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  VerticalNet Inc., DynaGen, Inc., Star Scientific,   and Celerity Systems, Inc.    Business Editors   NOTE TO EDITORS: The following is an investment opinion issued   by   WESTON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 30,  releases the following investment opinions on iToo  (OTCBB:ITOO), VerticalNet Inc. (Nasdaq:VERT), DynaGen, Inc.  (OTCBB:DYGN), Star Scientific Inc. (Nasdaq:STSI) and Celerity Systems,  Inc. (OTCBB:CLRT).   iToo (OTCBB:ITOO)  Previous Close Up 25% to .20 on volume 164,900  Shares ACCUMULATE   iToo (OTCBB:ITOO) just announced an update to the Nevada  Legislation. Nevada Internet Gaming Bill AB296 Is Incorporated Into  Companion Bill AB578 And Off To The Senate. ITOO has the inside track  as Assemblywoman Merle Berman, R-Las Vegas, said she introduced the  bill because she wants Nevada to be the first state to offer legal  Internet gaming, just as it was the first state to legalize gaming,  which occurred in 1931.   ITOO is new to, and CRG is expecting good things  from the company. CRG expects to see the stock trading over the $1.00  mark in the short term.   The Nevada internet gaming bill just cleared the first big hurdle  for Legalization will open a major US jurisdiction to's HGN method of wagering. The Bill will be subject to a  floor vote this week and will then pass over to the Senate side of the  Legislature.   Richard Fitzpatrick, director of the Internet Business Alliance of  Nevada (IBAN), said: "That the first online casino gaming in Nevada  would probably consist of live broadcasts of table games using video  streaming, whereby digital TV images are beamed directly to home or  office computers."   VerticalNet, Inc. (Nasdaq:VERT)  Previous Close: Down 6% to $1.88 on vol. 1,534,500  Shares:  ACCUMULATE   VerticalNet Inc. (Nasdaq:VERT) announced an agreement with  Microsoft Corp. that will direct significant resources towards the  development, marketing and support of an enhanced set of VerticalNet's  hosted supplier enablement product offerings for medium and small  businesses. VerticalNet will combine its rich supplier network base  with the Microsoft platform, and Microsoft bCentral small business  hosted applications, to deliver on its plan to become the leader in  the creation of private marketplaces that connect large buyers to  networks of enabled suppliers.   This new agreement coincides with the strategic roadmap laid out  by VerticalNet for becoming a leader in the creation of private  marketplaces that connect large buyers to networks of enabled  suppliers. VerticalNet is leveraging its heritage and core technology  assets to capitalize on enterprises' needs for supplier enablement, a  market that has been largely ignored by buy-side and e-marketplace  vendors. Unlike other B2B e-commerce software providers who primarily  focus on buyers' needs, VerticalNet has proven expertise in providing  value to commerce-enabled suppliers.   VerticalNet also recently announced its financial results for the  quarter ended March 31, 2001, reporting year-over-year triple-digit  growth and restating its intent to reach positive cash earnings by the  fourth quarter of 2001. "We are pleased to have beaten projections for  the quarter despite the current economic environment and we have taken  actions to aggressively reduce expenses to ensure that we meet our  goal of attaining positive quarterly cash earnings this year. We  remain an agile business that has proven its ability to quickly and  successfully react to evolving market and customer needs. I look  forward to executing our vision to become the leading creator of  private marketplaces that connect large buyers to networks of enabled  suppliers," stated VerticalNet's President and CEO Mike Hagan.   DynaGen, Inc. (OTCBB:DYGN)  Previous Close: Up 25% to $0.29 on vol. 2,213,900  Shares: ATTRACTIVE   DynaGen Inc. (OTCBB:DYGN) announced its wholly-owned subsidiary,  Able Laboratories, has commenced shipment of Methylphenidate tablets -  the generic equivalent of Novartis' Ritalin(R). DynaGen immediately  began manufacturing the drug, which has an estimated $185 million  market, at Able Laboratories following its April 3, 2001 receipt from  the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of its Abbreviated New Drug  Application (ANDA).   "We have been receiving considerable interest in the marketplace  for our new product and have begun answering these demands by shipping  the product in a rapid manner," stated C. Robert Cusick, Chairman and  Chief Executive Officer of DynaGen, Inc. "Our ability to implement  shipping of this product so quickly after receiving approval shows how  our investments in our manufacturing facilities are paying off and  allowing us to quickly produce and ship new products."   DynaGen, Inc. is a rapidly growing developer and manufacturer of  generic pharmaceuticals. The focus of the Company is to develop  products that offer attractive market opportunities within selected  niche markets of the generic drug industry. In addition to the five  products it is currently selling, the Company has thirteen products at  various stages of FDA approval. The Company has recently completed its  transition from a manufacturing and distribution company into a sole  development and manufacturing entity. As part of the Company's  commitment to its new strategic focus, the Company will change its  name from DynaGen, Inc. to Able Laboratories, Inc. shortly.   Star Scientific, Inc. (Nasdaq:STSI)  Previous Close: Up 137% to $3.25 on vol. 1,176,000  Shares:  ACCUMULATE   Star Scientific Inc. (Nasdaq:STSI) announced the execution of a  series of multi-year contracts with Brown & Williamson Tobacco  Corporation ("B&W")1. Under the contracts, B&W will continue to  purchase at least 15 million pounds of very low-TSNA2 StarCured(TM)  tobacco leaf during each of the next three years through Star  Scientific's StarCured(TM) tobacco farmers' curing program, with the  right to continue to purchase additional StarCured(TM) tobacco after  the initial three-year period.   The flagship hard tobacco product that Star plans to introduce,  brand-named ARIVA(TM), has been developed to meet the needs of adult  smokers when they are in smoke-free environments. ARIVA(TM) also is  directed to conventional smokeless product users who want the option  of choosing a smokeless tobacco product that contains less  cancer-causing toxins (TSNAs) than conventional products, while  avoiding the need to expectorate. The compressed tobacco  "cigalett"(TM) pellets can provide this alternative in the workplace,  during travel and in other environments.   Management believes Star will be the first company in the U.S. to  manufacture a tobacco product in childproof packaging. ARIVA's(TM)  production will be coordinated through Star's Chase City, Virginia  tobacco processing facility. Finally, Mr. Williams noted that Star was  gratified that B&W has committed to continue significant purchases of  StarCured(TM) tobacco over the next three years, with the right to  purchase additional StarCured(TM) tobacco after that initial period.  Those tobacco supply commitments fortify Star's key relationships with  the participating StarCured(TM) tobacco farmers who have been crucial  to the company's ability to change dramatically the way tobacco is  processed in the United States.   Celerity Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:CLRT)  Previous Close: Up 19% to $0.22 on vol. 1,287,700  Shares:  ATTRACTIVE   Celerity Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:CLRT) announced that it has been  selected by the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) to provide a  Digital Education System (DES) for the Avon Lake High School facility.  The system will include one Celerity CTL 9500(TM) Digital Video Server  and approximately 100 Celerity T 6000(TM) Digital Set Top Boxes, as  well as other related hardware and software. The sale is valued at  approximately $175,000 and was once again made by Kidston  Communications, a national distributor for Celerity which is  especially strong in Ohio and the Midwest.   "Ohio, through the Ohio School Facilities Commission, continues to  play a leadership role in the adoption of modern digital technologies  for student education and staff training," said Kenneth Van Meter,  President and CEO of Celerity. "We are honored to be selected once  again to provide the hardware and software system for Avon Lake High  School. I don't know of any technology that is better poised to  significantly improve the quality and quantity of educational  materials and content than digital video, and we feel that our system  offers great value to schools like Avon Lake."   "The Commerce Department's preliminary reading on GDP was taken by  many analysts as the best indication to date that the economy will be  able to stave off dipping into a recession. Accordingly, expectations  of further aggressive rate cuts from the Federal Reserve are waning.  The Fed next meets on May 15 to mull over monetary policy, with many  prognosticators shifting rate cut predictions from a more aggressive  50-basis-point cut, to a more moderate 25-basis-point forecast,"  stated Peter Antipatis. More is available at   About, a wholly owned online asset of Capital Research  Group, Inc. (CRG) was developed solely for experienced, risk tolerant  investors. Subscribers to receive daily market  commentary reports for select companies trading on various markets.  Sophisticated investors are also able to receive for free, select,  rare research reports and investor kits on up and coming emerging  companies while they are still not widely known.   About Capital Research Group Inc.   Through, Capital Research Group (CRG) introduces  what in its opinion are undervalued companies to the investment  community. Capital Research Group strives to locate companies with  enormous growth potential. CRG is a full service public relations /  Investor relations firm. For more information about our products or  services, please contact CRG at 954-217-9555 or visit us at   All material herein was prepared by Capital Research Group, Inc.  (CRG) based upon information supplied by the company or other sources  believed to be reliable. The information contained herein is not  guaranteed by CRG to be accurate, and should not be considered to be  all-inclusive. The companies that are discussed in this opinion have  not approved the statements made in this opinion. This opinion  contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and  uncertainties. A company's actual results could differ materially from  those described in any forward-looking statements or announcements  discussed herein. This material is for informational purposes only and  should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy  or sell securities. CRG is not a licensed broker, broker dealer,  market marker, investment banker, investment advisor, analyst or  underwriter. Please consult a broker before purchasing or selling any  securities viewed on CRG has been compensated by  third party shareholders or with cash from the company on behalf of  one or more of the companies mentioned in this opinion. (450,000 ITOO)  CRG intends to sell its shares. CRG has sold approximately 100,000  ITOO shares to date. CRG may sell its shares for less than the target  price given in this opinion. CRG's affiliates, officers, directors and  employees may also have bought or may buy the shares discussed in this  opinion and may profit in the event those shares rise in value. CRG  will not advise as to when it decides to sell and does not and will  not offer any opinion as to when others should sell; each investor  must make that decision based on his or her judgment of the market.     
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