President Product Development and Chief Technology Officer Mobile Phones,
Siemens Information and Communication mobile (Siemens mobile). "We must
develop a unified testing criteria in order to expedite an increased range of
service offerings to support the global marketplace." 
  Sony Ericsson 
"Wireless Java (TM) is now rapidly taking-off, and with the increased
possibilities with MIDP 2.0, we believe that the Java Verified Program is a
fundamental enabler for future success. The large number of applications being
downloaded to and used on Sony Ericsson handsets shows us that there is demand
on the market for entertaining and useful applications and this initiative
will lead to widespread adoption of more advanced Java games and professional
applications among our consumers," says Rikko Sakaguchi, SVP and Head of
Product & Application Planning at Sony Ericsson. 
  Sun Microsystems 
"Taking the cost and complexity out of Java application development is
important to speed innovation in mobile services," said Alan Brenner, Vice
President, Consumer and Mobile Systems Group of Sun Microsystems.  "We are
pleased to be working with leaders in the wireless industry to simplify the
content lifecycle to enable a new wave of mobile Java (TM) services." 
  About Motorola 
Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) is a global leader in wireless, broadband and
automotive communications technologies that help make life smarter, safer,
simpler, synchronized and fun.  Sales in 2003 were U.S.
$27.1 billion.  Motorola creates innovative technological solutions that
benefit people at home, at work and on the move.  The company also is a
progressive corporate citizen dedicated to operating ethically, protecting the
environment and supporting the communities in which it does business.  For
more information: 
  About Nokia 
Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and
sustainability of the broader mobility industry. Nokia is dedicated to
enhancing people's lives and productivity by providing easy-to-use and secure
products like mobile phones, and solutions for imaging, games, media, mobile
network operators and businesses. Nokia is a broadly held company with
listings on five major exchanges. For further information, please visit 
  About Siemens 
The Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (Siemens mobile) is
one of the world's leading full-line suppliers in the field of mobile
communication, offering mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless modules and
mobile infrastructure, as well as all radio and switching modules, consulting
services and systems integration. The mobile communication arm of Siemens AG
markets products and services in more than 120 countries, generating sales of
euro 10 billion with a workforce of some 26,900 people in fiscal 2003
(September 30). Siemens mobile is the world market leader in prepaid solutions
and digital cordless phones. More: 
  About Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB 
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB offers mobile communications
products for people who appreciate the possibilities of powerful technology.
Established in 2001 by Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson and Sony Corporation,
the joint venture continues to build on the success of its two innovative
parent companies. Sony Ericsson creates value for its operator customers by
bringing new ways of using multimedia communications while mobile. The
company's management is based in London, and has 4,000 employees across the
globe working on research, development, design, sales, marketing, distribution
and support. For further information, please visit: 
  About Sun Microsystems, Inc. 
Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision -- "The Network Is The
Computer(TM)" -- has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. to its position as a
leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that
make the Net work. Sun can be found in more than 100 countries and on the
World Wide Web at . 
  About elkware
elkware Inc., located in New York City, has its parent company in
Hamburg/Wedel, Germany. elkware was founded in 1994 and is today one of the
world's leading mobile game developers and publishers. elkware has superior
experience in the cell phone sector, working with all major device
manufacturers and network operators. Among its many games, elkware has
developed mobile versions of the best selling "1503 A.D. -- The New World" and
"The Muppet Show." elkware currently offers the largest portfolio of J2ME
games for all popular mobile devices worldwide. elkware's library of games is
available through T-Mobile and For more information, visit 

     Sharen Santoski
     Telephone:  +1-617-252-9662
     Charles Chopp
     Nokia Corporate Communication -- Global Developer Program
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       Siemens Mobile
     Susanne Jaspert
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       Sony Ericsson Corporate Communications
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       Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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     Mobile:  +33-(0)-6-74-15-45-04 (For 3GSM only)
     Email: or
     Dieter Marchsreiter
     Telephone:  089-4545-7813


SOURCE  Sun Microsystems, Inc. /CONTACT:  Sharen Santoski of Motorola, +1-617-252-9662, or; or Charles Chopp, Nokia Corporate Communication
-- Global Developer Program, +1-972-894-4573, or;
or Susanne Jaspert of Siemens Mobile, +49-89-722-580-36, or; or Sony Ericsson Corporate Communications,
+44-(0)-208-762-5858, or; or Rebecca Lui of Sun
Microsystems, Inc., +1-408-276-5292, or mobile, +33-(0)-6-74-15-45-04, for
3GSM only, or or; or Dieter
Marchsreiter of elkware, 089-4545-7813, or 

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