Dramatic Asteroid Images Selected For ''The Year In Space''

Business Editors  
ITHACA, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 25, 2000--During its lonely 
six-year voyage to Jupiter, the Galileo spacecraft paid a brief but 
remarkable visit to the asteroid Gaspra in 1991, returning the 
first-ever close-up images of one of these reclusive solar system 
Nearly a decade later, NEAR made history when it became the first 
spacecraft to orbit an asteroid, settling in for a long-term study of 
the asteroid Eros. Dramatic images from both of these encounters have 
been selected to appear in the 2001 edition of "The Year In Space" 
Sponsored by seventeen of the world's leading space organizations, 
including Boeing (NYSE:BA), Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT), Space 
Systems/Loral (NYSE:LOR), SPACEHAB (NYSE:SPAB), Ball Aerospace 
(NYSE:BLL) and SPACE.com, this 168-page weekly desk calendar features 
color photographs from the past, present and future of space 
exploration and astronomical discovery.  
"The Year In Space" includes 53 weekly color space images 
carefully selected from NASA's archives, world-famous observatories, 
the Hubble Space Telescope, planetary spacecraft and talented 
astrophotographers. Historic images from Gemini and Viking appear 
along with recent images from the International Space Station and Mars 
Global Surveyor. An informative essay accompanies every image, and 
each weekly calendar page is filled with facts and anniversaries 
relating to the history of space exploration and astronomy.  
"The Year In Space" is also one of the most functional desk 
calendars available today, with weekly, monthly, yearly and multi-year 
calendars, a daily moon phase calendar, an address section and blank 
pages for notes.  
"The Year In Space" can now be ordered on the web 
http://www.YearInSpace.com or by calling 800/736-6836. As an incentive 
to order early, there will be free domestic shipping on all orders 
placed before November 1. Calendars will ship on October 31.  
Discounts up to 47% are available for all NASA employees and 
affiliates nationwide, as well as for employees, customers, retirees 
and stockholders of organizations that sponsor the calendar, including 
SPACE.com, Boeing (NYSE:BA), Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT), Space 
Systems/Loral (NYSE:LOR), Ball Aerospace & Technologies (NYSE:BLL), 
Sea Launch, SPACEHAB (NYSE:SPAB), Eagle Picher Technologies, MD 
Robotics, ASE Space Solar Cells, Meade Instruments (NYSE:MEAD), 
Countdown Creations, Space Media, Inc., Sky & Telescope, Starry Night, 
The Planetary Society, and the Space Foundation. 
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