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iWon Teams With Be Free, Inc. to Launch Performance-Based

  Affiliate Marketing Program   Business/Technology Editors   MARLBOROUGH, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--November 13, 2000--   Portal iWon to Extend Brand Reach Across the Web & Drive Traffic   to Its Award Winning Search, Top News, & Local Content   through Affiliate Program   Be Free, Inc. (Nasdaq: BFRE), the leading provider of hosted  online marketing services, including affiliate marketing and  personalization, today announced that it has partnered with leading  destination portal iWon. Utilizing Be Free's full-service affiliate  marketing solution, iWon has developed and launched The iWon Affiliate  Network, a performance-based affiliate marketing program.   Through the program, iWon provides approved affiliate partners  with easy-to-generate and compelling promotional links to place on  their own web sites. These link visitors from affiliate sites to, where users can search the Web, check email, go shopping,  read the news, or perform other regular Internet activities, all while  earning entries toward iWon's daily, weekly, monthly and annual  prizes. For each click generated through a link on an affiliate  partner's site, iWon will provide that affiliate partner with a  commission. Companies interested in becoming an iWon affiliate partner  can find more information at  0,16013,,00.html.   "iWon is the fifth most highly-trafficked site on the Internet and  attracts one out of every eight people visiting the Web," said Bill  Daugherty, founder and co-CEO at iWon. "By linking to iWon, affiliate  partners will be offering their users access to the best search on the  Web, robust content and the chance to win $10 million - hence our tag  line `why wouldn't you?'."   "Affiliate sites look to partner with the most reputable and  compelling partners available," said Gordon Hoffstein, chairman and  CEO of Be Free, Inc. "iWon has won the loyalty of consumers across the  Web by providing a one-stop-shop of useful Internet tools and quality  information coupled with entertaining contests and prizes. Affiliates  who choose to partner with iWon will have confidence that they are  referring their visitors to a quality site."   About Performance-based Affiliate Marketing   Performance marketing allows online marketers, like iWon, to  increase sales, drive traffic, generate qualified leads and extend  brand reach through relationships with online selling partners--or  affiliates. These performance partners provide meaningful context for  a marketer's link and allow the marketer to target consumers with  particular interests, knowledge and spending habits, while paying only  for the performance of their promotions. By paying only for results,  marketers lower their customer acquisition costs and increase the  power of their marketing budgets. Be Free offers a truly  customer-focused approach to performance-based affiliate marketing,  offering an entire suite of affiliate marketing services, from  scaleable infrastructure and tracking technology, to industry  knowledge and value-added services.   About iWon   Launched in October 1999, iWon is the 5th most trafficked site on  the Internet (Nielsen//NetRatings, September 2000). Additionally, iWon  ranks as the most loyal site on the Web, placing number one in repeat  visitation (Media Metrix, September 2000). iWon has also been voted #1  in user site and feature satisfaction among the leading search engines  and portal sites (NPD Search and Portal Tracking Study) and #1 in  Advanced Search on the Internet (Search Engine Showdown, July 2000).  iWon provides users with world-class content and functionality from  leading partners such as Associated Press, CBS, Inktomi, Standard &  Poor's Comstock, Reuters,, Travelocity and WeatherNews,  Inc.   As an added incentive, iWon gives away to users $10,000 every day,  30 prizes of $1,000 every week, $1 million every month and $10 million  on Tax Day. By simply using the site to search the Web, check email,  go shopping, read the news, or perform other regular Internet  activities, iWon users earn entries with practically every click.  Through the 3-tiered "Refer-A-Friend" program, iWon users will also  earn cash prizes, up to $1 million, if someone in their referral  network wins a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annual prize.  administers the iWon sweepstakes. To date iWon has selected over  40,000 winners and has given away more than $29 million in cash  prizes.   All names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their  respective owners.   Statements in this news release about Be Free, Inc. may be  considered forward-looking statements as defined by the Private  Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based  on the Company's current expectations, hopes, beliefs and estimates.  These statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause  actual results to differ materially from those anticipated or  projected. Further information about the risk factors that could  affect the Company's performance are contained in the Company's  filings with the Securities Exchange Commission, including but not  limited to its S-1 dated November 3, 1999 and its S-1 dated March 29,  2000.