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                   High-Performance Small-Cap Arena 
PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Twelve publicly traded small-cap
companies will present their stories to the public on October 2 in Minneapolis
at a conference hosted by The Red Chip Review. 
"This is a unique opportunity for individual investors to gain information
on quality small-cap stocks directly from company management," said
Marc Robins, editor-in-chief and publisher of The Red Chip Review, the event's
sponsor. "Most investor conferences are targeted for retail brokers and
institutional money managers. The mission of The Red Chip Review is to make
available to individual investors information that is generally available only
to the profession." 
The Red Chip Review Investor Conference is scheduled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
at the Sheraton Minneapolis Metrodome. Tickets are free for subscribers to
The Red Chip Review, $30 for nonsubscribers. Admission includes a two-page
comprehensive analysis, researched by Red Chip's expert analysts, on each of
the 12 presenting companies, plus a healthy sit-down lunch, provided free by
The Red Chip Review. 
Investors will have an opportunity to meet the top executives of these
promising companies that have made it through Red Chip's demanding selection
criteria and tough objective analysis. 
Attracting special attention is Minnesota-based Innovex, Inc.
(Nasdaq: INVX). INVX is a supplier of interconnect devices to the disk drive
industry. Despite a downturn in its primary market, management has been able
to fund a $15 million investment (from cash flow) in a new manufacturing
facility that will enable them to introduce new products and enter new
markets. Even after this investment, the company continues to strengthen its
balance sheet , which now boasts $55 million in cash ($3.73 per share) and
less than $1 million in long term debt. Its Red Chip Rating is A. Visit the
company's Web site at 

    Other companies presenting at the conference include:
    Advanced Machine Vision Corp. (Nasdaq: AMVC)  Red Chip Rating:  C

AMVC designs and manufactures high-speed defect-detection and sorting
systems, with roughly 50% of the Company's sales destined for food product
sorting applications. AMVC's technological capabilities earned the company a
dominant market share for the tobacco and recycling sorting applications.
Visit the Company's Web site at 
Air Methods Corp. (Nasdaq: AIRM)  Red Chip Rating:  B 
AIRM maintains one of the nation's largest fleets of emergency medical
aircraft with 39 helicopters and five airplanes and operates in 16 states.
With 7% institutional ownership and virtually no analyst coverage other than
The Red Chip Review, this stock is truly undiscovered. Its Web site is at 
California Micro Devices Corp. (Nasdaq: CAMD)  Red Chip Rating:  C 
CAMD produces and markets a line of products for semiconductor chip
manufacturers and other products for the computer and telecommunications
industries. CAMD is currently shifting its strategy to focus on high volume
existing business as well as launching new products that will enhance its long
term prospects. Its Web address is 
Data Dimensions, Inc. (Nasdaq: DDIM)  Red Chip Rating:  B 
DDIM's focus on Y2K (Year 2000) consulting has resulted in explosive
internal revenue growth (121% compound annual growth since 1993). Acquisitions
in 1997 and 1998 enable DDIM to provide software testing from the PC computing
environment through to the mainframe. New senior management at nearly all
levels, improved earnings performance, a strengthened balance sheet, the
initial development of its non-Y2K business, and a stock price down nearly 75%
from its 52 week high, all point to DDIM as a company worth watching. Its Web
site is at 
Datum, Inc. (Nasdaq: DATM)  Red Chip Rating:  C 
DATM produces and markets time-measurement products used to enhance the
performance of telecommunications systems. The current slowdown in the PCS
build-out has pressured the stock, which now trades at below the company's
book value of $10.45 per share. Visit the Company's Web site at 
Exponent,Inc. (Nasdaq: EXPO)  Red Chip Rating:  B 
EXPO is a pioneer in the field of failure analysis, compiling and
analyzing data on earthquakes, fires, oil spills, hurricanes, and terrorist
bombings. 2Q98 saw a drop in both margins and EPS over 2Q97, resulting in a
precipitous decline in the stock price to just under 50% of liquidation value.
For those investors with the patience to invest in an asset play, EXPO could
be just the ticket. EXPO's Web site is at 
Microtest, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTST)  Red Chip Rating:  A 
MTST is a developer of electronic test tools for network management that
has capitalized on the fact that nearly 70% of LAN problems are caused by
network cables. It recently introduced a new product that could put it back
into a leadership position. That fact along with an absence of long term debt
and a stock price just over book value could translate into a positive
risk-reward relationship for risk tolerant investors. Visit the Company's Web
site at 
Rush Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq: RUSH)  Red Chip Rating:  B 
RUSH is one of the largest new and used heavy-duty truck dealers in the
United States, with 13 Peterbilt dealerships in the Southwest and South. RUSH
also owns two John Deere construction equipment centers. Two recent
acquisitions and low interest rates have helped drive a 73% year-over-year
increase in revenues in 2Q98. Those investors who believe the current interest
rate climate will continue will benefit from hearing RUSH's story. Its Web
site is at 
SKYMALL, Inc. (Nasdaq: SKYM)  Red Chip Rating:  B 
SKYM is the largest in-flight catalog company in the United States,
placing some 17 million catalogs on the flights of the 16 domestic airlines
that carry over 70% of the U.S. passengers boarded. Continued efforts to build
business on the Internet and in international markets bode well for the
future. Investors seeking long-term capital gains may find SKYM interesting.
Visit the company's Web site at 
Sunrise Technologies International, Inc. (OTC: SNRS)  Red Chip Rating:  B 
SNRS produces and markets high-tech systems for the eye care market,
mainly the multibillion-dollar market for refractive surgery. Its laser-based
noncontact system for correction of hyperopia and presbyopia is in Phase III
clinical trials in the United States. Final FDA approval is expected in early
2000. A development-stage company, SNRS may be worth looking at for future
investment potential. Visit the Company's Web site at 
Vari-L Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: VARL)  Red Chip Rating:  B 
VARL designs and manufactures patented signal-source and signal-processing
components that enable wireless signals to be sent over the airwaves. By
leveraging 44 years of wireless expertise in the military realm, VARL has
successfully penetrated the commercial arena, emerging as a technology leader.
Operating margins and EPS were again up over the year-ago numbers, but below
analysts' estimates, causing a nearly two-thirds drop in price from its May
high. In light of VARL's prospects going forward, this stock could be
currently oversold. Visit VARL's Web site at 
The Red Chip Review Investor Conference in Minneapolis will feature one
company that is not currently followed by The Red Chip Review:  Celgene
Corporation (Nasdaq: CELG), a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops
and markets human drug therapies and agricultural crop protection products.
CELG has been reviewed by the Red Chip analyst team, which has determined that
the company offers exciting promise. However, acceptance of an invitation to
present at a Red Chip Investor Conference neither guarantees nor implies that
The Red Chip Review will initiate coverage. 
Typically, companies followed by The Red Chip Review are undervalued and
underfollowed, yet they show exciting promise. Because they are smaller, they
are usually nimbler in taking advantage of opportunities and they are often in
the early stages of development. They tend to be fast-growing, possess a
leading technology, or in some way have a unique story. 
The Red Chip Review is the nation's leading source of information on
small-cap stocks, providing in-depth research and analysis on approximately
250 publicly traded small capitalization companies across 28 industry sectors.
The Red Chip Review is published biweekly. Visit the Red Chip Web site at

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