eXI Wireless Tags Secure High Tech Products

    at Hong Kong Integer Exhibition 
      Wireless tags provide new level of security at world-class exhibition 

  RICHMOND, BC, Dec. 10 /CNW/ - Assetrac(TM), a wireless asset management 
and tracking system from eXI Wireless Systems Inc., a subsidiary of eXI 
Wireless Inc. (CDNX: EXI), is currently being used to secure valuable 
equipment at the newly opened world-class exhibition, the Integer Hong Kong 
The Integer Hong Kong Pavilion, which runs from November of this year to 
late 2002, is a world class exhibition demonstrating how intelligent and green 
technologies can deliver better value and performance in housing. Its main 
themes are innovations in construction, technology and environmental 
eXI Wireless Systems' Assetrac wireless asset tracking system is being 
used to provide management and security for a wide range of valuable and 
mobile assets, such as MP3 players that provide an audio guide to the 
exhibition, and laptop computers and LCD panels that are part of the apartment 
exhibits. "Each of these assets has a tiny tag attached to them," explains 
Karim Khoja, CEO of eXI Wireless. "Should the asset move within the detection 
zone of an exit armed with the Assetrac system, security is alerted and the 
exit is automatically secured."  
eXI Wireless Systems and Nixon Technology Inc., eXI's distribution 
partner in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau, provided the 300 tags and 
Assetrac infrastructure for the Integer Pavilion. "This will provide excellent 
showcase for eXI and Assetrac in Asia," says Lawrence Wong, Managing Director 
for Nixon Technology. "For one year, the Pavilion will offer an opportunity 
for us to demonstrate Assetrac's capabilities, and we have already had 
numerous inquiries which we are pursuing. I see a great demand for eXI's 
Assetrac and Infant Protection systems in Hong Kong. The Integer Pavilion is 
truly a unique opportunity for this system and an outstanding opportunity for 
both our companies."  
"The Integer Pavilion Project is but one more example of our products 
being used for new and innovative applications," says Khoja, "and this exhibit 
is of particular importance because it is on an international stage."  
Assetrac is designed for use in any facility where there are highly 
mobile, high-value items. Assetrac is ideal for corporations, universities, 
research facilities, trade and convention centers, and manufacturing 
facilities. eXI Wireless has related systems installed in hospitals and other 
health care facilities to identify, protect, locate and track both people and 
The Integer Hong Kong Pavilion was founded by the Hong Kong Special 
Administrative Region Government, Trade Partners UK, CLP Power Hong Kong 
Limited, Gammon Construction Limited, The Hong Kong Housing Authority, The 
Hong Kong Housing Society, INTEGER Intelligent & Green Limited, and Swire 
Properties Limited. Its patron is the Hong Kong Jockey Club. For more 
information on the Pavilion, please visit www.integer.com.hk  
  About eXI Wireless Inc.  
eXI Wireless Inc. is a Canadian public company listed on the Canadian 
Venture Exchange (CDNX). eXI develops wireless technology and connectivity 
solutions targeted at a rapidly growing worldwide markets utilizing its eLink 
wireless protocol and the emerging Bluetooth wireless protocol. Primary 
applications include health care management and real-time asset location and 
management. Complementing its systems business, eXI provides professional 
services, business transition and custom software development services. For 
more information, visit eXI Wireless Inc. on the Web at www.exi.com.  
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