Robertson Stephens Daily Growth Stock Update on KLAC, AFCI,

                           ALTR,         BRCM, CMOS, DPMI, EXTR, HIFN, IMNX, ISSX, ITWO, LLTC, NEWP, PNK,             SANM, SEBL, TLAB, TER, TXCC, TVLY, TSTN, AMD, AZA, CLS,              CHIC, CTXS, LLY, EFX, KEYN, MRK, NETE, PFE, SEPR, SGP      SAN FRANCISCO, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is being issued by  Robertson Stephens, Inc.:           Rating Changes:        KLA-Tencor Corporation      (Nasdaq: KLAC) $47.08      Buy      F2001E EPS: $1.86, up from $1.83      F2002E EPS: $1.26, up from $1.12        Sue Billat, Semiconductor Equipment/Foundries      "KLA posted Q3:F01 operating EPS of $0.48, beating our $0.45 estimate and      the Street's expectations of $0.44," said Billat. "We are raising our      revenue projection for FQ4 to $445 million (from $415 million) but      maintaining EPS of $0.27 on lower gross margin assumptions. We are also      raising our F02 EPS estimate to $1.26 (from $1.12) on revenues of $1.865      billion (from $1.745 billion). We note that KLA will begin reporting under      SAB 101 guidelines in Q4:F01 and that our estimates are not adjusted for      this. As a major participant in key technological transitions such as      linewidth shrinks, copper interconnect and 300 mm, we believe KLA should      outperform the overall industry in CY02. At 24.5x our CY02 EPS estimate,      KLAC is trading at a discount to large cap comparables. Accordingly, we      are upgrading KLAC to a Buy from a LTA rating."        Estimate Changes:        Advanced Fibre Communications, Inc.      (Nasdaq: AFCI) $16.59      Buy      F2001E EPS: $0.06, down from $0.66      F2002E EPS: $0.28, down from $0.85        Paul Silverstein, Communications/Networking      "AFC reported first quarter revenues of $82.2 million and a loss of      ($0.06) per share, significantly below our $100.0 million and $0.12      respective estimates," said Silverstein. "The shortfall in the quarter was      due almost entirely to the collapse in revenues from Winstar      Communications, which earlier in the week filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy      protection, and the significant decline in revenues from each of Tellabs      and SBC. These three customers accounted for virtually the entire $18      million shortfall versus our $100 million forecast for the quarter.  We      are significantly lowering our revenue and EPS estimates for 2001 and 2002      given the loss in revenues from Winstar and Tellabs and the slower-than-      forecast roll-out of DSL off of AFC's Dmax plus and eMax plus DLC systems      by SBC and Verizon.  While there are obviously near-term issues, we view      AFC's business as fundamentally sound, with the significant prospective      growth driver of DSL continuing to loom on the horizon.  With $7 - 8      after-tax of cash on AFC's balance sheet, it would appear as if the market      is assigning an option value to AFC's core business. While we are      significantly reducing our EPS forecasts for fiscal 2001 and 2002, we      believe that there is upside to our estimates and that investors have      already priced into AFC's shares most of the above-mentioned datapoints,      thus dampening the downside risk on these shares.  As a result, we are      maintaining our Buy recommendation on AFC's shares."        Altera Corporation      (Nasdaq: ALTR) $28.63      Long-Term Attractive      F2001E EPS: $0.45, down from $0.50        Eric Rothdeutsch, Semiconductors/Computer Hardware      "Altera reported 1Q01 EPS of $0.16, in line with consensus and $0.02 above      our estimate," said Rothdeutsch. "Revenues of $287.4 million were down 22%      QoQ, above our $272.3 million estimate. As a result of a continuing      inventory correction and weakening demand across all end markets and      geographies, we are cutting our F2001 revenue and EPS estimates from $1.05      billion and $0.50 to $984 million and $0.45.  We are introducing our F2002      revenue and EPS estimates of $1.07 billion and $0.45.  We are cautious on      the company's prospects pending better visibility into the rate at which      the company burns off its excess inventory and end market demand improves.      Accordingly, we are maintaining our Long-Term Attractive rating on ALTR."        Broadcom Corporation      (Nasdaq: BRCM) $34.01      Market Performer      F2001E EPS: $0.00, down from $0.50      F2002E EPS: $0.45, down from $0.97        Arun Veerappan, Communications Components/Semiconductor Devices      "Broadcom essentially reported results in-line with its pre-announced      range," said Veerappan. "We believe that business at Broadcom is going      through a rather tough period; doubtless exacerbated by a slowing economy,      but also because of competitive dynamics in the company's 'edge' oriented      businesses. The combination of the above two factors, we believe, leads to      a cloudy outlook. In summary, our investment thesis is for caution in the      near term, followed by a gigabit Ethernet product cycle-led recovery      potential for Broadcom stock later in the year.  Given this view, we      maintain our Market Perform rating on the stock at this time."        Credence Systems Corporation      (Nasdaq: CMOS) $23.76      Long-Term Attractive      F2001E EPS: $0.00, New        Sue Billat, Semiconductor Equipment/Foundries      "Yesterday after the close, Credence lowered its guidance for FQ2 (Apr)      due to weak orders as well as push-outs and cancellations from its      existing backlog," said Billat. "As a result, the company expects FQ2      revenues to fall about 60% sequentially to below $50 million. We had      projected revenues to decline 37.5% in FQ2. In light of the near term      weakness, we are reducing our Q2:01 EPS estimate to a loss of $0.09 (from      $0.00) on revenues of $48.0 million (from $77.0 million) while maintaining      our FY01 EPS estimates of $0.00 on lower revenues of $265.2 million      (previously $332.2 million). As the back-end sector typically responds      quickly when a recovery occurs, we believe there may be upside to our FQ4      estimates.  At 1.8x book value, CMOS is trading only slightly above its      CY98 trough valuation. Unlike the downturn in 1998-99 when the company      lost $0.48 over four quarters, we expect it to lose no more than $0.27      over the next three quarters and breakeven for the fiscal year.      Accordingly we are maintaining our LTA rating."        Dupont Photomasks, Inc.      (Nasdaq: DPMI) $50.48      Buy      F2001E EPS: $2.29, down from $2.45      F2002E EPA: $2.13, down from $2.85        Sue Billat, Semiconductor Equipment/Foundries      "DuPont reported operating FQ3:01 EPS of $0.57, below our $0.60 estimate      due to weaker than expected gross margin as a result of lower utilization      of trailing edge products," said Billat. "Revenues were a record at $108.2      million, up 1% sequentially and in line with our expectation. We are      lowering our estimate for FQ4:01 to $0.52 (from $0.63) on revenues of      $108.0 million (formerly $114.0 million) and for F02 to $2.13 (from $2.85)      on revenues of $451.5 million (formerly $492.0 million). At about 21.9x      our CY02 numbers, the stock is trading at a premium to competitor      Photronics. We believe the continued acceleration of the transition to      finer feature sizes should drive the growth of advanced photomasks as they      enable the extension of current generation lithography tools to the next      technology node. We are concerned, however, that DPI may be losing share      at the trailing edge. We reiterate our Buy rating on DPMI."        Extreme Networks, Inc.      (Nasdaq: EXTR) $21.75      Buy      F2001E EPS: $0.10, up from $0.05        Paul Johnson, Communications/Networking      "Extreme reported slight upside to pre announced expectations, albeit      significantly below our estimates prior to the April 5, 2001 pre      announcement," said Johnson. "Extreme attributed the majority of the      revenue shortfall this quarter to a large number of delayed orders and      requests for delayed shipments very late in the quarter.  Extreme won      three new international customers (Telia, TelestraSaturn and Wind) in the      quarter -- yielding a more positive outlook on the company's international      business. We are raising our estimates for 2001 and 2002 as a result of      modest upside in the quarter and slightly better demand visibility.  We      are raising our gross margin expectations due to the new products that are      expected to begin shipping in the next several quarters.  Additionally,      the company plans to receive a tax benefit for the next quarter as it      returns to profitability. Although gigabit Ethernet's graduation to the      world of large carriers has begun to yield larger contracts for Extreme to      bid upon, sell cycles have also grown longer.  Since the majority of real      competition in carrier class gigabit Ethernet is still in developmental      stage, we believe Extreme is well positioned to weather the economic      downturn that we have entered into -- reaping the benefits that may      follow.  As a result, we are reiterating our Buy recommendation on Extreme      Networks."        Hi/fn, Inc.      (Nasdaq: HIFN) $15.27      Long-Term Attractive      F2001E EPS: $0.29, down from $1.01      F2002E EPS: ($0.07), down from $1.27        Arun Veerappan, Communications Components/Semiconductor Devices      "Hi/fn reported Q2:F01 (March) results with revenue of $13.8 million,      gross margin of 76.3%, operating margin of 16.8%, and EPS from continuing      operations of $0.18," said Veerappan. "Q2:F01 revenue of $13.8 million was      down 14% quarter-over-quarter due to a decline in sales in the company's      networking (down 5% Q-Q) and storage (down 33% Q-Q) businesses.      Compression and classification software sales were up 39% Q-Q, helping to      offset the weakness in the company's networking business. It is important      to note that Q2's total revenue of $13.8 million was in-line with the      company's Q1:F01 (December) guidance. Given the continued difficult      business environment, we are reducing our Q3:F01, F01, and F02, revenue      and EPS estimates. While the current downturn in the communications      markets has impacted Hi/fn's near-term outlook (down 40% Q-Q in June), we      believe that the company has made progress with regard to its transition      to higher data rate security processors capable of performing compression,      encryption, and authentication on a single chip. Reportedly, the company      has garnered design wins at OC-3 data rates. We believe that converting      recent design wins into production revenue and delivering on products such      as the 8154 OC-48 security processor will be important milestones for      investors to track."        Immunex Corporation      (Nasdaq: IMNX) $16.80      Buy      2001E EPS: $0.28, up from $0.26        Michael King, Biopharmaceuticals      "IMNX reported 1Q:01 EPS of $0.07, beating our estimate and Street      consensus of $0.06," said King. "Enbrel sales were $164.9 million, quite a      bit below our estimate of $192 million. Total revenue was $218 million,      below our $245 million estimate. Gross margins of 72% beat our 71%      estimate. We are lowering our Enbrel sales estimate for 2001 from $760      million to $746 million. However, our estimate for the remaining three      quarters have actually increased based on our estimate that the company      will make up the first quarter miss. Our 2001E EPS increases from $0.26 to      $0.28 due to increased Enbrel estimates in addition to decreased R&D and a      slightly decreased share count. While the Enbrel number was a little low      this quarter, we do not believe this reflects underlying demand. We      believe patient interest remains high. Catalysts for the stock include an      SBLA filing for psoriatic arthritis, manufacturing milestones, and Phase      II psoriasis data. We would be buyers of the stock on any weakness in      trading and reiterate our Buy rating."        Internet Security Systems, Inc.      (Nasdaq: ISSX) $39.53      Long-Term Attractive      2002E EPS: $0.94, New        Dane Lewis, Infrastructure: Systems & Software      "Internet Security Systems' Q1:01 revenues and EPS were slightly below our      expectations," said Lewis. "ISS' managed services business showed growth      in Q1:01; however, license and product sales declined sequentially driven      by order delays and reductions as a result of the weak economic      environment. We are fine-tuning our 2001 revenue estimate from $286      million to $285 million and maintaining our EPS estimate at $0.67. We      expect 2002 revenues of $409 million and EPS of $0.88. ISS is trading at      6.2x our estimated 2001 revenues and 4.3x estimated 2002 revenues. In      addition, ISS is trading at a 59x PE for 2001 and a 42x PE for 2002. We      believe that the company faces a solid opportunity in its core markets of      intrusion detection and scanning, and a strong emerging opportunity in      managed security services market. However, in this weak economic      environment, we believe that customers could continue to delay and reduce      orders. We maintain our Long-Term Attractive rating."        i2 Technologies, Inc.      (Nasdaq: ITWO) $19.97      Buy      F2001E EPS: ($0.08), down from $0.20      F2002E EPS: $0.23, down from $0.37        Eric Upin, Business-to-Business eCommerce      "As expected in the wake of the company's pre-release earlier this month,      i2a delivered mixed Q1 results on Wednesday, April 18," said Upin. "In      essence, the company met our Q1:01 revenue forecast, coming within 2% of      our original estimate - testament to i2's very competitive position in one      of the higher priority application areas in this difficult economic      environment. Total revenue was $357 million, of which $211 million was      license revenue. With i2 continuing to hire aggressively throughout the      quarter, the company missed our original cash EPS estimate by $0.04 --      reporting $0.02 in cash EPS. Even more significant than i2's modest Q1      shortfall was its very cautious outlook for the remainder of the year --      where the company's pipeline, visibility, and growth prospects are much      more limited than just a quarter ago. We are lowering estimates for a      third time in a little over a month. While we believe our estimates are      reasonable given the current environment for enterprise software sales and      i2's current cost structure, if the current downturn in the economy      worsens or is more protracted than expected, additional downward revisions      may be in order. For those investors with a long-term horizon (1-2 years),      we believe i2 represents one of the select few business software companies      with a realistic opportunity to become a $3-4 billion top-line company      with 20% plus operating margins over the next several years."        Linear Technology Corporation      (Nasdaq: LLTC) $44.50      Long-Term Attractive      F2001E EPS: $1.28, down from $1.32      F2002E EPS: $1.05, down from $1.34        Tore Svanberg, Analog & Mixed-Signal Semiconductor Devices      "Linear reported March quarter results on Tuesday, April 17," said      Svanberg. "Revenue grew 9.1% sequentially to $282.0 million, $8.0 million      better than our estimate. Gross margin expanded 54bps sequentially to      76.9%.  Expenses were $54.0 million, $1.2 million below our expectations.      As a result, EPS came in it at $0.38, three pennies better than our      estimate and two pennies above Street consensus estimate. In terms of the      outlook, Linear indicated that it has seen a dramatic decline in bookings      and an increase in cancellations across all business segments.  In      particular, the company observed a pronounced slowdown geographically in      North America and specifically in the networking space.  We believe that      Linear's customers face high inventory levels and weak end market demand.      As such, Linear has guided for a 20% to 30% sequential decline in revenue      and earnings for Q4:F01 noting that visibility is at an all time low for      the company."        Newport Corporation      (Nasdaq: NEWP) $38.17      Buy      F2001E EPS: $1.36, down from $1.45      F2002E EPS: $1.48, down from $2.00        Sue Billat, Semiconductor Equipment/Foundries      "Newport's operating EPS of $0.40, exceeded our and consensus estimates of      $0.36 due to higher revenues from the fiberoptic segment and expense      control," said Billat. "Given the recently lowered outlook from leading      component suppliers, and the weakness in the semiconductor capital      equipment sector, we are not surprised by the steep 43% decline in      Newport's fiberoptic segment bookings, which fell to $89.7 million from      $128.9 million in Q4. To reflect the weakness in the fiberoptic and      semiconductor equipment businesses, we are reducing our EPS estimates for      2001 to $1.36 (from $1.45) on revenues of $370.7 million (formerly $400.0      million) and for 2002 to $1.48 (from $2.00) on revenues of $390.0 (from      $580.0 million). We believe that the company's move to a new manufacturing      facility is likely to improve operational efficiency and help gross      margins stay in the mid-40s despite the steep drop in Q2 and Q3 revenues.      At 25.8x our CY02 estimates, NEWP is trading at a discount to companies      not only the optical equipment sector but in the semiconductor equipment      category as well. Given the company's growth opportunities in the emerging      optical component equipment sector, we find the stock a compelling buy."        Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc.      (NYSE: PNK) $9.34      Market Performer      2001E EPS: $0.45, down from $0.58      2002E EPS: $0.60, down from $0.68        Harry Curtis, Gaming & Lodging      "On April 10, we raised our 2001 EPS estimates for Pinnacle Entertainment      to $0.58 from $0.50 based primarily on improving trends at the Belterra      casino (Indiana) and positive legislative events in Louisiana," said      Curtis. "While we believe these trends remain in tact, the company's      Bossier, Biloxi and Reno casinos appear to be under greater pressure than      we had anticipated. We are reducing our 1Q:01 EPS estimate to $(0.08) from      $0.01, which is in line with the company's second round of EPS guidance.      For the year, our EPS estimate declines to $0.45. Our 2001 EBITDA estimate      declines to $108 million from $113 million. For 2002, our EPS estimate      declines to $0.60 from $0.68. We maintain our Market Performer rating on      shares of Pinnacle."        Sanmina Corporation      (Nasdaq: SANM) $27.33      Buy      F2001E EPS: $1.10 down from $1.20      F2002E EPS: $1.20, down from $1.40        J. Keith Dunne, Electronic Manufacturing Products & Services      "Sanmina reported 2Q01 Cash EPS of $0.32, 79% above $0.20 last year, equal      to our original estimate, and $0.03 above our recently reduced estimates      due to higher operating margins," said Dunne. "However, due to a sharper      falloff in demand, we are further reducing our FY01E cash EPS toward the      lower end of our $1.10-$1.20 range. Similarly, we are reducing FY02E Cash      EPS. We are maintaining our Buy rating, though the stock may be a little      ahead of itself given consensus FY01E Cash EPS was $1.35. Sanmina is      trading for 21x our Cal-02E Cash EPS, a slight premium to large cap EMS      peers, despite greater exposure to more cyclical, capital intensive PWB      markets.  Conversely, our estimates exclude the impact of acquisitions,      which could be funded from positive cash flow and $1.3 billion of cash."        Siebel Systems, Inc.      (Nasdaq: SEBL) $33.98      Buy      F2001E EPS: $0.58, down from $0.69      F2002E EPS: $0.70, down from $1.03        Eric Upin, Business-to-Business eCommerce      "Siebel reported a solid quarter-beating our estimates and delivering on      the company's guidance, a substantial accomplishment for a company of this      size in a tough market," said Upin. "However, Siebel management provided      downward guidance based on the extremely challenging business climate and      slowing demand for software. We are lowering June quarter numbers based on      Siebel's downward guidance, lack of visibility into pipeline conversion      rates, and risks associated with global economic conditions.  We are also      lowering our 2001 and 2002 estimates-recognizing that further downward      revisions are possible if we experience a protracted economic downturn.      Although we have entered an increasingly challenging environment for      software, we believe that Siebel will continue to be the dominant      franchise in the CRM space longer term. However, we would not be      aggressive buyers of the stock at this time-based on current valuation      levels, which are not yet compelling, and additional downside risk to the      numbers."        Tellabs, Inc.      (Nasdaq: TLAB) $35.54      Long-Term Attractive      2001E EPS: $1.40, down from $1.45      2002E EPS: $1.77, down from $2.01        Paul Silverstein, Communications/Networking      "Tellabs reported revenues and EPS in-line with our expectations for the      March quarter, which were revised after the company's second pre-      announcement of the quarter on April 6, 2001," said Silverstein.      "Revenues of $772.0 million and EPS of $0.29 compare to our $772.0 million      and $0.29 forecasts, but are significantly below the company's first pre-      announced guidance issued on March 7, 2001 of revenues of $830.0 to $865.0      million and EPS of $0.35 to $0.38 and Tellabs's original forecast of      revenues of $865.0 to $890.0 million and EPS of $0.39.  We are further      lowering our fiscal 2001 and fiscal 2002 revenue and EPS estimates given      the deterioration in business conditions.  We maintain our LTA      recommendation regarding the company's shares given our belief that the      company remains well positioned with its TITAN product line."        Teradyne, Inc.      (NYSE: TER) $35.00      Long-Term Attractive      F2001E EPS: $0.43, down from $1.16      F2002E EPS: $0.70, down from $1.88        Sue Billat, Semiconductor Equipment/Foundries      "Despite reporting revenues in line with our revenue estimates, Teradyne      reported Q1:01 EPS of $0.33 that exceeded our estimate by a penny due to      slightly lower operating expenses," said Billat. "Orders fell steeply, as      expected, by 45% sequentially to $357.1 million from $651.6 million in Q4      due to weakness in semiconductor test as well as softening outlook of the      connection systems business. Going forward, we anticipate the steep      decline in Q2 sales to drive down gross margins by about 750bp, as non-      semiconductor test, which is labor intensive, becomes a higher portion of      revenues. Accordingly, we are reducing our EPS estimates for Q2 to $0.00      from $0.25 on revenues of $435.0 million (formerly $550.0 million) and for      2001 to $0.43 from $1.16 on revenues of $1.95 billion (formerly $2.32      billion). We are also publishing 2002 EPS estimate of $0.70 on revenues of      $2.15 billion. We are maintaining our Long-Term Attractive rating on TER."        Transwitch Corporation      (Nasdaq: TXCC) $16.39      Buy      2001E EPS: $0.27, up from $0.23      2002E EPS: $0.34, up from $0.30        Paul Johnson, Communication/Networking      "Transwitch reported their March quarter in line with pre-announced      expectations from March 26, 2001, albeit significantly below both the      company's first pre-announcement (March 8, 2001) and our original      expectations for the quarter," said Johnson. "TranSwitch attributed the      majority of the revenue shortfall this quarter to weakness in the      telecommunications systems market in North America with cancellations and      push-outs of orders from contract manufacturers and OEM customers --      especially during the month of March.  Although management commented that      business in Asia and Europe remains strong, we believe that visibility in      these areas is also much lower than originally thought.  On a positive      note, management also commented that the company continues to see strong      design-win momentum and that the new product releases are on schedule. We      rate TranSwitch a Buy." Inc.      (Nasdaq: TVLY) $24.08      Buy      2001E EPS: $0.08, up from $0.01      2002E EPS: $0.31, down from $0.32        Lauren Cooks Levitan, Branded Internet      "Even against a seemingly tough economic environment, Travelocity reported      Q1 results which impressively beat management guidance and our estimates      due to better-than-expected transaction revenues, advertising revenues,      conversion ratios ("look-to-booker" ratio) and gross margin," said      Levitan. "Travelocity's Q1 earnings conference call is scheduled for later      this morning, after which we anticipate revising our earnings estimates.      We note, in its Q1 earnings press release issued yesterday, the company      provided guidance to expect 2001 cash EPS of $0.17-$0.21 per share. This      compares to our previous 2001 cash EPS estimate of $0. We believe      investors should react positively to Travelocity's announcement of better-      than-expected Q1 results and cash profitability. We note that despite a      70% appreciation in TVLY shares in recent weeks, the stock remains 15-20%      below the high $20s target price implied by our discounted cash flow      assumptions. As a result, we believe shares of Travelocity remain an      attractive investment opportunity, particularly for long-term oriented      investors."        Turnstone Systems, Inc.      (Nasdaq: TSTN) $6.13      Market Performer      2001E EPS: ($0.55), down from ($0.34)      2002E EPS: ($0.47), down from ($0.28)        Paul Johnson, Communication/Networking      "Turnstone's reported results for the March quarter were slightly above      our and Street expectations," said Johnson. "Revenues of $6.6 million and      an "adjusted" loss of $0.08 per share came in above our original estimates      of $5 million and operating loss per share of $0.11.  The company      announced two new customers in the quarter -- EATEL and Pine Tree      Networks. Despite the slight upside and customer acquisition, visibility      for the company continues to be virtually non-existent. We are lowering      estimates for fiscal 2001 and 2002 to reflect the virtual lack of      visibility into the future.  We do believe that our new estimates are      conservative, however. We are maintaining our Market Performer rating on      the shares of Turnstone Systems."        Comments:        Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.      (NYSE: AMD) $27.70      Buy        Eric Rothdeutsch, Semiconductors/Computer Hardware      "As one of the few semiconductor companies not to revise its March quarter      guidance, AMD reported solid 1Q01 revenues of $1.19 billion, up 1.2% QoQ      and ahead of our $1.07 billion estimate," said Rothdeutsch. "EPS was      $0.37, beating consensus by $0.04 and our estimate by $0.07.  Our F2001      and F2002 EPS estimates remain intact at $1.50 and $1.90, respectively. We      are reiterating our Buy rating and are raising our 12-month price target      from $31 to $35, or 18.4 times our F01 EPS estimate of $1.90.  We note      that Intel is trading at 45 times our F01 EPS estimate of $0.70, or at a      30 multiple premium to AMD, a gap we expect to narrow."        Alza Corporation      (NYSE: AZA) $44.04      Buy        Robert Hazlett, Large Capitalization/Specialty Pharmaceuticals      "With what we regard as exceptional growth prospects for Concerta in the      near term, and with Alza's strong technology platform over the long term,      we expect significant and sustainable strong sales and above 20% EPS      growth for Alza operations alone," said Hazlett. "We continue to rate AZA      shares Buy."        Celestica Inc.      (NYSE: CLS) $43.00      Buy        J. Keith Dunne, Electronic Manufacturing Products & Services      "CLS reported adjusted 1Q01 Cash EPS of $0.39, double $0.20 last year, and      in line with our $0.39 estimate as 4% higher sales offset slightly lower      interest income," said Dunne. "Equally important, CLS indicated 2Q01E Cash      EPS may be slightly ahead of our estimates on higher sales and better      margins. We are maintaining our FY01E Cash EPS but are pulling forward      $0.02 into 2Q to reflect greater near term sales expectations despite a      softer economy. Importantly, CLS has $482M in cash that can be used for      acquisitions, which are not in our forecast. We are maintaining our Buy      rating."        Charlotte Russe Holding Inc.      (Nasdaq: CHIC) $28.10      Buy        Janet Joseph Kloppenburg, Specialty Retailing/Apparel Manufacturers      "Charlotte Russe reported that Q2:F01 (March) EPS increased 44.2% to $0.14      from $0.10 in Q2:F00, nicely exceeding our $0.13 estimate," said      Kloppenburg. "Importantly, CHIC's Q2:F01 earnings were negatively impacted      by a calendar shift that moved approximately $3 mm in post-Christmas sales      to the first fiscal quarter this year vs. the second fiscal quarter last      year. We believe this calendar shift pulled approximately $0.02 of EPS      into Q1:F01 from Q2:F01. Given the $0.01 earnings upside in Q2:F01, we are      raising our F2001 EPS estimate by $0.01 to $1.11, which translates to      32.7% EPS growth from $0.83 in F2000. Our F2002 EPS estimate remains      $1.43. Our C2001 EPS estimate increases $0.01 to $1.22 vs. $0.95 in C2000.      Our C2002 EPS estimate increases to $1.56 from $1.55 prior. We believe      CHIC shares should be able to maintain their current valuation going      forward, as we expect the company continues to outperform competitors in a      difficult environment. Furthermore, given the company's strong track      record of exceeding current earnings estimates, we believe shares should      appreciate as we move through 2001 and the company generates upside to      investors' current earnings outlook. As a result, we maintain our Buy      rating on CHIC shares."        Citrix Systems, Inc.      (Nasdaq: CTXS) $26.55      Long-Term Attractive        Mark Perutz, eBusiness Infrastructure      "Yesterday, Citrix reported solid Q1:01 results that effectively met our      estimates," said Perutz. "Revenues were $132.8 million, slightly ahead of      our estimate of $130.8 million.  Revenue for the quarter represented an 8%      sequential increase over the prior quarter, and a 4% year/year increase,      finally surpassing Citrix's Q1:00 record revenue of $127.5 million.      Operating EPS was $0.17, meeting our estimate of $0.17.  We are impressed      with Citrix's ability to post another quarter of solid growth in a      difficult environment.  While Citrix did meet our estimates, it was not      immune to the difficult IT spending environment in the US. Based on      Citrix's solid Q4:00 performance and near-term demand for its products, we      are maintaining both our revenue and operating EPS estimates for the      remaining quarters of 2001. Despite the near-term strength in demand for      Citrix's solutions, we still harbor concerns about its long-term      prospects. We are reiterating our LTA rating."        Eli Lilly and Company      (NYSE: LLY) $79.85      Buy        Robert Hazlett, Large Capitalization/Specialty Pharmaceuticals      "We believe 2001 has the potential to be an exciting year for Eli Lilly,      with possible FDA approvals for Zovant for sepsis and Forteo for      osteoporosis, and regulatory filings for Cialis for erectile dysfunction,      atomoxetine for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and duloxetine      for depression/incontinence," said Hazlett. "We continue to rate LLY      shares Buy."        Equifax Inc.      (NYSE: EFX) $31.68      Market Performer        Andrew Jeffrey, eProcessing/ePayment      "Equifax reported 1Q01 EPS of $0.35 on revenues of $479.7 million      yesterday, modestly ahead of our $0.35 and $470.5 estimates," said      Jeffrey. "We estimate that total revenues were up approximately 6% in the      quarter, on a pro forma basis, the fastest growth the company has enjoyed      in about two years.  These improving results were driven by strong      mortgage refinance volume and the first signs of traction in the company's      Internet initiatives. Although the company's revenue growth seems to have      recovered -- albeit against last year's easy comparisons -- we are      maintaining our Market Performer rating.  This stance results from our      view that the company's revenue rebound is still tenuous in a slowing      economy and the shares are roughly fully valued."        Keynote Systems, Inc.      (Nasdaq: KEYN) $12.98      Long-Term Attractive        Richard Juarez, eCommerce Infrastructure Services      "Keynote Systems reported FY 2Q01 revenues of $12.0 million and EPS of      $0.07, both in line with the April 3, 2001 pre-announced results," said      Juarez. "FY 2Q01 revenue from dotcoms and ISPs is estimated at 30% of      total revenue, down from 35% in FY 1Q01.  We are maintaining our Long-Term      Attractive rating and future period estimates based upon the company's net      cash position of an estimated $11.89 per share at March 31st, 2001. As we      have stated before, we believe that in order to gain back investors'      attention and support, Keynote must 1) reverse the declines in customers,      URLs measured, and revenue/URL, 2) pull forward operational profitability      via more effective expense management, and 3) leverage and deploy its cash      reserves more effectively."        Merck & Co., Inc.      (NYSE: MRK) $79.43      Market Performer        Robert Hazlett, Large Capitalization/Specialty Pharmaceuticals      "March prescription data for key Merck drugs shows that Fosamax continues      to show strength due to its new once-weekly dosage," said Hazlett. "Vioxx      and Singulair have seen share growth gains; growth for both could      moderate, however.  In part due to additional generics arriving for a      number of products, including possibly Prilosec, we continue to rate MRK      shares Market Performer."        Netegrity, Inc.      (Nasdaq: NETE) $34.34      Buy        Dane Lewis, Infrastructure: Systems & Software      "Netegrity announced yesterday that it has opened a new office in Japan      and released the Japanese version of its flagship product," said Lewis.      "We believe there is a large market opportunity for Netegrity      internationally as the company is still at the beginning of expanding this      channel. With its dominant market share (approximately 75%), we believe      that NETE is very well positioned in the centralized Web-access management      market. Netegrity is trading at 10x our estimated FY2001 revenues and at a      PE of 70x while growing revenues at 117% and earnings at 513%. We continue      to recommend purchase of the stock at these levels."        Pfizer, Inc.      (NYSE: PFE) $42.40      Buy        Robert Hazlett, Large Capitalization/Specialty Pharmaceuticals      "March prescription data for key Pfizer drugs shows that Lipitor, the      cholesterol-lowering class leader, continues to show strength due to      continued solid sales force focus, though competition is in the wings with      new competitor Crestor," said Hazlett. "Though market share has declined      modestly for Celebrex (co-marketed with Pharmacia), script growth      continues to be robust for the drug.  Due to its potent combination of      excellent sales force, solid core marketed drugs, and relatively few near-      term patent expirations, we continue to rate PFE shares Buy."        Sepracor Inc.      (Nasdaq: SEPR) $43.50      Strong Buy        Robert Hazlett, Large Capitalization/Specialty Pharmaceuticals      "The remainder of 2001 should be positive for Sepracor, including filing      of (s)-zopiclone in 2H01 for sleep disorders and a number of compounds      moving into phase III," said Hazlett. "In addition to its in-house      portfolio, Sepracor will be receiving royalties on desloratadine for      allergy, Allegra for allergy from Aventis and norcisipride for GERD from      Johnson and Johnson, among others.  We reiterate our Strong Buy rating on      SEPR shares."        Schering-Plough Corporation      (NYSE: SGP) $38.29      Market Performer        Robert Hazlett, Large Capitalization/Specialty Pharmaceuticals      "March prescription data for key Schering-Plough drugs shows that      Schering's two key drivers, namely Claritin (allergies) and Rebetron      (hepatitis C) continue to be pressured," said Hazlett. "Although PEG-      Intron will likely supplement Schering's hepatitis C franchise, we believe      competition from Roche's Pegasys will likely be significant.      Additionally, timing of final desloratadine (allergies) approval remains      uncertain, potentially hindering a switching campaign from Claritin in      advance of its patent expiration (possibly year-end 2002).  We continue to      rate SGP shares Market Performer."        Unless otherwise noted, prices are as of Tuesday, April 17, 2001.      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