The Wall Street Transcript Publishes Money Manager Interview

The Wall Street Transcript Publishes Money Manager Interview With
Peter Williams, Director At Sena Weller Rohs Williams 
NEW YORK, NY -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 09/28/00 -- Peter Williams,
Director at Sena Weller Rohs Williams, examines portfolio management
strategies in this timely and deeply informative 3,000-word interview
from The Wall Street Transcript (212-952-7433) or 
In a valuable review of investing strategies, Mr. Williams explains his
approach to managing money and offers specific stock recommendations. 
Explaining his investment approach at the Matrix Growth Fund, Williams
states, "In our investment methodology, we use a series of screens.
Again, wanting to be quantitative, we like to measure concrete
attributes about stocks and at each stage of our screening we now
have an increased presence of expectation factors. So rather than
being introduced at one point in the process, we now introduce
expectations at each point in the process. This is just being
objective and pragmatic. We need to pick stocks that will work in the
Williams asserts, "We think Enron (NYSE:ENE) is a classic example of an
established, workhorse, mainstream company that has done an excellent
job of repositioning capital and repositioning its management
attention in order to proceed along a high-growth path. They took the
skills in the company, how to manage capital projects, how to operate
around the globe, and their understanding of information technology,
and they've become a very important player in some new lines of
business. Specifically, they have an operation called Enron Online,
which is their customer relationship management system. And then they
added trading operations for the buying and selling of spot optical
network capacity that's very innovative." 
On Qwest (NYSE:Q), Williams comments, "You have a motivated management
team. Specifically, they've taken control of the old U S West, and
what used to be Rochester Telephone, and they're creating a new
company. So we like communication services and Qwest." 
Williams continues, "We very much like a smaller capitalization company
that we have owned a long, long time called Biomet (Nasdaq:BMET),
located not far from us, in Indiana. What we like about medical
technology is the companies have good intellectual property
protection. They get excellent margins on the products that they
sell. The content of innovation is high." 
According to Williams, "Liberty Media Group (NYSE:LMGa), the A class of
AT&T shares, managed by Dr. John Malone, has an extremely impressive
global list of assets that are all delivering entertainment,
communications, or a similar service to households. We think that's
an excellent model." 
Williams reports, "Dover (NYSE:DOV) is a diversified company that makes
some very profitable capital goods, but also has an important
technology component. They have excellent financial attributes and
very astute management. Dover is an interesting name. It's kind of a
secondary company." 
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