CoSine Communications and AFC Team to Help Carriers Extend

                     Availability of  
              Value-added IP Business Services Over DSL  
Integrated Solution Overcomes DSL's Distance Limitations to Deliver Advanced  
     IP Services such as Network-Based VPNs and Managed Firewalls  
  REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and PETALUMA, Calif., Aug. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- CoSine 
Communications, Inc., a leading provider of network-based IP Service Delivery 
Platforms for service providers, and Advanced Fibre Communications(R), Inc. 
(AFC) (Nasdaq: AFCI) today announced an integrated, end-to-end, broadband 
access solution that enables service providers to deploy advanced 
network-based Internet Protocol (IP) services over digital subscriber lines 
(DSL). The two companies recently completed successful interoperability 
testing between CoSine's IP Service Delivery Platform and AFC's UMC1000(R) 
Multi-Service Access Platform (MSAP), ensuring service providers a seamless 
integration in existing network infrastructures. AFC is a leader in 
multi-service broadband access solutions for the telecommunications industry, 
and designs and manufactures end-to-end broadband access solutions using 
digital loop carrier (DLC) technology.  
CoSine's IP Service Delivery Platform and AFC's UMC1000(R), the flagship 
product of AFC's AccessMAX(TM) portfolio of MSAPs, will deliver secure, 
value-added applications such as network-based virtual private networks (VPNs) 
and managed Network Associates Gauntlet(R) firewalls to commercial customers 
over high-speed DSL. This combined product offering will provide new entrants 
and incumbent service providers with the ability to broaden their DSL reach to 
small and medium-sized businesses located in multi-tenant units (MTUs) and 
beyond the digital divide -- an area approximately 12-15,000 feet from the 
carrier's central office (CO). And as DSL is an "always on" technology, 
carriers can now alleviate growing concerns of inherently unsecure DSL 
connectivity by providing managed firewall solutions.  
"We've teamed with AFC so that service providers can meet the growing 
demand of all businesses that require next-generation IP services over secure 
DSL," said Ellen Schwab, vice president of business development for CoSine. 
"Together we present a way for carriers to truly differentiate themselves in 
the highly competitive broadband access market. Our combined product offering 
provides a competitive advantage for carriers by extending the reach of their 
DSL service, and adding network-based IP applications to complement basic DSL 
CoSine's solution provides managed, value-added IP services for carriers 
that, in the past, have offered these services using customer premises 
equipment (CPE) deployed on customer's site and managed remotely. However, a 
CPE-based approach has limitations:  high costs of installation and 
maintenance, as well as a lack of scalability and flexibility -- all of which 
diminish the service provider's revenue potential. Unlike the CPE solution, 
CoSine's IP Service Delivery Platform resides in the carrier's network to 
provide tens of thousands of subscribers high-value IP services, including 
VPNs, managed firewalls, URL filtering, frame relay to IP migration and, 
eventually, intrusion detection and anti-virus protection.  
AFC addresses the limitations of traditional DSL access that requires 
carriers to install a DSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) in the CO to provide DSL 
services to its customers. When the customer is beyond 12-15,000 feet from the 
CO, a DLC provides access to the customer and this traditional DSL model 
breaks down. With AFC's UMC1000(R), carriers overcome distance barriers faced 
by solutions that rely on a CO deployment to deliver DSL throughout the 
network, ultimately expanding the availability of DSL service for all 
With the combined CoSine/AFC solution in the local loop, the UMC1000(R) 
transports IP traffic between customer sites and the carrier's CO to the 
Point-of-Presence (POP) where CoSine's IP Service Delivery Platform layers on 
value-added services.  
"This relationship is mutually beneficial for CoSine and AFC," said Ryan 
Koontz, director of business development for AFC. "Both companies are 
committed to delivering cost-effective, end-to-end broadband access solutions 
to carriers that will enable them to increase their subscriber base by 
offering high-value services."  
  About CoSine's IP Service Delivery Platform  
The CoSine platform includes the IPSX 9000(TM) Service Processing Switch, 
a carrier-class switch that marries scalable computing hardware with an open 
software architecture; the InVision(TM) Service Management System (SMS); and 
the InGage(TM) Customer Network Management (CNM) system. This platform enables 
Service Providers to create, manage and deliver value-added IP services to 
enterprise customers, who, in turn, can monitor and control their portion of 
the public IP network.  
Unlike first-generation subscriber management systems, the IPSX 9000 
provides up to 100 RISC CPUs and/or 100 dedicated encryption processors to 
deliver these high-value services to tens of thousands of subscriber networks. 
The CoSine platform aggregates traffic from multiple DSLAMs and can support 
100,000 simultaneous DSL sessions without compromising application 
Today, CoSine's suite of managed, network-based IP services includes the 
Network Associates Gauntlet Firewall; site-to-site IPSec tunneling (virtual 
leased line); IPSec dial tunnel termination; virtual routing with support for 
the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and 
Routing Information Protocol (RIP); Secure DSL; Frame Relay to IPSec 
interworking; IP-enabled Frame Relay and Frame Relay over IPSec.  
  About AFC's UMC1000(R) Multi-Service Access Platform  
The UMC1000(R) MSAP utilizes a hybrid ATM/TDM architecture, providing a 
variety of loop interfaces for POTS, ISDN, T-1/E-1, HDSL and ADSL services 
over various feeder transmission options, including copper, fiber, and 
wireless. The UMC1000(R) features 6.2 Gbps of system bandwidth, including a 
100 Mbps Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) bus, an 800 Mbps cell bus, and a 
5.3 Gbps high-speed serial bus. This unique three-bus architecture allows the 
UMC1000(R) to simultaneously support TDM, Frame Relay, ATM, and SONET network 
  About AFC  
AFC designs and manufactures worldwide broadband access solutions for the 
last mile. AFC's OmniMAX(TM) is a global product family consisting of 
industry-leading multi-service access platforms with integrated optics and 
intelligent CPE. AFC's OmniMAX(TM) products can quickly and cost-effectively 
upgrade legacy networks, ubiquitously delivering narrowband, wideband, and 
broadband services to all subscribers regardless of their geographic location 
from a carrier's central office.  
AFC's OmniMAX(TM) product portfolio consists of:  AccessMAX(TM), a variety 
of broadband multi-service access platforms that provide local loop voice, 
data and broadband solutions; PremMAX(TM), a series of integrated access 
devices (IADs) that provide integrated voice and data at the customer 
premises; and TransMAX(TM), a Sonet/SDH optical transport system for metro 
ring solutions. AFC is also a leading designer and manufacturer of 
environmentally hardened outside plant cabinets and technology, ranging from 
48 to 2,048 lines, as well as indoor cabinets ranging from 48 to 480 lines.  
  About CoSine Communications, Inc.  
Founded in 1998 and based in Redwood City, Calif., CoSine Communications 
Inc. develops, markets, and sells managed IP service delivery platforms 
designed for Service Providers who risk losing profitability with today's 
low-value Internet access services. The CoSine solution enables Next Gen 
Telcos, Competitive IXCs, International Service Providers and PTTs to quickly 
and reliably turn up value-added services to their wholesale and retail 
subscribers. For more information about CoSine Communications, visit the 
company's Web site at, or contact Suzanne Panoplos at 
  AFC Safe Harbor Statement  
Except for historical information contained in this press release, the 
foregoing contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and 
uncertainties. Rapidly changing technologies and market conditions may require 
changes to our products. Actual results may differ materially from those 
indicated by such forward-looking statements based on a variety of risks and 
uncertainties, including the risks and uncertainties relating to the timely 
and successful development, and market acceptance of AFC's new products and 
features. Information about potential factors that could affect AFC's 
financial results is included in AFC's Annual Report on Form 10-K and 
Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, which have been filed with the Securities and 
Exchange Commission.  
NOTE:  AFC, the AFC logo, and the UMC1000 are registered trademarks of 
AFC. OmniMAX, TransMax, PremMax and AccessMax are trademarks of AFC. All other 
products or service names mentioned herein are the property of their 
respective owners.  
  CONTACT:  Jeannette Bitz of Gallagher PR, 510-749-6800, ext. 207, or, for CoSine Communications, Inc.; or Frank Puglia of Advanced 
Fibre Communications, Inc., 707-792-6199, or 

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