For an Unprecedented Eighth Consecutive Year, IMS is Ranked

  Highest Among IC Test System Suppliers in the VLSI Research  Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey   Business Editors   BEAVERTON, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 10, 2001--    IMS customer service and support is considered the finest in the   IC test industry as independently measured by customers   Integrated Measurement Systems(TM), Inc. (IMS) (Nasdaq:IMSC) a  recognized leader in engineering validation and virtual test solutions  for complex integrated circuits (ICs) announced today it has received  the highest ranking among IC test system suppliers in the Test and  Material Handling Category of the VLSI Research Annual Customer  Satisfaction Survey.   VLSI Research 10 BEST awards are presented annually to a select  group of suppliers in the semiconductor industry who achieve overall  excellence in service rankings by their customers.   "VLSI extends it congratulations to IMS and its people for  attaining the highest position among IC test system suppliers in the  10 BEST test & material handling category. This is the eighth time  they have climbed such a high summit," commented Dan Hutcheson,  president, VLSI Research Inc. He added further, "It is a singular  honor, bestowed upon your company by its customers, acknowledging the  tremendous dedication and commitment you put into supporting all of  your customers' service needs. VLSI commends you for your  achievement."   IMS believes that customer service and satisfaction is key to  providing its customers with a total buying experience before, during  and after the purchase of its products. At IMS, helping customers be  successful with their products so that they can be successful in their  respective markets is central to the company's corporate mission and  reflected in its annual outstanding ranking in the 10 BEST Customer  Satisfaction Survey.   According to Don Grant, IMS President and Chief Operating Officer,  "We pride ourselves on our continuing leadership role in customer  satisfaction as independently measured by the annual VLSI Survey. We  are elated by the high level of recognition--as evidenced by our  eighth consecutive first place ranking among IC test suppliers--and  the confidence our customers place in us year after year. The VLSI 10  BEST Award validates our total commitment to product quality while  underscoring the high value customers place on IMS' service support."   Results of the VLSI Survey Illustrate IMS' Commitment to Product  Quality, Technology and Service. The VLSI Research Customer  Satisfaction Survey is not just simply about customer service but  about the level of technical support and product quality provided.  This is reflected in IMS' results in the 13 categories surveyed. In  the IC test only category of Suppliers of Test and Material Handling  Equipment, IMS received the highest overall rankings for Uptime(8.1),  Build Quality(8.1), Quality of Results (8.4), Process Support (8) ,  Field Engineering (8.8), Spares Support (8.3), Support After Sales  (8.7) and Overall Commitment(8.6), IMS shared the highest rankings in  Software with Teradyne and Product Performance with Agilent  Technologies. Significantly, IMS received its highest ranking in the  survey in Field Engineering Support, which underscores the high level  of training and experience its Application Engineers bring to  customers using IMS brand products.     Test and Material Handling                                                                                                   Cost                       Overall   of     Up-  Soft- Build  Usable Quality                        Rating  Owner- time  ware  Qual  Through-   of                                  ship              -ity    put    Results  Karl Suss               8.01   6.8   8.5   7.3   8.7     8.2      8.7   IMS(a)                  7.94   6.3   8.1   7.2   8.1     7.1      8.4   Tokyo Seimitsu          7.66   7.6   8.5   7.2   8.1     8.4      8.1   Agilent Technologies(a) 7.35   6.9   7.8   6.7   7.9     7.5      7.7   Teradyne(a)             7.34   6.7   7.5   7.2   7.3     7.5      7.8   Yokogawa Electric Corp. 7.31   7.5   7.7   6.8   7.2     7.9      7.6   SZ Testsysteme(a)       7.27   6.6   8.0   6.0   7.7     7.7      7.8   Tokyo Electron Ltd.     7.25   7.2   7.9   6.8   7.5     8.0      7.7   Multitest Elektronische 7.01   7.1   7.0   6.8   7.1     6.8      7.2   Advantest(a)            6.97   6.2   7.7   6.6   7.6     7.6      7.6                                                                   Tech-   Over-                     Product Process Field  Spares Support nical   all                       Perfor- Support Engin-  Sup-   after  Leader- Commit                      mance          eering  port   Sales  ship    ment   Karl Suss              8.4   7.7    7.9    7.3     7.6   8.3     8.2    IMS(a)                 7.9   8.0    8.8    8.3     8.7   7.6     8.6    Tokyo Seimitsu         8.0   6.9    7.3    7.3     7.2   7.6     7.3    Agilent Technologies(a)7.9   7.2    7.3    6.8     6.9   7.7     7.3    Teradyne(a)            7.7   7.1    7.3    7.1     7.1   7.7     7.5    Yokogawa Electric Corp.7.4   7.1    7.1    7.4     7.2   7.0     7.1    SZ Testsysteme(a)      7.4   6.9    7.2    7.8     7.4   7.0     6.9    Tokyo Electron Ltd.    7.7   6.9    7.1    6.9     6.5   7.2     6.9    Multitest Elektronische7.1   6.3    7.0    6.9     7.5   7.3     7.3    Advantest(a)           7.2   6.4    6.7    6.6     6.5   7.1     6.8        (a) Indicates IC test system suppliers in the survey.   The VLSI Research Annual Customer Satisfaction survey is sent out  to 49,000 customers, in six languages, and is an independent study of  customers' assessments of the quality of services provided to them  during the survey year (2000).   About Integrated Measurement Systems, Inc.   Integrated Measurement Systems designs and markets a diverse  product line of engineering validation systems for device debug,  characterization, failure analysis and yield enhancement of complex,  high performance memory, logic and mixed-signal integrated circuits  (ICs) and Systems-on-chip (SoCs) IMS' Virtual Test(TM) Division is the  preferred supplier of innovative software products that enhance  design-to-production test productivity during pre-silicon IC  development.   For additional IMS company information, see the IMS websites at and   The IMS logo and Virtual Test are trademarks of Integrated  Measurement Systems, Inc.   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