or Discovery                  and Development of Novel Therapeutics  MEDFORD, Mass. and MALVERN, Pa., Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- ArQule, Inc. (Nasdaq: ARQL) and ViroPharma Incorporated (Nasdaq: VPHM) today announced a collaboration for the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of diseases caused by RNA viruses.  This collaboration will provide ViroPharma with access to ArQule's Mapping Array(TM) program for the identification of new lead compounds against ViroPharma's proprietary targets.  ArQule's Mapping Array(TM) program is comprised of libraries of novel, diverse, small organic, pure compounds used for screening against biological targets in new product discovery.  If leads are identified, ArQule and ViroPharma will use ArQule's Directed Array(TM) program to rapidly optimize these lead compounds.  "ViroPharma focuses its antiviral drug discovery technologies and clinical  development efforts on diseases caused by RNA viruses, which are responsible for the majority of human viral diseases," said Claude H. Nash, President, CEO  and Chairman of ViroPharma.  "By utilizing ArQule's Mapping Array(TM) and Directed Array(TM) programs to rapidly discover and optimize lead compounds, we hope to decrease the amount of time necessary to develop treatments for RNA  viral diseases."  "ViroPharma already has several ongoing clinical trials, and we look forward to assisting them in discovering new products for viral disease," said  Eric B. Gordon, President and CEO of ArQule, Inc.  "ArQule continues to apply its proprietary technologies toward finding treatments for a wide range of diseases, and this agreement enhances our presence in the viral area.  The Company is currently involved in the search for novel therapeutics to treat over 10 different diseases; including cancer, infectious diseases, and fibrotic disorders."  Under terms of the agreement, ViroPharma will employ its proprietary screens to discover potential leads from ArQule's Mapping Array(TM) compound sets.  Once active leads are identified, the companies will optimize such leads using ArQule's Directed Array(TM) program and ViroPharma's expertise in virology.  ViroPharma and ArQule will share development and commercialization rights for the compounds through IND approval.  ViroPharma Incorporated is engaged in the discovery and development of proprietary antiviral pharmaceuticals for treatment of diseases caused by RNA viruses.  RNA viruses are responsible for the majority of human viral diseases.  ViroPharma has focused its initial drug development and discovery activities on a number of RNA virus diseases, including viral meningitis, viral syndrome, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, the common cold, influenza, hepatitis C and viral pneumonia.  ArQule, Inc. is a leading chemistry company in accelerated drug discovery using its high throughput lead generation and lead optimization technologies. ArQule provides new pathways to product discovery by integrating five core technologies -- modular building block technology, structure-guided design, high speed parallel chemical synthesis, information technology and an Automated Molecular Assembly Plant (AMAP(TM)) parallel synthesis system to accelerate the identification and optimization of drug and product development  candidates in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and agrochemical industries. ArQule is based in Medford, Massachusetts.  Statements in this press release that are not strictly historical are "forward looking" statements as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.  The actual results may differ from those projected in the  forward looking statement due to risks and uncertainties that exist in the operations and business environment of ArQule and ViroPharma, described more fully in ArQule's Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 1996 and the Registration Statement on Form S-1 dated April 4, 1997, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and in ViroPharma's Registration Statement  on Form S-1 dated July 23, 1997 filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.    SOURCE  ArQule, Inc. /CONTACT:  Eric B. Gordon, President and CEO of ArQule, 781-395-4100 or Claude H. Nash, President, CEO and Chairman of ViroPharma, 610-651-0200 or Investor Relations: Lucy L. Morrison, Manager of Feinstein Kean Partners, 617-577-8110/  (ARQL VPHM)  CO:  ArQule, Inc.; ViroPharma Incorporated ST:  Massachusetts, Pennsylvania IN:  MTC SU:  PDT