VerticalNet and Sign Integration and Promotion

                           Agreement        Agreement Creates New Marketing Services Area for VerticalNet's Vert      Solution Zone and Delivers a Source of Potential New Buyers for      TORONTO, ON, and HORSHAM, PA, Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ - Inc.  (NASDAQ: BRND), and VerticalNet, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERT) today announced an  operational agreement to cross-promote and link each other's distinct Internet  properties in both online and direct-marketing efforts. This announcement  follows a September 1, 2000 announcement by BrandEra of a U.S. $5.0 million  round of financing - a round whose investors included VerticalNet, among  others.   VerticalNet is the Internet's leading portfolio of business-to-business  commerce communities., The Marketer's Marketplace(TM), is one of  the industry's primary business-to-business portals and functional hubs for  marketing communications services - a key, horizontal need of businesses in  almost every industry.   BrandEra is part of the new 'Marketing Services' area within the Vert  Solutions Zone in each of VerticalNet's 57 communities. In addition, the terms  of the agreement outline a wide range of direct marketing vehicles that will  help promote BrandEra's marketplace and talent capabilities to VerticalNet  users on a frequent basis, including co-branded direct e-mail and direct mail  efforts.   "In today's cluttered business climate the competition to vie for a  buyer's mindshare is so intense that it elevates the importance of marketing  and advertising solutions," said Dwayne Spradlin, vice president of Corporate  Development for VerticalNet. "We selected as a marketing and  advertising solution for our small and medium-sized business customers because  they offer everything from talent-for-hire to training and online productivity  solutions. They also have a commitment to continue to expand their offering to  meet the growing needs of our customers."   BrandEra also expects its own community members to benefit considerably  from this new relationship. " is focused on bringing people who  need marketing and creative services together with the right people to provide  those services," said Marvin Igelman, president and CEO of Inc.  "With this in mind, our deal with VerticalNet has the potential to deliver a  large and motivated group of business-to-business customers that are already  transacting business online on a regular basis. This matches well with our  strong base of creative, advertising and marketing solution providers, and our  online promotion, matchmaking and collaboration solutions," added Igelman.     About VerticalNet, Inc.     VerticalNet, Inc. ( provides end-to-end e-commerce  solutions targeted at distinct business segments through three Strategic  Business Units: VerticalNet Markets includes 57 industry-specific web sites  designed as online vertical trading communities and provides hosted e-commerce  and community capabilities for corporate divisions and mid-size businesses;  VerticalNet Exchanges focuses on direct material open and spot markets;  VerticalNet Solutions builds digital marketplaces for global 2000 customers,  consortia and neutral Net market makers. VerticalNet International leverages  the Company's three strategic business units to create global Internet B2B  marketplaces, offering products and services internationally and partnering  with companies that have strong local presence and domain expertise.   VerticalNet and NECX are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of Vert  Tech LLC in the United States and/or other countries.     About Inc. (NASDAQ:BRND) is a leading business-to-business marketplace  for creative, advertising and marketing professionals. The site, a functional  hub for this vibrant and influential community, offers a cohesive environment  in which to work, find one another, and conduct business. Benefits to users of  the site include streamlined business practices, broader market and business  opportunities, and lower costs of doing business. The market for creative  services that addresses with its suite of solutions is estimated  to be worth more than US $30 Billion this year in the United States alone.  (Source: The Parthenon Group Inc.)   Specific Web properties of the BrandEra network include,,,, the BrandEra Times, BrandEra  MarketPlace, and The Black Book, a leading publisher of creative source books  used by 30,000 marketing professional worldwide, which Inc.  acquired in April 2000. For buyers and sellers of talent, and its  family of Web sites now extends through all levels of the creative  marketplace, from the most successful artists to the emerging independent  creative businesses. Creatives can start with a free exhibit on, take advantage of Multifolio's additional features, and then,  at the highest levels, upgrade to a page in The Black Book.   The company's sophisticated digital asset management software is  incorporated into its sites. As a functional hub, the site also aggregates  relevant content from other related sites. The company's revenue model  includes value-added service fees, multiple e-commerce applications, affiliate  programs, advertising, and licensing.     This press release may contain forward-looking statements relating to Inc. Among the important factors that could cause actual results  to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements  are delays in product development, undetected software errors and bugs,  competitive pressures, technical difficulties, market acceptance, changes in  customer requirements, and general economic conditions. All other companies  and products listed herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their  respective holders. As of September 25, 2000 there are 37,831,515 common  shares of Inc. outstanding.      SOURCE Inc.  /CONTACT: -- Richard Rotman, Director of  Public Relations,, (416) 226-2800 ext. 287; Christine  Scandia-Stone, KCSA Inc., (212) 896-1270; Lois Whitman, Karen Gaynin, HWH PR  Inc., (212) 355-5049; VerticalNet -- Jessica Cassady, Manager of Public  Relations, (215) 315-3712;  To request a free copy of this organization's annual report, please go to and click on reports@cnw./   (BRND VERT)   CO: Inc.; VerticalNet, Inc.  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