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HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 8, 1998-- 
Adds over 700 retail outlets to the list of retailers in 
North America selling the popular WinTV boards 
Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc., a subsidiary of Hauppauge
Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq symbol:HAUP), the leader in TV and data
broadcast receiver products for personal computers, announced today
that their line of WinTV boards will be available at the OfficeMax
office superstores. 
OfficeMax, with over 730 retail outlets in the United States and
Puerto Rico, is the leading office product su perstore in terms of
number of stores and geographical coverage in the U.S. The WinTV
boards will be sold in their expanded PC peripheral area. In addition,
the WinTV will be part of OfficeMax's aggressive Windows98 roll-out
WinTV boards are used by PC owners to watch TV on their screens
in a re-sizable window and to receive the new WaveTop and Intercast
data broadcasts. In addition, WinTV boards will support the WebTV for
Windows features built into Microsoft's Windows98, plus exclusive
Hauppauge features such as channel surf and single-click no-title
Users of WinTV boards are able to receive Internet-style content
using WaveTop, a data broadcast service from WavePhore, Inc.
(NASDAQ:WAVO). WaveTop's technology allows for push delivery of
digital content by utilizing existing bandwidth in the Vertical
Blanking Interval of standard TV signals, a data delivery technique
which is faster and more reliable than a normal dial-up Internet
connection. Over 264 Public Broadcasting System stations provide free
WaveTop data broadcasts with content provided by a host of popular
media providers including Bloomberg Financial, CBS Sportsline, Fortune
Magazine, People Magazine, USA Today, Wall Street Journal Interactive,
Women's Wire, and ZDNet. 
In addition to WaveTop, the WinTV boards will be able to receive
Intercast data broadcasts. Intercast is used by CNBC, CNN, MTV, QVC,
the Weather Channel and the Home and Garden channel to send Web pages
along with television broadcasts. Intercast technology was developed
by Intel Corp.(NASDAQ:INTC), and was recently licensed to Microsoft
for inclusion in Windows98. 
About Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc. 
Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of
Hauppauge Digital Inc., designs and manufactures digital video boards
for TV-in-a-window, digital video editing and video conferencing. The
company has headquarters in Hauppauge, New York, with sales offices in
Germany, London, Paris and in California. The companies Internet web
site can be found at: 
For further information, contact Jerry Tucciarone, Chief
Financial Officer. Telephone number 516-434-1600 ext. 306, by fax at
516-434-3198 or by e-mail at 
The Hauppauge logo and WinTV are registered trademarks of
Hauppauge Digital, Inc. Windows and Windows 98 are trademarks of
Microsoft Corp. Intercast is a trademark of Intel Corp. WaveTop is a
trademark of WavePhore Inc. OfficeMax is a trademark of OfficeMax
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