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PORTLAND, Ore., April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Twelve of the fastest-growing
publicly traded companies present their stories to the public on May 8 in
Scottsdale, Arizona, at a conference hosted by THE RED CHIP REVIEW. 
"This is a unique opportunity for individual investors to gain information
on quality small-cap stocks directly from company management," said Marc
Robins, editor-in-chief and publisher of THE RED CHIP REVIEW, the event's
sponsor. "Most investor conferences are targeted for retail brokers and
institutional money managers. The mission of THE RED CHIP REVIEW is to make
available to individual investors information that is generally available only
to the profession." 
THE RED CHIP REVIEW Investor Conference is scheduled from 8 a.m. to
5 p.m. at the SunBurst Resort in Scottsdale. Tickets are free for subscribers
to THE RED CHIP REVIEW, $30 for nonsubscribers. Admission includes a two-page
comprehensive analysis by RED CHIP's expert analysts on each of the
12 presenting companies, plus a healthy sit-down lunch provided free by THE
At the May 8 conference, investors will meet the top executives from
12 promising companies that have made it through RED CHIP's demanding
selection criteria and tough objective analysis. 
Mobile Mini, Inc. (Nasdaq: MINI) RED CHIP Rating: A 
MINI is attracting special attention at the Scottsdale conference. A
manufacturer and lessor of mobile steel containers used for on-site and 
off-site storage, MINI is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with operations
in five Southwestern states including California, Texas and Nevada. Propelled
by a 39% increase in leasing related revenues, Mobile Mini grew its earnings
by 150% in 1997. 

    Other companies presenting at the conference include:
    Three Five Systems (NYSE: TFS)  RED CHIP Rating: A

TFS is an Arizona-based turnaround story that increased its sales last
year by 39% and started this year with the highest backlog in its history. TFS
specializes in LCD (liquid crystal display) technologies and boasts the
highest volume LCD manufacturing line in North America. Visit their Web site
Cell Robotics, International (OTC: CRII)  RED CHIP Rating: B 
CRII has developed a series of laser instruments for medical, biological,
and genetic applications. CRII is now introducing medical devices designed for
sale to broader commercial markets. These include:  an In-Vitro Fertilization
Workstation; the Lasette, a laser finger perforator for blood sampling for
glucose monitoring and the Erbium:  YAG dermatology laser. Visit its Web site
Air Methods Corp. (Nasdaq: AIRM) RED CHIP Rating: B 
AIRM maintains and operates one of the nation's largest fleets of
emergency medical aircraft with 39 helicopters and three airplanes located in
16 states. With three record quarters ('97 revenues rose 28% over '96) under
its belt, AIRM is an undervalued growth stock. 
Datum, Inc. (Nasdaq: DATM)  RED CHIP Rating: B 
DATM produces and markets time-measurement products used to enhance the
performance of telecommunications systems. The current slowdown in the PCS
build out has pressured the stock, offering the long-term investor an
opportunity to invest at 1996 prices. 
Myriad Genetics, Inc. (Nasdaq: MYGN)  RED CHIP Rating: B 
MYGN has a patent on a genetic process for diagnosing susceptibility to
47 different mutations of the BRAC 1 gene for breast cancer. The company also
holds a patent for its ingenious "linkage analysis" process. 
Palm Harbor Homes, Inc.  (Nasdaq: PHHM)  RED CHIP Rating: B 
PHHM has successfully carved out a niche selling high-end manufactured
homes with custom floor plans. Its transition from manufacturer to marketer
and retailer should enable Palm Harbor to capture market share in the
outstanding growth of retail home sales. Visit its Web site at 
Rush Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq: RUSH)  RED CHIP Rating: B 
RUSH operates 13 one-stop-shopping truck dealerships in the Southwest.
With current expansion and acquisition plans in place, and trading at a
discount to its peers, RUSH holds potential for the long-term investor. 
SOS Staffing (Nasdaq: SOSS) RED CHIP Rating: A 
SOSS, a temporary staffing company focusing on the light industrial,
clerical, and "hot" information technology sector, has grown at a 31% compound
annual rate over the last four years. SOSS is expanding nationwide through an
aggressive acquisition strategy as well as internal growth, which continues at
a 20% rate. Visit its Web site at 
TAVA Technologies (Nasdaq: TAVA) RED CHIP Rating: B 
TAVA, formerly known as TOPRO, provides industrial information and
engineering services to design and assess factory automated systems. TAVA is
experiencing a rapid rise in business opportunities resulting from the Year
2000 issue and, as a result, its stock has risen by more than 1,000% in the
last year. 
THQ, Inc. (Nasdaq: THQI) RED CHIP Rating: A 
THQI develops, publishes, and distributes entertainment software,
primarily for console and hand-held entertainment devices. New management and
a change in strategy in 1995 marked a turnaround for the company and the
beginning of a rapid ascent in revenues and profits. THQI's 1997 revenues were
up 78% and earnings skyrocketed 390%. 
Vari-L Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: VARL) RED CHIP Rating: B 
VARL designs and manufactures patented signal-source and signal-processing
components that enable wireless signals to be sent over the airwaves.
Deployment of new wireless installations in Europe and North America drove
demand, which helped produce a 74% increase in revenues for 3Q97 over 3Q96.
Visit its Web site at 
Biopool International (Nasdaq: BIPL)  RED CHIP Rating: C 
BIPL develops, manufactures, and markets diagnostic test kits for the
health care market. With 150 products already FDA approved, BIPL is looking to
develop joint ventures as a way to develop broader market coverage. 
Companies followed by THE RED CHIP REVIEW are typically undervalued and
underfollowed, yet they show exciting promise. Because they're smaller,
they're usually more nimble companies, often in the early stages of
development. They tend to be fast-growing, possess a leading technology, or
have a unique story. 
THE RED CHIP REVIEW is the nation's leading source of information on
small-cap stocks, providing in-depth research and analysis of approximately
300 publicly traded small-capitalization companies across 28 industry sectors.
THE RED CHIP REVIEW is published biweekly. Visit its Web site at

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