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SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 16, 1999-- 
Scimitar delivers cost-effective testing environment for Nevada 
Power's Year 2000 compliance efforts. 
Nevada Power, the nation's fastest growing electric utility, is
using innovative virtual tape technology from Sutmyn Storage
Corporation (Sutmyn) to manage rapid growth and deregulation issues
while providing a Year 2000 (Y2K) test base that has resulted in
complete Y2K compliance. 
Sutmyn's virtual tape technology has enabled Nevada Power to
create a completely isolated Year 2000 data universe for testing that
eliminates the risk of mixing Y2K testing with production tape
cartridges. As a result, this solution has increased enterprise-wide
performance while dramatically reducing Nevada Power's anticipated Y2K
software costs. 
"Even with an increasing workload, Scimitar(R) has allowed us to
maintain high levels of service without adding staff or increasing our
operating budget," said Gerald Verchick, Manager, Application
Enablement Technology at Nevada Power Company. "The Scimitar/VTS(TM)
enabled us to make far better use of the resources we already had and
eliminated the need to purchase more tapes and library space." 
Since the Scimitar/VTS solution was installed in March 1998, it
has helped Nevada Power leverage existing tape cartridges, robotics
and tape library investments and has provided a 20 percent overall
reduction in batch processing time, despite rapid growth in back-up
requirements and longer retention periods. 
"This is a further example of how Sutmyn provides businesses with
solutions to meet IT challenges, including Y2K compliance," said
Flavio Santoni, Executive Vice President Marketing and Business
Development, Sutmyn Storage Corporation. "Our virtual tape technology
continues to deliver cost-effective benefits to companies such as
Nevada Power, that rely on our innovative technology and services to
maintain competitive advantage." 
The Scimitar Virtual Tape Server provides the image of multiple
tape drives and allows enterprise data to be recorded and retrieved at
disk speeds while conforming to standard tape protocol. Scimitar is
the world's only outboard virtual tape solution that is fully
interoperable, working with any MVS-defined cartridge tape and/or
robotics technologies currently installed at customer sites, and
supporting a choice of best-of-breed disk storage from leading
suppliers. The Scimitar/VTS solution can support up to 64 Virtual Tape
Drives, 8 ESCON channels and over 1.6TB of effective storage capacity. 
About Nevada Power 
Nevada Power Company is the nation's fastest growing electric
utility with over 523,000 accounts representing service to 1.2 million
residents in southern Nevada. 
While helping to develop guidelines for an industry transitioning
to competition, employees continue to keep pace with customer growth
of more than 6 percent annually. Company-owned generating facilities
were built and are maintained in compliance with air quality and
environmental standards. The Company continually implements procedures
and programs that further protect the environment. 
In the midst of a changing industry and with the additional
challenge of meeting Southern Nevada's robust population growth,
Nevada Power delivers electric energy services that provide value,
comfort and convenience to the communities of Southern Nevada. 
About Sutmyn 
Sutmyn develops, markets, and supports virtual tape solutions and
innovative software-enhanced storage services that provide cost
effective enterprise management and maintenance of vital corporate
information. A pioneer in the field of non-proprietary virtual tape
solutions, Sutmyn delivers systems that integrate quickly and easily
into any enterprise's existing tape storage subsystems. 
Sutmyn is currently the only outboard virtual tape provider with
a truly open architecture, thus maximizing existing tape storage
investments and greatly improving the way an enterprise's information
is stored and processed. Sutmyn America, a wholly owned subsidiary of
Sutmyn Storage Corporation, distributes Sutmyn virtual tape technology
as well as tape and tape automation products from Fujitsu directly in
the U.S. and through distributors elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere.
Scimitar virtual tape systems are distributed by IPM (Internacional
Perifericos y Memorias, S.A.) in Spain and Portugal, by COMPAREX
Informationssysteme GmbH in Germany and other countries where it
operates including South Africa, by Hitachi Data Systems Europe in the
UK, and the other countries where it operates, and by Hitachi Data
Systems U.S. for distribution in the U.S.. Sutmyn partners, Fujitsu
Limited, a key development partner, and Kanematsu Corporation(R) are
also prime distributors of Sutmyn's products. 
Sutmyn and Scimitar are registered trademarks of Sutmyn Storage
Corporation. All other trademarks and product names are property of
their respective owners. Technical data and specifications on the
Scimitar family of products and further information about Sutmyn
Storage Corporation and Sutmyn America can be found at: and http://www.
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