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VIENNA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 11, 1997-- 
U.K. company continues push into growing 
knowledge retrieval marketplace 
Excalibur Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:EXCA), the market leader in
software solutions for knowledge retrieval, Tuesday announced that
leading U.K. food, drink, leisure, and hospitality company,
Whitbread PLC, has placed an order for Excalibur's knowledge
retrieval software through specialist reseller and integrator,
Minerva Consultancy Services. 
The knowledge retrieval system is being installed at Whitbread's
corporate information department in London and is being loaded with
both electronic and paper-based information. 
The department acts as an information resource for corporate
staff as well as for the company's businesses.  Achieving an annual
turnover in excess of 2.7 billion pounds and employing over 75,000
staff, Whitbread PLC is one of the UK's top performing companies. 
"The knowledge of our company is in many forms: on paper,
electronically and also in people's memories," said Bill Simpson,
corporate information manager for Whitbread.  "It is my team's
responsibility to keep this valuable knowledge in a way that can be
located and accessed accurately and quickly. 
"We are in an extremely competitive business and need to optimize
the use of all of our assets -- people and knowledge being of the
highest priority -- that's where Excalibur comes in." 
"Whitbread's application -- the need to access and harness the
knowledge of a company -- is a common one," said Patrick Condo,
president and chief executive officer of Excalibur.  "In order to
make the most effective business decision, one must have fast access
to all of the relevant data -- the ability to locate all of the
relevant information from a mass of that which is irrelevant to the
Excalibur Technologies Corp. 
Since 1980, Excalibur Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ: EXCA) has set
the standard for excellence in knowledge retrieval solutions,
empowering organizations and enabling people to transform information
into knowledge.  Only Excalibur RetrievalWare(TM) and Excalibur
Visual RetrievalWare(TM) deliver a unified software solution for text
and visual information retrieval. 
Excalibur products combine as a proven solution for large-scale
knowledge retrieval applications where accuracy, scalability and
reliability are paramount. 
Contact Excalibur in North America at 800/788-7758 or 
703/761-3700, in the United Kingdom at 44-1344-893-444, via e-mail at
info@excalib.com or visit our web site at www.excalib.com .
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