GM, Novozymes Biotech and Puroast(R) Recognized for

                        Sustainable Business Practices 
        Sustainable Business Institute Grants First Seal of Sustainability 

  SAN JOSE, Calif., March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sustainable Business 
Institute (SBI) today named the first recipients of the SBI Seal of 
Sustainability at its annual conference.  General Motors (GM), Puroast(R) 
Coffee Co., Inc., and Novozymes Biotech were awarded the Seal for their 
companies' leadership in environmentally and socially responsible practices. 
The recipients were announced at the Fourth Annual SBI CEO Forum that also 
addressed emerging technologies for sustainable energy systems and the 
relationship between financial performance and sustainable performance.  
"All three Seal recipients have several traits in common:  progressive 
management practices, attention to the environmental effect of their business 
practices, and a concern for their employees, customers and the communities in 
which they operate," stated Jessica Fullmer, executive director of the 
Sustainable Business Institute, located in San Jose, Calif.  "We proudly 
recognize them and encourage other companies to join them in earning the 
prestigious Seal of Sustainability."  
General Motors earned the SBI Seal of Sustainability for its commitment to 
reducing waste and pollutants, conserving resources, and using recycled 
materials at every stage of the product life cycle.  Total life cycle thinking 
in the design, manufacture, use, and disposal of GM vehicles positively 
affects product programs and enables GM to balance the economic, 
environmental, and social consequences of decisions.  This process has been 
used in vehicles such as full-size trucks, sport utility vehicles and the 
Pontiac Aztek.  
One example of GM's progressive approach to community reinvestment is its 
GM Volunteer PLU$, a new global volunteerism program that recognizes and 
rewards employees for the time they spend volunteering with charities in their 
communities.  The program also allows employees to direct a monetary gift from 
the GM Foundation to local charities where they volunteer.  
"General Motors' environment and energy team worldwide appreciates the 
recognition by the Sustainable Business Institute, a California-based 
organization, for our ongoing work on sustainable development and 
environmental stewardship," said Dennis R. Minano, GM vice president, 
environment & energy and chief environmental officer.  "It is a framework we 
have been using for some time.  At GM, sustainability is a systems approach 
that integrates environmental, social and economic objectives into both daily 
business and future planning activities.  We recognize that only if these 
objectives are thoughtfully considered and balanced within our organization 
will we be able to reach our vision of being the world leader in 
transportation products and related services."  
SBI selected Novozymes Biotech, Inc. for its development of 
environmentally responsible technologies for the bio-industrial enzyme 
industry.  As a wholly owned research and development subsidiary of Novozymes 
A/S (Bagsvaerd, Denmark), the Davis, Calif. company conducted research for 
enzymes such as Suberase(TM), an enzyme that offers a natural process for 
removing the taint material in wine bottle corks; Baysolex(TM), an enzyme for 
use in bleaching textile dyes that eliminates the need for hydrogen peroxide, 
sodium hypochlorite and water rinsing; and many others beneficial to the 
In addition, Novozymes Biotech is a partner with the U.S. government and 
other industrial companies to reduce reliance on non-renewable resources. 
"We are proud to participate in the US Bio-based Products and Bio-energy 
Initiative whose goal is to triple the use of bio-based products and bio- 
energy in the next decade.  The result will be billions of dollars in new 
income for farmers and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by tens of 
millions of tons," stated Glenn E. Nedwin, Ph.D., president of Novozymes 
Biotech, Inc.  SBI commends this action that results in both economic gains 
and environmental gains for the company.  
Puroast(R) Coffee Co., Inc. received the SBI Seal because of its use of 
alternative energy technology and its use of an old world method of roasting 
to bring back the "purest" form of coffee roasting.  Sawdust pellets fuel the 
roasting process, rather than fossil fuels, which are used in most other 
coffee roasters.  
The California Air Resources Board and other agencies recognize 
Puroast's(R) custom-designed roasting process as "environmentally friendly" 
because the process is essentially pollution-free.  There is no net increase 
in atmospheric CO2 because it uses fuel derived from the biosphere that 
recycles carbon.  With sawdust now one-tenth the price of natural gas, this 
practice actually saves Puroast(R) money.  
SBI also recognized Puroast(R) for its concern for its customers' health. 
"We at Puroast(R) want our customers to be healthy and believe our coffee is 
the healthiest coffee in the U.S.," stated President Kerry Sachs.  Chemical 
data, produced by the University of California, Davis shows Puroast(R) Coffee 
contains over 40% lower amounts of diCQA, a substance known to cause acid 
response in those consumers suffering from acid reflux.  It is estimated that 
up to 25% of adult beverage consumers suffer from this problem.  
The Sustainable Business Institute's Seal of Sustainability honors those 
businesses and business leaders throughout the world who have proposed or 
implemented noteworthy sustainable business practices.  By "sustainable," SBI 
refers to those actions that in some way enhance ecosystem health or reduce 
resource consumption, while meeting the broader expectations of society. 
Businesses may apply for the Seal at any time.  In the future, Seal recipients 
will be announced periodically throughout the year.  
Sustainable Business Institute -- a non-profit organization, based in San 
Jose, Calif., was founded by business leaders to support and promote the 
concept of sustainability as a means of achieving great efficiencies and 
profitability.  Phone: 408-354-4604 

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