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                     with David Fried 
NEW YORK, May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- David Fried, of Fried Asset Management,
examines portfolio management strategies in this timely and deeply informative
2,900-word interview from The Wall Street Transcript (212/952-7433) or 
In a valuable review of investing strategies, Fried explains his approach
to managing money, his insights about the sector, explains his portfolio
composition, and offers specific stock recommendations. 
Fried declares, "OfficeMax (NYSE: OMX) is a very good example of some of
the things we do.  This is a situation that may take a little time to totally
come to fruition, but we're very confident.  They've been buying back shares,
and their Internet site is doing well.  They just signed an agreement with
Gateway (NYSE: GTW).  Gateway is opening up a store within each OfficeMax
store.  So they're going to bring a lot of customers in." 
For a free interview excerpt in which Fried is hopeful that OfficeMax
would be the catalyst, see 
Fried explains, "We bought a company named Exar (Nasdaq: EXAR). They
basically make chips for consumer devices, cameras, recorders, things like
that.  However, Exar, as of the beginning of 1999, was underwater. It was $14,
$15 and it had been below where we purchased it for almost the entire time of
our holding period.  But we were tracking the company, we were confident in
what they were doing and felt the value would be realized at some point and it
was.  So we had patience for it and I think most people would be happy with
those kinds of returns." 
Fried comments, "Spartan Motors (Nasdaq: SPAR) is a manufacturer of custom
chassis for both motor homes and emergency vehicles which are two separate
markets but interestingly enough are impacted by the same aging demographic.
As people retire and get older, they're more interested in motor homes and
need emergency vehicles more also.  It's kind of a negative impact of aging." 
Fried continues, "We recently added New Plan Excel Realty Trust
(NYSE: NXL) to our stock-picker's portfolio and it's still a best buy.  New
Plan is yielding about 12%, so if a stock goes nowhere for four years, 12%
compounded will yield a 55% return. So you only need a movement of about 30%
in the stock in the last year out to double your money.  I think it's a real
lay-up in basketball terms." 
Fried asserts, "Tandy Corp. (NYSE: TAN) was another one of our big
winners. We bought Tandy in December 1996.  We bought 23 shares, about
$1,000 worth of Tandy for our model portfolio, and wound up selling 92 shares.
So I guess we had two splits.  Our increase was 563%.  But what we knew about
Tandy was they were buying back a substantial number of shares and the reason
they felt their shares were undervalued was they had just embarked on a
program of building residual income." 
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