DSL Industry Leaders Cooperate to Promote Standardization of

 Channelized Voice over DSL  
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ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 4, 2001--SUPERCOMM 2001--  
New Voice over DSL Technology Cost-Effectively Integrates Derived  
Voice Functionality into DSL Equipment for Residential and Small  
Office Services  
Several leaders of the DSL industry announced today that they are 
cooperating to establish standards for Channelized Voice over DSL 
(CVoDSL) in order to make standard-compliant, interoperable solutions 
available to the marketplace more quickly. Supporters of CVoDSL, 
including ADC, Advanced Fibre Communications (AFC), Analog Devices, 
Aware, Broadxent, Centillium, Infineon, Mindspeed, Occam Networks, 
Paradyne, Siemens Carrier Networks LLC, and Texas Instruments, are 
working together within organizations such as the DSL Forum and ITU 
(International Telecommunications Union) to complement DSL standards 
with CVoDSL specifications.  
CVoDSL technology incorporates derived voice functionality into 
DSL chipsets, offering equipment manufacturers the ability to 
cost-effectively integrate Voice over DSL (VoDSL) features into their 
products. These products provide carriers an economically attractive 
means to use DSL to offer bundled multi-line voice and high-speed data 
services to their residential and small office customers. 
CVoDSL-equipped chipsets are able to reserve a dedicated channel of 
DSL bandwidth for up to eight simultaneous voice calls over a single 
phone line. This feature enables DLCs (digital loop carriers) and 
next-generation DSLAMs (DSL access multiplexers) with derived voice 
functionality. Some of the processing required by other techniques is 
also eliminated, making integration of CVoDSL into customer premise 
modems relatively inexpensive.  
"Through cooperation between DSL industry peers in the 
standardization process, we intend to ensure that a 
standard-compliant, future-proof solution can be made available more 
quickly from a variety of suppliers," commented David Benini, DSL 
marketing manager at Aware. "Multi-vendor interoperability and 
compliance with standards will underscore CVoDSL's value in the 
"The ITU and ETSI have recognized the importance of CVoDSL," said 
Ron Cates, vice president and general manager for Mindspeed's 
broadband access business. "In the case of symmetric DSL transmission, 
they anticipated the need for Channelized voice support and approved 
an appropriate frame format in their G.shdsl standard."  
"Service providers are in need of a VoDSL solution that supports 
their business cases," commented Mehran Musai, vice president of 
marketing for AFC. "Channelized VoDSL technology offers this by making 
extensive use of existing next-generation DLC infrastructure and 
management systems. Standards-based CVoDSL is an optimal solution for 
emerging applications."  
"A valuable feature of the Channelized method is that it 
transports derived voice traffic uniformly over the phone line in the 
same format as traditional telephony," said Dori Braun, vice president 
of marketing for Centillium's Access Business Unit. "Centillium is 
dedicated to providing carriers a means to smoothly introduce derived 
voice services, as well as an evolution path to next-generation 
"Channelized VoDSL provides toll-quality voice while reducing CPE 
[customer premise equipment] cost and simplifying access network 
architecture as compared to other VoDSL techniques," said Jacques 
Ruch, broadband product line director for Analog Devices, Inc. "ADI is 
pleased to support this new option with chipsets and reference 
"Broadxent, a subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd., is 
demonstrating an ADSL IAD [integrated access device] with Channelized 
voice capability, and is fully committed to support the CVoDSL 
initiative to achieve an interoperable standard," said Patrick Ang, 
president and CEO of Broadxent, Inc.  
More About CVoDSL  
CVoDSL enables DSL equipment with the capability to deliver voice 
over DSL services to residential consumers and small businesses. 
CVoDSL transports voice traffic over the copper loop within the DSL 
data stream by dedicating DSL bandwidth for each voice channel. 
Because CVoDSL avoids the use of ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) or 
IP (Internet protocol) to carry voice, the complexity associated with 
these protocols is eliminated, while reliable toll-quality voice is 
ensured. It also delivers voice traffic to the access network as a 
DS0, just like a regular telephone call. As a result, CVoDSL 
technology is less expensive and easier to integrate into existing 
switched networks and management systems, yet versatile enough to 
simplify evolution to next-generation packet-based networks without 
replacement of the customer equipment. These features make CVoDSL 
highly suitable for residential and small office VoDSL services. For 
symmetric implementations, the G.shdsl frame format allows for 
arbitrary payload allocation between any number of DS0 time slots and 
ATM or IP data. It was specifically designed to accommodate business 
class services with multi-line voice support that still require a 
significant amount of upstream data transport. A white paper with more 
information about CVoDSL is available at Aware's website: 
Demonstrations and/or additional information are available in the 
booths of the following companies at the SUPERCOMM 2001 conference and 
exhibition being held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, 
June 5-7, 2001.  

ADC                              Advanced Fibre Communications, Inc.  
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Analog Devices Inc.              Aware, Inc.  
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Colleen Cronin                   David Benini  
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Broadxent, Inc.                  Centillium Communications Inc. 
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A subsidiary of Creative         Nasdaq:CTLM 
Technology Ltd.                  Booth #405       
Nasdaq:CREAF                     Laurie Falconer  
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Infineon Technologies AG         Mindspeed Technologies                  
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Mark Pearce                      Booth #7870                           
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Daphne Page                      Booth #3141    
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Siemens Carrier Networks, LLC    Texas Instruments Incorporated 
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Lisa Robinson                    Marisa Speziale 
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