Business Editors 
RICHMOND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 11, 1997--Tinsley
Laboratories reported third quarter, 1997 results showing continued
improvement in sales and earnings. 
Sales for the nine months ended September 30, 1997 of
$16,003,865 increased 22% from sales of $13,070,647 for the same
period last year.  Net income of $1,230,762 or 70 cents a share for
the nine months improved significantly over earnings a year ago of
$625,796 or 41 cents a share. 
Per share earnings were calculated using 1,766,077 shares for
the nine month period ending September 30, 1997 as compared to
1,543,948 shares for the same quarter last year. 
Sales for the September quarter of $5,463,887 was 11% higher
than last year's sales for the September quarter of $4,918,550.  Net
income for the September quarter was $375,498, or 21 cents a share,
as compared to $295,528 or 19 cents last year. 
The company, which manufactures precision optics and optical
systems, and film and video products, ended the quarter with a
backlog of $17,089,000 compared to $10,380,000 a year ago.  Backlog
at the start of the year was $10,300,000. 
On September 9, Silicon Valley Group, Inc. of San Jose,
California signed a definitive agreement to acquire Tinsley
Laboratories.  We have previously mailed to all Tinsley shareholders
information on the merger, which is intended to qualify as a pooling
of interests.  The merger is scheduled to be voted upon by Tinsley
shareholders on November 26, 1997. 

                                  QUARTER ENDED

                        Sept. 30, 1997         Sept. 29, 1996

Sales                    $ 5,463,887            $ 4,918,550

Net Income               $   375,498            $   295,528

Per Share                $      0.21            $      0.19

Number of shares used
 in per share
 calculations              1,797,797              1,543,948

                                 NINE MONTHS ENDED

                         Sept. 30, 1997          Sept. 29, 1996

Sales                    $  16,003,865           $  13,070,647

Net Income               $   1,230,762           $     625,796

Per Share                $        0.70           $        0.41

Number of shares used
in per share calculations    1,766,077               1,543,948

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