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NEW YORK, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Eighteen leading analysts and top
management from one hundred and ten sector firms examine the Technology sector
in this special 428-page CHASE H&Q 28th Annual Technology Conference Issue
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In a vital review of this evolving sector for investors and industry
professionals, this valuable 428-page CHASE H&Q Technology Conference issue
1) Fifteen extensive (average 2,500 words) Interviews with top management
discussing the outlook for their firm and the sector. 
CEO William Cadogan of ADC Telecommunications (Nasdaq: ADCT) declares,
"ADC is making broadband, multiservice communications happen today.  We have a
well-founded strategy that is the right course for current and future growth.
Service providers of every type are now aggressively pushing forward on their
broadband communications initiatives.  ADC over the past three to five years
has been developing products and acquiring companies with new skills and
capabilities in preparation for this opportunity.  Now that the opportunity 
has arrived, we are capable of taking advantage of it." 
Dr. John Warnock, CEO of Adobe Systems (Nasdaq: ADBE), states, "I think 
Adobe is the only company in our space that really offers a broad solution
across all of the media types.  And because of that and the convergence of the
media, we really are the only company that can bring imaging, illustration,
print publishing, Web publishing, video publishing together into a unified set
of solutions." 
Peter van Oppen, CEO of Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:
ADIC) comments, "We want to add various kinds of technology to continue to
broaden our product offering.  We want to be one of the first one or two names
that come to mind when good customers of ours, people like Excite or Cisco or or Yahoo -- those sorts of folks think about storage
requirements.  We're in the first group of one or two companies that they
think about.  That requires both performance and scale." 
CEO of Advanced Fibre Communications (Nasdaq: AFCI), John Schofield
states:  "Right now our primary competitive advantage is that we are the only
vendor of digital loop carrier product that has integrated the broadband into
the platform.  So our product can provide services from narrow voice-type
services all the way to high-speed digital subscriber line services and none
of our competitors actually have that on a single platform. 
Bryan Stolle, CEO of Agile (Nasdaq: AGIL), intends, "To continue to focus
on all these new business processes that have been created between companies,
related to getting their products built and delivered to the customer, and
continue to build out our portfolio of solutions in that area, whether it's
build them, or buy them like we just recently did with the acquisition of
Digital Market.  To drive that and be the preferred supplier for the solutions
that enterprises use to connect to their production supply chain." 
Lee Hamilton, CEO of AirNet Communications Corporation (Nasdaq: ANCC),
declares: "We offer a future-proof, lower cost of ownership base station
solution.  It's software upgradeable to the wireless Internet, and the
backhaul cost savings or operating cost savings of the AirSite Backhaul Free
Base Station are very significant.  The value proposition is clearly
CEO Ken Bajaj of AppNet (Nasdaq: APNT) comments on his company: 
"Opportunities for us include what we call the mega programs in the e-business
space.  These mega programs are of a much larger scope and complexity than the
e-business initiatives to date.  These include implementing B2B e-marketplaces
that will require not only the construction of the e-marketplace itself, but
the integration of the hundreds of corporations that will buy and sell through
the e-marketplaces.  The other area is outsourcing.  Outsourcing is a huge
opportunity for AppNet." 
Kevin Kerns, CEO of Apropos (Nasdaq: APRS), states, "We believe that we
can become the clear multi-media standard for eBusiness.  There is a great
fracturing in this space, a lot of companies that own small pieces of the
market.  And we believe that with our architecture and with our customer base
and momentum that we have established, we have the ability to really become
the standard for the emerging e-business segment." 
Robert Wrubel, CEO of Ask Jeeves (Nasdaq: ASKJ), notes, "What sets us
apart, [is] the most sophisticated and intuitive interaction software
technologies; tremendous data about what people ask, how they ask it and what
they are looking for; and finally, a distribution system that can reach about
65% of the Internet." 
Beatriz Infante, CEO of Aspect Communication (Nasdaq: ASPT), declares:
"We provide the development tools, the deployment platform, and the
applications that enable companies to take eCRM and e-commerce and turn that
together into e-business, because companies today really want to be able to 
flip between a service and a cell mode." 
CEO Dr. Allen Barnett of AstroPower (Nasdaq: APWR) explains:  "Solar
electric power products are unique in that this technology is the best way to
generate electricity at the point of use.  New energy technologies are
receiving a lot of investor attention as people look for alternatives to coal
and nuclear generation.  Our technology is unique in that it generates
electricity at the point-of-use.  It is highly reliable." 
Donald Colvin, CFO of Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML), asserts, "The
whole wireless revolution that's underway has people throwing away their fixed
communication handsets and going toward wireless applications.  There are new
features coming onstream where you have Internet access through wireless, etc.
So I think this is a remarkable opportunity for companies like Atmel:  the
strong world economy coupled with the very, very strong growth rate in a
sector where we have most of our sales." 
Dean DeBiase, CEO of (Nasdaq: AWEB), explains, "We've focused
on continuing to become the dominant online consumer brand.  We are already a
major force in the next generation of automotive buying and we plan to
continue to capture a growing share of revenues from consumers, portals,
dealers, manufacturers, as well as our infrastructure partners.  Autoweb has a
great opportunity to be the unbiased intermediary and help the auto
manufacturers build their brands on our services." 
Kamal Duggirala, CEO of BARRA (Nasdaq: BARZ), points out:  "We were the 
first to create this risk management technology.  We started 25 years ago, and
it has been a gradual process of educating investment professionals on the use
of this technology.  In the last decade we've seen substantial acceptance, and
the notion that this is standard practice for institutional investing.  We are
considered the provider of choice because we are certainly the best and
premium provider in terms of quality, and we are the largest amongst the
CEO of Be Free, Inc. (Nasdaq: BFRE), Gordon Hoffstein, notes:  "We are the
number one company in our space, the undisputed leader.  We want to stay
number one and we want to actually increase the distance between us and our
competitors.  We want to do that by continuing to hire the right people and
have the right technologies and making these customers successful.  That's how
we measure our success." 
This 428-page CHASE H&Q 28th Annual Technology Conference Issue also

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    3) CEO/Company Interviews:  Top management from one hundred and ten

Technology firms examine the outlook for their firm and the sector.  Firms

Blaze Software, Brio Technology, Business Objects S.A., CareerBuilder,
Catapult Communications, Check Point Software Technologies, Citrix Systems,
Computer Associates International, Corsair Communications, CSG Systems
International, CyberCash, Daleen Technologies, DAOU Systems, Dendrite
International, Digital Insight Corporation, Digital Island, DSP Group,
EarthLink, ECI Telecom, ECtel Ltd., Emulex, Engage Technologies, eSpeed, ESPS,
Evolving Systems, Exponent, Focal Communications, Gadzoox Networks,, Getty Images, Globix Corporation, Great Plains Software, GSI
Lumonics, iBasis, Immersion Corporation, InfoUSA, Inktomi Corporation,
Interact Commerce Corp., Interactive Intelligence, International Rectifier,
Internet Capital Group, Intevac, Intraware, Intuit, The Island ECN, iTurf,
iVillage, JNI Corporation, The Knot, Kronos, Launch Media, Macrovision
Corporation, The Management Network Group, Maxtor Corporation, Maxwell
Technologies,, MERANT plc, Micrel Semiconductor, Microchip
Technology, Mission Critical Software, MMC Networks, National Information
Consortium, NaviSite, Net Perceptions, NetGenesis, NetIQ, Network Solutions,
Numerical Technologies, Omega Research,, Pegasus Solutions,
Plantronics, Point of Sales Limited, Portal Software, Power Integrations,
Powerwave Technologies, QRS Corporation, Quest Software, Rational Software
Corporation, Renaissance Worldwide, RMH Teleservices, Sawtek, SDL, SERENA
Software,, Solectron Corporation, SonicWALL, Telxon
Corporation, Teradyne,, Tumbleweed Communications, Verio,
Westell Technologies, Wireless Facilities, Witness Systems 
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