Softscape's 2,001 e-Mentoring, Competencies, and Coaching Tools

 Designed for Fortune 500 Employee Career Goals  
Business/Technology Editors  
WAYLAND, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 4, 2001--Softscape is 
introducing its newest e-workforce solution to Fortune 500 clients - 
an e-Mentoring and Career Value Index Program (Career-VIP) comprised 
of Softscape Skills, Competencies, and Coaching Tips. Career-VIP is 
designed to enhance employee development and career goals while 
providing employers with Job Descriptions and Online Mentoring 
capabilities to help them grow staff in current and future roles.  
Softscape's e-Mentoring and Career VIP  
With over 2,001 customizable Job Descriptions, Skills, 
Competencies, and Behaviors, Softscape will be able to provide clients 
across the United States, Europe, Asia and The Netherlands with fully 
documented, customizable content that is available both Online and 
through Softscape's Resource Books. With e-Mentoring and Career VIP, 
this Competency Modeling tool will enable Human Resource managers to 
define roles, measure employee performance in those roles, and provide 
coaching tips to help individuals improve and succeed. Softscape 
modules are part of the AchievementPlus(TM) suite, the first web-based 
system to incorporate Performance Management and 360 Multi-Source 
Competencies Create Win-Win Solutions  
According to Dave Watkins, Softscape co-founder, "In a society in 
which fluidity best characterizes today's job market, companies that 
retain and retrain are in the best position to leverage their 
workforce. Competencies help create challenges, excitement, and 
compensatory rewards with an eye towards creating win-win situations 
for management and staff." Content is being made available either 
separately, as a stand-alone product, or to be used in conjunction 
with Performance Reviews or in combination with Skills and 
Compensation Management.  
Competencies as an Evaluation of Skills  
Competencies are baseline measurements for skill development. They 
are an assessment of one's expertise, know-how, mastery, or 
qualifications for a particular job. Softscape's basic skill sets 
include, but are not limited to, Leadership Skills, Decision-Making 
Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Measurement Application Skills, Taking 
Responsibility, Client Relationships, and Personal and Professional 
Values. Softscape's Competency Modeling Program is designed and 
available in three different formats: Competency Skills and Behaviors, 
Coaching Tools for Manager and Employees, and Job Descriptions. Each 
format is available both as a Resource Book and Online.  
Employee Strategies for Success  
Using Competency-centered web-based tools, employees can work on 
their own improvement strategies. They can either do this individually 
or work with Human Resources to determine where they place in terms of 
skills. These features were designed by incorporating Softscape's Best 
Practices ( Of the 45 new client accounts 
and up to 1,000,000 users realized by Softscape in the year 2000, 
these Softscape clients include: A & P (NYSE:GAP), American Airlines 
(NYSE:AMR), Equiva Services, LLC, the joint venture of the downstream 
service unit of Shell, Texaco, and Saudi Aramco, also PPG Industries 
(NYSE:PPG), Corning Inc. (NYSE:GLW, Steelcase (NYSE:SCS), and PSEG 
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