Centillium Communications to Enable Industry's First

 Symmetrical DSL Chipsets for Japan  
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FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 5, 2000--  
Sumitomo Electric Industries to Deploy Central Office and  
Customer Premises Equipment Based on Centillium's G.dmt Annex H  
CopperFlite DSL Chipsets  
Demonstrating continued leadership in broadband communications 
technology for Japan, Centillium Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:CTLM) 
announced today availability of software to enable CopperFlite Central 
Office (CO), CopperFlite Utopia, and Flite Optimizer Customer Premise 
Equipment (CPE) chipsets to comply with the G.dmt (G.992.1) Annex H 
standard for Synchronized Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (SSDSL). 
Now Japanese businesses and residential users can utilize SSDSL for 
high-speed access to the Internet and corporate networks reaping the 
full benefits of broadband technology.  
Sumitomo Electric Industries, the leading DSL equipment vendor in 
the Japanese market, introduced Japan's first residential Asymmetrical 
DSL (ADSL) equipment based on Centillium chipsets in 1999 and will 
manufacture Annex H SSDSL CO equipment and CPE utilizing Centillium's 
CopperFlite Octal CO chipset and CPE utilizing CopperFlite Utopia CPE 
The ITU G.dmt Annex H specification is the standard allowing 
symmetric DSL to coexist with TCM-ISDN within the same bundle, 
addressing the unique requirements of Japanese copper loop plants. 
Centillium's Annex H implementation can achieve data rates well over 3 
Mbps for SSDSL, exceeding the requirement of 1.6 Mbps. Japan has one 
of the largest installed bases of ISDN in the world with more than 
seven million ISDN subscribers.  
"Centillium's technology leadership in developing DSL chipsets 
which address the special needs of the Japanese market has been 
unmatched," said Mr. Yoshikazu Nishiwaki, general manager of Sales & 
Marketing, Sumitomo Electric Industries. "By using Centillium's highly 
integrated low power products for Annex C ADSL and Annex H SSDSL, we 
are able to offer a complete suite of high performance products for 
both residential and business markets in Japan."  
Centillium's G.dmt Annex H Chipsets  
Centillium's CopperFlite CO chipset is a fully programmable DSL 
transceiver. Each port consumes less than 1/2 a watt of power and 
occupies about one square inch of total board space. CopperFlite uses 
just two chips to deliver the integrated silicon and software needed 
for a low-power, high-density 8-port SSDSL transceiver.  
Centillium's CopperFlite Utopia and Flite Optimizer chipsets each 
deliver a complete CPE transceiver with just two chips, significantly 
reducing the form factor, power-usage, component count, and BOM costs 
normally associated with broadband access devices. The CopperFlite 
Utopia chipset interfaces with Ethernet for such products as routers 
and gateways. The Flite Optimizer chipset supports USB, PCI, Mini-PCI, 
and CardBUS interfaces for PC Centric solutions.  
In addition to support for Annex H, Centillium CopperFlite and 
Flite Optimizer chipsets conform to a wide range of international DSL 
standards, including Turbo G.lite, G.lite (ITU-T G.992.2) Annex A and 
C, and G.dmt (ITU-T G.992.1) Annex A, B, and C.  
Centillium's CopperLite chipset, which has been shipping to 
network equipment makers since early 1999, is the only ADSL Annex C 
solution that has been actively deployed by NTT and CLECs in Japan.  
About Sumitomo Electric Industries  
Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI), a total solutions provider in 
broadband networking, offers cost-effective high quality DSL products 
for Central Offices (CO), Customer Premises and MDU/MTU. As a market 
pioneer of G.lite/G.dmt, SEI has delivered "MegaBit Gear" DSLAM and 
CPE for actual field deployment by major carriers in Japan and Asia. 
In addition to products for the carrier DSL market, SEI has shipped 
tens of thousands of ADSL products for campus networks based on legacy 
Ethernet LAN. Along with DSL, SEI's wide product lineup ranges from 
ultra high-quality fiber optic cable to high-performance network 
equipment such as ATM Switches, ATM Routers, Layer 3 LAN Switches with 
Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI or ATM uplink, and Network Management Systems. 
For further information, please visit http://www.sei.co.jp (about DSL) 
About Centillium Communications  
Centillium Communications, Inc. is combining technical innovation 
and customer commitment to make broadband communications a mass-market 
reality. Centillium consistently delivers value to its customers by 
providing broadband networking systems for applications across all 
market segments. The company designs and markets communications 
chipset solutions for central office equipment, DLC line cards, and 
customer premise equipment for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), home 
networking and Voice-over-Packet. Centillium Communications, Inc. is 
located at 47211 Lakeview Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538. Additional 
information is available at www.centillium.com.  
Statements Looking Forward  
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and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those 
indicated by such forward-looking statements based on a variety of 
risks and uncertainties, including the risks and uncertainties 
relating to actual quantities and timing of any orders received under 
the contract and the successful development and market acceptance of 
Centillium's new products. Information about potential factors that 
could affect Centillium's financial results is included in 
Centillium's prospectus and will be included in Centillium's Annual 
Report on Form 10-K and Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, which will be 
filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  
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